Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade.

Rating: R; just in case.

Note: Ray is a real bastard at the beginning but you'll know why later on. It's important for the plot.

Pairing: I'm giving it a try; my first Ray-Kai! Enjoy or die!

Meet You Again

By Kiina

Chapter One

I opened my eyes and blinked. There was this guy sitting next to my bed. And he freaked me out. And because I'm not the usual kind of boy I went into attack instead of defence mode. I grabbed his collar and dragged him close to me. His freakish yellow eyes opened wide and he was obviously shocked about my behaviour.

"You've got strange eyes." I said emotionlessly. He blinked. One. Two. Three.

"You're one to talk, Kai." He answered finally, a small smirk playing around his lips. I narrowed my eyes. Who was that person to tell me that I was Kai?

"I'm not Kai." I stated matter of factly. And then I realized that I didn't know who I was. "I think." I added as an assurance.

"Oh damn." He groaned out and suddenly he hugged me. I looked down at his black hair. His long black hair. Uh...his very, very, very long black hair. His very, very, very, very long very, very, very, very black hair. His--

"Argh. This is getting nowhere." I told myself.

"What's getting nowhere?" The freaky boy on my lap asked.

"You." I said and I only realized what I had been saying after I heard it. Maybe I could make a religion out of that 'you only know what you think if you hear what you say' and get lots of money and more money and buy a house somewhere in Russia--

"No way I'm going anyway. You couldn't even make me go if you screamed or death glared me!" The very, very long and very, very black haired guy declared fiercely. I stared. After a few seconds he realized how awkward he looked with his big grin on his face while I blankly stared at him. He stopped it and looked at the ground to his left.

"What made you think I was going to scream?" I asked finally.

"You...used to yell at me a lot before you got...err...hit."


"Yeah; a Beyblade hit you on your head and now you forgot everything." I opened my mouth to protest but then I noticed that, yes, one could say that I didn't know a lot about my past. Somehow that was freaking me out.

"How am I supposed to find home like this?!" I asked. At that he looked put down. "What's the matter?"

"You don't exactly have a home..." He said sadly.

"Oh." I said stupidly. "Ah, well that's alright, so I won't have to find it!" I tried to cheer him up and for some weird reason it seemed to make him even more depressed than he already was.

"Do you want something to drink?" He asked after a while of the both of us staring at the walls of the room.

"Uh....excuse me but I need to ask you something personal..." I started. He smiled softly and I thought I could hear something along the lines of 'it's time you do that' but he had whispered it to himself so I couldn't be sure.

"Ask away."

"Are you my boyfriend? And if you are I'd like to know if you are on top or bottom." I said and when I saw his eyes widen considerably I realized that he wasn't used to these kind of questions - at least coming from me (whoever I was). "And what the hell is your name?"

"Oh, I'm Ray." He mumbled in deep thoughts. Then he smirked again and I looked at him in expectations. I noticed that he was about at the same high of me. "And you're bottom, didn't you notice?" He asked silently.

I swallowed and somehow felt like getting away from that stranger that had suddenly turned into my boyfriend. But I had guessed something like this the first time I saw him. He somehow expected me to do something, but I just didn't know what. All I could figure out was that it was supposed to be something for only our eyes. And that I was on the weak end. Somehow that thought scared me off and I shivered slightly.

He noticed it and something like regret shone in his yellow eyes. Then he narrowed his eyes and suddenly the look was gone - completely wiped off his face. What was left was only self-confidence. Swiftly he leaned forward and kissed me. The kiss wasn't nice. It was forceful. He was waiting for me to do something...anything...but I didn't know what he wanted me to do and so I stayed silent and pressed my eyelids tightly together. I didn't want to be in the room anymore. I wanted to be gone. Far, far away.

That was the moment he shoved his tongue into my mouth and something inside of me snapped. I leaned backwards and pushed him away with as much force as possible. Then I quickly moved backwards so that I was further away from him. The next time I saw his face I could see that he was pleased. A small, self-assured smile crossed his lips and he chuckled.

"You never liked that." He said smirking. "So it's coffee I guess?" The smirk slowly turned into a smile. "Hey, hey; it's not like I'm going to rape you." He assured me softly. When I flinched his eyes narrowed again and he sighed exhausted. "It's a pity that your grandfather is already dead. I'd have liked to kill him with my very own hands." He whispered and his voice was filled with anger.

"You hate me." I said and I was angry at the weakness that showed in my voice. I could see him clenshing his jaw, but he didn't answer.

"Follow me." Was all he said.