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Rukia stares at the mirror. She is clad in Yuzu's yellow pyjamas. In her closet are a few other sets of Yuzu's clothes she "borrowed" for "a while". In fact, she doesn't even know how long she will stay in the Kurosaki household. All right, technically she is just staying with Kurosaki Ichigo since he is the only one who knows. Kon doesn't count; he's a freeloader too.

She feels bad, after a few moments of pondering. After all, the Kurosaki family aren't the richest in town; the girls don't get new clothes all the often. And here a certain shinigami plonks herself into their house and takes their clothes. She can still feel that pang of guilt she felt when Yuzu asked her older brother where her yellow pyjamas disappeared to.

It is time she buys herself some clothes and return the "lost" property to their rightful owner.


Ichigo notices that Rukia doesn't seem very comfortable in Yuzu's clothing. Besides, she would look much better in clothes that belonged to her. Now where was that thought coming from? He shouldn't be giving a damn about what she wore.

Yet, he finds himself pacing through and fro in front of a shop. A shop selling pyjamas. Kurosaki Ichigo, one of the toughest guys in school, stepping into a pyjama shop.

He examines the area thoroughly about four times and practically leaps into the shop. Unfortunately, on his fourth patrol, three of the last people he would want to see how pathetic he is, witnesses the whole event. Two of which are extremely nosy people.


She makes sure that the whole house is silent before she sneaks out.

The lights of that shop haven't been turned off yet. Rukia breathes a sigh of relief. And there, in front of her, on display, is the pair of pyjamas which she has to buy. The cute and fluffy rabbits sprayed all over the pink cloth were just too tempting. Smiling slightly, she goes into the shop and purchases the piece of clothing.

As she walks out, the shop assistant remarks that this set of pyjamas has been rather popular amongst customers today; of all sexes and sizes.

Rukia is floating on cloud nine already; she doesn't hear the comment.


Ichigo walks out of the shop, utterly stunned by the sweetness and fluffiness. It is then that he realizes that Keigo, Chad and Mizuiru are rooted to the ground across the road. It also dawns onto him that they have seen him buy something from a pyjama shop.

Bracing himself, he sprints all the way home as his three friends stare after him. He tells himself never to do anything for the female shinigami living in his closet again.


It is pretty late in the night when Rukia slips into the room through an open window. She is taken aback when she sees her orange-haired roommate glaring at her. Before she can question him, he throws a package at her. With her usual deft skills, she catches the bag swiftly and opens it slightly.

Inside, wrapped in paper, is a familiar set of pink pyjamas with cute and fluffy rabbits sprawled all over it. Rukia stares at Ichigo disbelievingly.

"What? Aren't you gonna thank me or something?" growls orange-haired male. He is trying his best not to yearn for her appreciation.

Instead, Rukia pulls out the same set of pyjamas from a bag she is holding and scrutinizes both.

"Mine is better," she says simply. Ichigo gawks at the identical clothes and realizes how stupid he has been. He is dreading school tomorrow, when confrontation with Keigo and Mizuiru will be inevitable.

Rukia looks at the disillusioned Ichigo sitting before her. She packs up both sets of clothing and returns Yuzu's clothes to him, folded neatly. But before she retreats to her closet, she smiles a genuine smile and murmurs a soft "thank you".

Ichigo's heart skips a beat. Anything is worth it, for Rukia.