Title: A Glorious Travesty
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Word Length: 250
Summary: Sesshoumaru's pissed off, Inuyasha's having a good laugh. Irony never tasted so sweet.

"This is ridiculous."

Off in the corner, Inuyasha is laughing and snorting and clutching his sides. Sesshoumaru glares at him.

"This isn't funny."

"I'm sorry." Inuyasha wipes the tears out his eyes. "It's just...you know...I didn't expect you to come back as...well, that." A stray twitter escapes his lips.

Sesshoumaru, throughly unamused, glares out the window. "I should never have told you."

"You didn't tell me. I found out myself."

Sesshoumaru digs his claws into the couch. "This is stupid," he seethes. "I used to be the strongest youkai in all of Japan."

"You've gotten fat too." Inuyasha frowns. "How'd you die anyway?"

"Egg beater."

"Egg what?"

It occurs to Sesshoumaru that Inuyasha, being the idiot he is, doesn't know what an egg beater is. "A weapon," Sesshoumaru lies swiftly. "Very strong, very tough. He died at the end too though."

"Oh..." Inuyasha laughs again. "I can't wait to tell Kagome her cat is you!"

Sesshoumaru's eyes widen. If the girl found out she would never touch him again. No more ear or belly rubs. No more cat food. Ever. "Don't you dare, Inuyasha!"

"I so am!"

"If you do, I'll give you fleas!"

"You don't have fleas."

"I'll get them and give them to you! And then you'll have to wash!"

"So will you!"

Sesshoumaru snorts. "Unlike you I actually pursue personal hygiene." He licks his leg to demonstrate.

Inuyasha pauses, scowling. "Fine," he growls.

But, as good measurement, he still pulls the fat cat's tail.