Sailor Moon R chapter 85 "The Heart of the Warrior"

The city was in ruins the streets were vacant except for several rotting dead bodies of victims of the Crimson knights attack.

As soon as they came out of the portal Ashlique and knelt over and retched and vomited over the pavement because of the gruesome horror she saw in front of her.

"God why did you let this happen" mumbled Ashlique.

Ishizu put her hand on Ashlique's shoulder.

"We failed them we are suppose to protect them" said Ashlique.

Cloud walked past them and down the street.

"What are you doing stay here we have to think about what should we do now" said Ishizu.

"I am looking for survivors we are here to protect them now" said Cloud.

"Go ahead but take Aeris and Zoë with you" said Ishizu.

Aeris and Zoë ran up to catch up with Cloud.

"We should head to Kaiba Corp HQ I can see it from here" said Mayra.

"We have to go Ashlique I know this is painful to look at but we have to move on" said Ishizu offering her hand.

"Think we should transform they could be still here somewhere" said Ryoko

all the scouts transformed and then they headed off to Kaiba Corp HQ followed by Bakura.

They reached it without any problems or even one encounter with the Crimson Knights and entered the building.

"Whoa I see they started the party without us" Said Sailor Venus looking at several Crimson knight dead bodies.

"The question is what did this" said Sailor Mars.

"Or who" said Sailor Mini Moon pointing at the large man that appeared in front of them.

"Enter Master Kaiba wants to see you" yelled the large man.

"Nightmare" said Sailor Mini Moon confused as she followed the other scouts up to the main office Kaiba Corp HQ.

Kaiba was sitting at his desk staring out into a city in ruin.

"Are you ok" asked Ayna looking them over with concern.

Before anyone could reply to Ayna, Kazuma interrupted by saying so these are the famous sailor scouts.

"So this maybe pants" Said Sailor Venus appearing behind Kazuma and pulling down his pants.

"Who is this guy with his pants down" asked Ishizu giving a wary look.

"That is one of mine and I am Motoko and we are the Silver Dragons," said Motoko appearing beside Kazuma still with his pants down.

Sesshoumaru sent them here to help us.

"Next time I might be going with underwear so next time you probably wont want to do that again" said Kazuma.

"Why not?" Sailor Venus said smirking.

"I am starting to like her already" said Kazuma.

"She is with me" growled Sailor Mini Moon.

"I should have know she is a lesbian" said Kazuma.

Sailor Venus whispered something into Kazuma's ear and his face turned a shade of green.

"That is so wrong on so many level" said Kazuma.

"You can say that again" muttered Sailor Mini Moon.

"Are there any survivors in this city" asked Ashlique.

"Yes we managed over about 500 people they are in this building" said Ayna.

"What about Mr. Big ugly and loud down stair last time I saw him he was running away screaming like his head was going to explode" said Sailor Mini Moon.

"That gem you broke on his sword was brain washing him now hes free and working for Kaiba Corp I am glad he's on our side now he's been keeping the Crimson Knights out of here" said Ayna.

"Where is Bakura?" asked Mokuba sitting down beside his brother.

"He was with us when we got here" said Sailor Venus Shrugging.

"I think we should power down and get some sleep there's a long battle ahead of us" said Sailor Mars as she retransformed.

"Good idea Ashlique" Said Sailor Mercury.

"I go to pray" said Ashlique .

"For what" Kaiba said skeptically.

"For the strength to endure the things to come" said Ashlique with an edge to her voice.

Bakura stood in an empty office staring out a large glass window

He was still thinking about Robin who he found out was actually Ifurita, A crimson knight that had tricked him.

He placed his hand on the window longing for the embrace that will not come as his heart long for her still but did she actually love him in return or was it an act.

"I should hate her she is one of them?" he Shouted slamming his fist into the window smashing it,

She is a Crimson knight he yelled after taking a deep breath.

"Nemesis Moon"

I t was beautiful in the city of Takio Hikaru everyone seemed Cheerful even the animal were looked happy but she herself was felt unsettled she felt like she wanted to go back to earth but some of her longed to stay here in this unexpected paradise Nemesis Moon ended up being.

She thought this looking out from the balcony of the royal palace, which was Sesshômaru's home and his entire family which including Sakura a cute little girl with the cutest of smiles who dreamed a dream that will not likely because all the people here are considered a heretics.

Sesshômaru walked onto the balcony and put his arms and began to kiss her passionately down her neck

Tea smiled and turned around embracing Sesshômaru tightly kissing.

"I am sorry I cant stay while my friends suffer I can feel it from here people are dying" said Tea pulling away from Sesshômaru's embrace.

"But I know I cant stop you but please reconsider your not in fighting condition" said Sesshômaru.

"I know but it my job as a sailor scout" said Tea.

"If your going then I am coming with you and protect you with everything I got" said Sesshômaru.

They embraced again tighter then the first and kissed with even more passion.

"Is that what love is" said Sakura watching from the next.

"Yes that is what love is and it's the most precious thing one can give another" said Aiden.

"Will I ever feel that way towards someone?" Sakura Asked.

"Yes some day you will find that special someone that will be the center of your world love gives you wings" said Aiden.

"But love doesn't heal all wounds" said Aiden looking at the crescent moon thats on Sesshômaru's forehead which was still black.

"What?" said Sakura.

"Never mind it is nothing" said Aiden breaking into a smile.

-Kaiba Corp HQ-

Bakura staring out the window caught sight of something it looked like blood rolling down the street then he realized it was thousands of Crimson Knights and they were heading this way.

He ran from the room and headed toward the corporate office

When he got there he shouted, "They are coming thousands of crimson knights heading this way"

"Ah shit what are we going to do now" said Kari.

"Thousands you say sounds like fun" said Kazuma walking in from the next room with Motoko.

"You say there are civilians here something we have to consider if we plan to attack them when they get here" said Motoko.

"Fighting them would be insane" said Mokuba.

"Insane is our middle names" Kazuma.

"Actually mine isn't" said Momiji yawning as she poked her head out from under Kaiba's desk

"What the hell how long were you down there and how did you get there without me seeing you?" shouted Kaiba.

"I would like to know that too" said Ayna.

"Sorry I sorta like sleeping in tight spaces," said Momiji.

"I would usually look forward to a good fight but the odds look bad that we would actually survive" said Kari looking down at the floor.

"Be without fear in the face of your enemies, Safe guard the helpless even if it leads to your death That is your oath…Rise Scouts and fight" said Ryoko raising her transformation stick into the air

"She is right this is our oath so what do you have in mind Ryoko" said Ayna looking down at her transformation as she pulled it out of her pocket.

"I think might need these but I only managed to get three of them out of temple when it was attacked they are new transformation sticks" said Ishizu pulling a silk packet out of her pocket.

Ishizu opened the packet and three transformation sticks and hands one to Ryoko, and the other to Kari and the last one she gave to Ayna.

"Those will let you transform into a ultra form of sailor scout which come with it stylized weapon and new powers" said Izhizu.

-Somewhere in Tokyo-

Sailor Saturn stood on a top of a clock looking down at the carnage she cause smiling.

She hoped they could see all of this and suffer with there deaths the sailor scouts will feel her wrath she thought to herself.

"Its time to prove yourself to your friends that your worth a damn, sometimes it means dying, sometimes it means killing a whole lot of people" Said Sailor Saturn spinning her glaive above her head.

-To be Continued-