This is a sequal to Carl and the Big Bad Wolf. Definately helps to have read this but I have no illusions that my plots are so complicated that they can't be followed by anyone with a mildly functioning brain....

It had been 6 months since the Wolf first made its re-appearance. There had been some readjustments needed once they arrived back at the Vatican but things seemed to be settling down. It had been a while since Van Helsing had growled at anyone for approaching too close to Carl and Father Olaf had gotten over his tiff over being bitten. Really though, he should never have grabbed Carl like that. He deserved the bite and it wasn't like it had done any real damage…

Van Helsing's new alter ego also had the added bonus of getting Cardinal Jinette to leave them alone. Carl wasn't exactly sure what it was about the man that seemed to set the Wolf on edge but any extended time in the Cardinal's presence and Van Helsing would start growling softly and eyeing the man's throat. Kept briefings down to a minimum which was a big plus in Carl's book.

It also meant that very few questions were asked as to precisely what relationship existed between Carl and Van Helsing. It was clear that Carl seemed to have a "calming" effect on the Wolf aspect of Van Helsing and since Van Helsing was now even more useful then ever, it seemed a small price to pay. This occasionally bothered Carl since it meant that the Order had literally thrown him to the wolf but the situation did have its benefits.

Carl was currently puttering about their new quarters. Since Van Helsing's "transformation" the Order had moved them to larger quarters away from the rest of the living spaces. This kept any noises coming from their rooms from disturbing the other members and allowed everyone to maintain the happy illusions that let them sleep soundly at night. Everyone was happy.

Well, not everyone. Carl was actually not entirely happy. He had known that being with Van Helsing meant being with the Wolf and that this would require some understanding on his part. But really, he did think that Van Helsing indulged the Wolf just a bit. When they first got back to the Vatican, Carl had tried to be patient. He knew that it was hard for the Wolf to understand how humans interacted. And when the Wolf felt overwhelmed, it wanted its mate, regardless of what Carl might have been in the middle of. This had led to some very awkward moments in the lab and some careful negotiation with the Wolf. But they had made progress and it was rare that he heard that growling demand "Carl… NOW" that generally meant the Wolf had had enough and Carl thought that they could start establishing a more normal relationship.

However, after 6 months they were no closer to achieving that then they were that night at the campfire. Van Helsing may be more in control most of the time but evenings were still very much "pounce on Carl". And Carl was growing a little tired of it. He wanted romance, damn it! He wanted a candlelit dinner with flowers and maybe some snuggling afterwards. Last but not least, he wanted seduction.

He had tried bringing this up with Van Helsing but it never seemed to register with him. Carl secretly suspected that the Hunter liked things the way they were which is why he indulged the Wolf so much. Really why was a simple romantic gesture so difficult for the man?

When Van Helsing joined him in their rooms later that night, he found an irate friar pacing about. Van Helsing sighed and tried to take Carl in his arms but Carl was not having it. "Damn it, Van Helsing, where have you been?" Van Helsing just shrugged and said, "the Wolf was feeling a bit closed in so I went for a ride outside the City."

Carl felt his blood pressure rise. "The wolf was feeling closed in. Lovely. So is the wolf feeling better now?" He glared at Van Helsing, his arms folded across his chest. "Yes, though he's remembering it's been a while since he's been with his mate…" Van Helsing slid towards the Friar thinking to pre-empt Carl's rant by distracting him with sex. However this ploy was definitely not going to work tonight.

"Oh no. Down boy" Carl snapped, holding his arms out to block the Hunter's progress. Van Helsing grew angry in turn. "Don't treat me like a dog. I'm not a dog" "Maybe not but you have all the self-restraint of one. I'm not interested in sex right now. In fact, it's the farthest thing from my mind." Van Helsing retreated sulkily and said "Why not? You're my mate, we're suppose to have sex".

It took everything Carl had not to punch the Hunter. "Is that it? Is that all this relationship is for you? A convenient source of sex???" He was shaking he was so angry. Van Helsing looked startled. "Of course its not all you mean to me Carl. Why would you think that?"

"Oh, I don't know… maybe because that's all we ever do together? When was the last time we really talked?" The Hunter looked extremely uncomfortable and this only fueled Carl's rant. "OK, how about I make it easier. How about the last time we spent more then 5 minutes together that didn't involve sex? Do you even remember what cuddling is like?" "Hey, we cuddle. We cuddle ever night" Van Helsing tried to rally and defend himself. "Curling up with me post-sex and falling immediately asleep does not count as cuddling Van Helsing." Carl was at the end of his patience. "I don't want to do this anymore. I'm going to sleep in one of the guest quarters. If and when you think you might want to try making this a real relationship, let me know." And with that, he stormed out of their quarters.

Van Helsing stood there stunned. Carl had just left him. The Wolf was all for hunting Carl down and dragging him back but Van Helsing forced him down. Carl had a point; he had rather let their relationship become a bit one tracked. So how to fix this?

Nikoru Sanzo - I dedicate this chapter to you with a big hug for being such an all around fun person. And I'm still holding out for more information about the chicken...