Title: Tracing Footsteps
Genre: General/Vignette
Pairing: One-sided Kouga/Kagome kinda
Word Count: 157

It always started in the winter, in the hour when the snow had already fallen and was continuing to fall, and everything was white and crystal clear for him to bear witness to. In this pellucid bubble of introspection, he imagined himself and his life and everything about himself that made him what he was.

And the snow. The snow had a way of revealing all secrets. It exposed every footstep, showed every eye that came upon it the path that had been chosen and followed.

Sometimes he felt like a snowflake, tumbling and falling without will or reason to crash onto the padded snow of unrequited love and mikos that loved everything and everyone but did not love him.

Sometimes Kouga just didn't like the snow at all. But he was incapable of hating it or even avoiding it.

His footprints would give evidence of the path he had chosen, whether it be right or wrong. The snow would make sure of that.