"We're being very bad little sheep, you know..."
"Yeah. Behaving like this in this garden for angels."
"Do you not want to?"
"Hn. You know I do."
"Well then."

It was a place of innocently smiling little angels, where 'good day' was the word on everyone's lips and everyone's uniform was clean and tidy. Where everyone walked slowly and made good grades and participated in acceptable extracurricular activities. There was no corruption to be found, and none was sought, for wasn't it true that the beloved Roses watched over everything, protecting the purity of the student collective? And if a pair of soeurs walked a bit too close together, smiled just a bit too much, or embraced in the quiet of the forest, well...it was just a sweet picture of pure sisterly affection, something to be cherished. The thought that it could be something else was never mentioned, not in that holy place.

"...Maria-sama is watching us, you know."
"Well, she can't have you. I won't lose to her again."
"She's not even in the competition."
"Jealous, are we?"
"No need. You're mine."

Every morning when they arrived, they paid their respects to the Holy Virgin, asking for blessings upon the good and pure lives that they all surely led. Well, most of them did. Some simply walked past the serenely smiling statue, sometimes pausing to look up at its stone countenance and smirk as if to say look at me, I am hiding under their noses. I am hiding the black of my wool amidst the sea of white, not by ducking down and being invisible, but rather by leading them all and dazzling them so that they would not care if my wool was pink with purple polka-dots. I win, Maria-sama. This time, I win.

"Mmm...you're being aggressive today."
"Well, sometimes I like to turn things around a bit."
"I've made you a rebel now, huh?"
"You can't make me what I already was."
"Careful, your black is showing."
"That's alright, I never much cared for hiding anyway."

In any community so pure as this one, there will always be a few people who stand out, but just a bit. Who are strange, but just a little. These ever-so-slightly out of place people, these not-quite dissidents who walk calmly and freely alongside the colourless sheep, proudly sporting coats of colours that nobody dares to comment on. How this family of misplaced people somehow managed to become powerful and respected, nobody quite knows, and nobody cares enough to shake things up by asking.

"My, my, such a black little sheep that leads our students."
"Amazing how this place stays so pure with leaders like us."
"You shouldn't underestimate the power of appearances."
"I never do."
"Sei...you should lay your tie out flat. It will wrinkle."
"I don't care. Now come down here."