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Rating: R

Note: I don't know why but I have fun writing this!

Meet You Again

By Kiina

Chapter Two

Dragging me to the staircase, flinging me against several steps, almost crashing into a wall, barely missing a teapot; that's how my boyfriend refers to me 'following' him.

Independency adios!

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I screeched, staring big-eyed at the teapot that was because of unknown reasons sitting in the middle of the big room. I felt somewhat ignored when he merely shrugged and continued to make tea. -Without the teapot. "Why aren't you using the teapot?"

"The tragedy is that this teapot..." he pointed at the offendingly yellow teapot and thereby made me nervous yet again. I felt unsafe, standing next to a lunatic. "…is dead." He ended, ending all my endless hopes that he could end being so endlessly crazy.

I thought about myself joining the teapot pretty soon, if I didn't do something to flee from his rooms. Maybe I could use the window. Hmmm

"Don't even think of jumping out!" He said gleefully. "Or you might end up like my teddy." He didn't have to continue. I understood it clearly.

For; earlier I had seen a brown something in the corner of the bedroom…must have been the teddy…

That and several other distressing ideas crossed my mind, as I walked gloomily behind my capturer. Of course he'd never do something as childish as dragging me anywhere. The guy probably didn't even have that word in his head for all I knew.

"Uh…" I made uneasily, staring at the long corridor we were walking through. "Just how long is this castle?" He glanced back at me and sighed.

"Long enough to get lost in," he murmured almost to himself. When he noticed my frightened gaze he immediately smiled. "No, not you. I got lost in here. You somehow always find your way." That sentence triggered my memory and several steps later I blinked in deep thought.

"Am I… Russian?" I asked kind of disturbed at the sudden idea.

"Why, yes? Did you remember something?"

"Just… someone was lost and I… I read a map I wasn't supposed to know the language of…" I trailed off and shrugged helplessly. Ray chuckled quietly.

"I remember that incident clearly." He muttered. Nothing more, nothing less. Slowly I began to understand that he didn't really want me to remember anything. Was all that just an illusion or should I worry?

I decided to worry when we walked past the first window.

Outside there was just snow, not a single street or house in sight.

The situation seemed bad in every possible way. Ray knew me and probably every little piece of my mind, while I knew nothing. I hadn't even known my name just a few minutes ago!

Maybe I should just do the first thing that had come to my mind and jump out of the probably three floor high building…

No. Not yet. I still wanted to live.

"This is your father's castle, you know?" Ray asked hesitatingly. It sounded much like as though he didn't really know whether he should tell me what he was about to say. "After your grandfather died…" He ended in mid-sentence, staring uneasily ahead. "Things have gone complicated."

"Did I like my grandfather?" I asked casually. After all, I didn't really feel like missing him, because I first, didn't know him and second, didn't even know whether I once knew him. Twisted fate; letting me lose everything and thereby letting me lose the possibility to grieve.

"You know…the sad thing about that is…" And Ray's golden eyes glimmered weirdly in the soft light of the empty corridor, "…that I don't have the slightest clue."

It hurt, like being kicked in the gut. What kind of monster was I that my boyfriend didn't know how I felt about my own grandfather?

"Long ago there was a time when we all thought that you definitely hate him but now… I am not that sure anymore," he continued. His voice sounded nice, somehow as though he was remembering good times. "What I do know however…" Suddenly I felt myself getting pushed against the icy stone wall with just enough force to hurt me. I winced and instinctively reacted by struggling against Ray's strong grip on my arms. "…is that you're mine and that you always liked to be submissive."

"That's not true. Let me go." I said in fear. I didn't want him to be this close. Why couldn't he just keep away!

"You never showed it and it took me quite some time to realize… but I won't make the same mistake twice." He whispered into my ear, not letting me jerk away. "You want to be treated like this. You like getting threatened. In fact you love it if I'm rough on you." At that I felt myself freeze.

"You're lying." I said defensively.

"Isn't it you, who is lying?" And he suddenly pressed his mouth against mine. "Don't you like this?" He asked slyly, kissing me again, just harder. "And this?" His tongue slipped into my mouth. "And this?" I tried desperately to break free, but no, he was at least two times stronger than me. "Ah, fighting again, are we? Well, I don't mind." And before I could do anything against it he started sucking on my throat.

"Don't…just don't!" I shouted horrified. Horrified not because I was scared of the outcome. Scared that I would have to spend the next night lying beneath him. Or even scared that he could hurt me.

No, it wasn't that.

The revulsion that shook me was a result of knowing that what he had said was true.

I loved every little tiny bit of it.