Sailor Moon R chapter 89 " Declaration"

Tea turned and it was Zoë that Sesshoumaru had pulled out of the wreckage of the Kaiba Corp building she was badly wounded and was missing an eye

"What happened?" asked as she turned to watch the fight between Motoko and the mystery warrior who worked for Kain.

"First Mayra was killed in the battle with the Crimson Knights then Saturn attacked and Marik was killed by one of kain's lot and the barrier keeping the building up failed and that happened did you find anyone else" said Zoë pointing at the building remains.

"Yes we found Kari but Sesshoumaru's sword didn't work the same sword that revived you it seemed like her life force was removed" said Tea.

"Saturn did that to her right in front of us I wish I could have stopped her but they seemed to just appear out of thin air because Saturn has the ability to control time how do we fight someone like that she can kill us anytime she feels like it" said Zoë tearing up slightly.

Motoko braced for another impact from Suzuka as their blades clashed again as they ran across the side the wall of a convenience store across from the wreckage of Kaiba Corp.

Suzuka leaped into the air and took a dive at Motoko but she jumped out of the way at the last second and she took a slice out of the building instead.

Motoko landed on roof of the convenience store and waited for her opponent to catch up with her catching her breath in the process panting for air.

Suzuka landed a couple feet in front of her and seemed just as drained, as she was which was a welcoming sight to her.

They stood there staring at each other panting and sweat rolling off each other faces in droplets.

Motoko charged at Suzuka and their blades clash once again in a seemly unending battle to the death until a bullet struck Motoko in the shoulder, forcing to the ground.

"Vincent! This is my fight how dare you interfere," said Suzuka in a very angry yet perplexed tone looking at the man dressed in the maroon and black outfit.

"We have no time for silly sword fights," said Vincent

Suzuka gritted her teeth saying "how dare you call it silly at least it more honorable then your guns and stabbing people from behind"

"At least it gets the job done that is all that matters to me" said Vincent.

"Let me do it the why I always do I haven't failed yet" said Suzuka.

"But Kain called us back he has a mission for us that is more important then you having a sword fight and this Nega-trash is not worth our time and effort " said Vincent.

"Alright you made your point I don't have to like it but I get to fight her latter if she survives that bullet wound you gave her which I hope she does" said Suzuka sighing

Else where in Tokyo all Bakura could feel was the hand on his throat and the fact that he couldn't breath he started to get flashes of memories of a non-to distant past.

It was a flash back to the day he meet Robin it was late autumn and the blossoms were falling from the cherry tree.

She was under a tree reading a book something about her was breathtaking her eye a shimmering green, as she looked up at him it was like looking at a painting.

"Hi your new here" asked Bakura.

"Yes I just transferred from Osaka my parents moved here because my father got a new job around here my name is Robin what's yours?" said Robin

"My name is Bakura," said Bakura.

"Cute name do you mind I'm having problems with this math question would you mind helping me if its no problem" asked Robin looking at him with those green eyes that made her look gentle with that delicate expression.

"No problem" said Bakura sitting beside Robin and looking into the textbook she was reading.

It was like love at first sight like a story from a fairy tale when the prince runs into the peasant girl and falls in love, It looks like we wont live happily ever after all and we are both going to die.

"No we aren't" something whispered in his ear.

Suddenly there was a smashing noise and then the sound of rock making impact to a persons face.

The grip of Sailor Skadi's hand gave way.

Bakura opens his eyes as he gasps for air and the feeling of his lungs getting what he was gasping for instead of the cold sting of suffocation.

Sailor Gaia had freed herself from the ice block and had sent a rock, which hit Skadi harder then her previous times hard enough to shatter Skadi's nose that now dripped blood.

"You are going to pay for that," said Sailor Skadi holding her nose.

Skadi sent an ice blast at Sailor Gaia attempting re freeze her.

Bakura picks up a card and says mirror force and a very large mirror appeared between Gaia and Skadi.

Skadi was instantly turned into a giant block of ice.

Bakura and Sailor Gaia embraced in a passionate kiss

"What do we do about her can I smash her to piece already?" asked Kazuma walking onto the scene looking at the frozen Sailor Skadi.

Back at the wreckage Tea was tending to Motoko bullet wound when the wreckage of the building seemed to come to life.

An overly large man burst out of the wreckage yelling, "I see Light"

Tea leaped back screaming as the man that seem to dwarf her as he stepped out of the wreckage carrying Kaiba, Mokuba, Ayna and Ishizu who seemed in fine shape for having a building fall on them.

The large man set them down and then he sat down making the ground sack.

"I need a raise," said the large man.

"Nightmare consider it down" said Mokuba looking at his brother Kaiba.

"Ok why not" said Kaiba.

Kaiba was going to go on but caught sight of Sesshoumaru and walked over to him.

"Did you see the jokers that did this to my building because I want a piece of them" said Kaiba

"Aren't they good why are they attacking us instead of Crimson" asked Ayna.

"Sharing the spotlight issues I guess," said Zoë with her hand over her eye patch on her empty eye socket.

"That exactly what there problem is they don't want to share the credit Kain believes if his forces do it alone that he take Noa's place as Supreme High Druid the problem is he cant his ego wont let him think that way" said Ishizu.

"Just great if it enough trouble dealing with the Crimson Knights with Saturn on their side we have to deal with Kain and his fanatics what else can go wrong and how much worse can this get I want a piece of Kain's ass to for what has happened to my face" said Zoë.

"Zoisite vengeance is not the way to handle things look where it got you in the past" said Ishizu placing her hand on Zoë shoulder.

Zoë flinched at the sound of her old name turned and glared at Ishizu for saying it.

She shouted, "I know my past and I know I don't want repeat it but this is different"

"What makes it different just because you are sailor scout and not a general of the Negaverse?" said Ishizu.

"There is a big difference I am not killing innocent people in the process and those Crimson Knight have killed my friends," shouted Zoë with tears now rolling down her cheeks.

"I am sorry for that these blood is on my hands too because I didn't have the courage to face him the order is in chaos and its all my fault" said Ishizu looking down cast.

"Face Kain" asked Tea.

"No En Sabah Nur he is my brother this whole thing is my fault for introducing him to the order" said Ishizu.

"Not this again we told you that you couldn't have predicted how power would have corrupted him" said Tea raising her hands in the air with total frustration.

"But I should have he was my brother I should have known better" said Ishizu on the edge of a nervous breakdown then out of no where was slapped in the face hard by a severally pissed Ayna.

"Get over it you stupid little bitch what happened has happened now we have to deal with it and move on ghods you are so pathetic your drama queen routine is making me sick" said Ayna.

"Ayna is right I want to deal with this I want a piece of this Kain fellow he owe me for destroying my property" said Kaiba standing up.

"I am with you on that the Asshole will fry," said Ayna.

"I am coming with you too" said a man wearing a tunic.

"Fine Aoshi but don't get in my way Kain's ass is mine" said Kaiba.

Mokuba was about to say he was coming too but was hushed by his brother kaiba.

"Fine you can come to I am not leaving my brother with any of the peanut gallery that includes you Cyclops," said Kaiba.

Zoë was charge and beat kaiba but was held off by Nightmare and settled down saying "your not worth my time I rather stay here and help Tea and Sesshoumaru" giving Sesshoumaru a bow of respect

"Let go now" said Kaiba walking off followed by Ayna now transformed into Sailor Senna and Aoshi and Mokuba bringing up the rear.

To Be Continued-