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PLOT: Harry's home after year five. Dudley was turned onto anime at Smeltings. Harry runs into bookstore owner who set up the new bookstore down the street, who happens to be a wizard. Harry does something incredibly stupid and everyone's favorite hanyou arrives on the scene. Hogwarts isn't going to be the same this year!

Harry Potter & The Hanyou Prince

By Tobias

Chapter 1: Meeting New People

To say that this summer was the worst one of Harry Potter's life would be fairly accurate.

He had been through summers where he had been isolated, starved for doing something he didn't do, beaten up by his cousin Dudley and his gang, attacked by Dementors, locked in his room or his cupboard, or any multitude of things had happened to him. But living without Sirius, just the knowledge that he wasn't there for him and that it was all it his fault……………

It was pure hell.

Harry sighed as he turned over in bed again, angrily pulling the covers with him. Sleep still wouldn't come to him, no matter how much he wanted it. Ever since he had driven Voldemort out that night at the Ministry his sleep had been blissfully peaceful, deep, and restful. It had been getting to sleep that was the problem. As he lay on his bed, his mind kept recalling all of the terrible things that he had caused. It always covered the should haves, could haves, and what ifs. The worst of those possibilities was if he had just used that two-way mirror sooner-!

Giving a slight cry of frustration at seeing daylight at his bedroom window, Harry tossed the covers off and sat up. It was no use to try sleep tonight, the memories were too strong. Harry quickly picked up some clothes and head for the bathroom, quickly showering and then dressing. Noting that it was a little after four in the morning, he set about preparing the Dursleys their breakfast. After about an hour, he heard the loud thumping that announced his Uncle's footsteps to the bathroom and his Aunt prattled into the kitchen.

"Well it's good to see your up like you should be." She commented and looked over the breakfast. "Dudley needs more toast and cheese on his eggs."

"Yes Aunt Petunia." Harry replied and set about placing two more slices of cheese on the eggs and making more toast. Half an hour later, Dudley's door slammed open and he came racing down stairs as the shower cut off. Harry steadied himself against the counter as the house shook from his cousin's running. His cousin slammed himself down into a chair that let out a loud creak but to a miracle of science, didn't snap in two as he began to devour his body weight in food. It was at that moment that his Uncle decided to show up.

"Good morning, Petunia!" Uncle Vernon said, sweeping into the room. He planted a kiss on his wife's cheek and sat down to eat his dinner, a large swath of toilet paper of his cheek. Harry bit his lip to keep from laughing. Harry picked up his plate and was about to head outside when Uncle Vernon spoke up.

"Boy, I got you a job." He growled. Frowning, Harry turned to him.

"What kind of job?" Harry asked, feeling the bottom of his stomach begin to sink and his appetite vanish. For all he knew he could be working in the factory under his Uncle. He shivered.

"I saw this place opening on my way to work last week. I asked the owner if I could bring you an application." Uncle Vernon said, smirking. "I filled it out for you and gave it to him. He said he'd be pleased to have you. It's over on Streeter."

"S-S-Streeter?" Harry sputtered, dismayed. His Uncle had gotten him a job for him and it was twenty-five blocks away!

"Your Aunt Petunia says you can do your chores tonight when you get home, if you don't get home too late. Other wise, you can do them on your off days. You start today at-" his uncle looked at the clock. "Eight. Better get moving boy." His Uncle scooped up the last off his eggs with his bread, shoved them in his mouth, and was gone.

Harry stood there, gaping at the empty space where his uncle had stood not too long ago, shocked at the sheer absurdity of the situation before turning to his Aunt.

"But why?" he asked, not comprehending the reasoning behind this recent madness and not connecting his supposed "abnormality" to this job. His Aunt sniffed and gathered up the plates and took his full plate and handed it to Dudley, who began to devour its contents while she handed him an apple and guide him to the front door. Harry stupidly complied.

"Because it's about time you paid us back for feeding you for all these years. Now go, boy." She snapped and the door slammed shut. Staring at it stupidly for a moment, Harry turned, sighed, and began his very long trek to his new job.

After fighting off the morning joggers, mentally cursing the bicyclers that nearly killed him, and wanted nothing more than enough money to chuck the apple his Aunt had given him at quite a few heads. Despite the morning rush hour traffics on the sidewalk, Harry found himself staring up at the signboard of a brand new bookstore of Streeter and Privet Drive.

Lochar's Antique Bookstore Emporium

Sighing to himself, Harry went inside, the bells attached to the door jingling as he did. His eyes widened at the sight before him.

Hermione would go nuts in here , Harry thought, gazing at the shelves off books to his left and right which were each the same height as he was. The room was circular and about fifty feet around. The walls had bookshelves as well and the room easily was easily fifteen feet high. Harry saw mid way up, a round railing and saw in the corner two ladders attached to the rail with small wheels at their bottoms. It was then Harry noticed that he was standing in an aisle. The shelves on either side of him were shaped like half circles and ran around the around what appeared to be a counter in the center of a room. The counter was also circle in shape with a register facing the door. There was a set of stairs, spiraling upward to a hole in the ceiling that seemed to lead to second floor. Harry looked toward the back as he saw a door in the back open and man looked at him.

He had large brown spectacles, long brown hair tied back into a ponytail, and a blue shirt that said, "Six out of seven dentists recommend another dentist." He gave Harry a curious glance and turned back to the open book in his hands.

"We're not open yet, young man. Come back in a few days." He stated and turned back to the door. Harry quickly stepped forward as he began to open it.

"Wait! My Uncle dropped my application here a few days ago! My name's Harry Potter! He said I started today." The man's hand froze on the door and turned he turned back to gap at Harry.

"I thought he was putting me on! You can't be Harry Potter!" he said striding forward. Harry nervously tried to step back but was caught off guard as the man reached out to brush his bangs away from his scar. The man stared for a moment before laughing out roguishly.

"Well, I'll be damned! Harry, come on in!" He said, pulling along the confused Harry Potter by his arm. "I thought some wizard was having a bit of fun, pretending to be some fat muggle and filling out an application form to give me a thrill! So that rubbish about that school for criminal muggle boys, that's your cover story for Hogwarts, right?"

It was slowly, oh so slowly, beginning to dawn on Harry's thick head that this man must be the owner and he must be a wizard. Harry's hopes began to soar.

"Yes, it is," Harry confirmed and the man's face lit up. "You won't tell anyone will you?"

"Oh pish-posh, Harry!" the man said, waving a hand, "If there's one thing we Americans can keep it's our secrets!" he said extending a hand which Harry shook eagerly. "Name's Jason Lochar. I'm a retired version of what you would call a treasure hunter. I came to London to relax but never imagined I would have Harry Potter working for me in the summer!"

"I never imagined I would be working for a wizard either!" Harry said, and then laughed as Jason led him into the storage room. It was filled with magical books of every kind and had a small desk cluttered with papers.

"Let me find some papers for you to fill out, Harry. Need it for the government and all. How much are you looking to make per hour?" Jason asked, gesturing for Harry to sit. Harry sat in a chair near the desk and Jason sat in his chair rummaging in his desk. Harry shift uncomfortably.

"Well, my Aunt and Uncle want the money." Harry reluctantly admitted and Jason stopped. He looked up at Harry and paused for a moment.

"Damn it, Harry, I knew times were rough but you really have heart of gold. They're muggles right?" he said, rummaging again through the papers on his desk. Jason finally found the papers he was looking for and began filling some stuff out. He paused on a section, counted on his fingertips and wrote something down.

"Yeah, they're muggles." Harry admitted. Jason nodded and slid the paper to Harry, handing him a quill. Harry quickly filled in the required information but his eyes widened at how much an hour he was going to get.

"But this is far too much!" he protested and Jason chuckled, waving his hand at him.

"Don't worry about it. It's more for your Aunt & Uncle, isn't it? Besides, won't you need some for yourself?" he said, pushing the paper towards Harry. Something clicked in Harry's head as he realized Jason thought his family needed him to work.

"No, I refuse. I'll take half of it or I won't work." Harry stated, scratching it out and writing half the amount in. Jason stared at him before smiling. He got up as Harry filled out the form and opened a trunk. He gently withdrew a package and placed it on his desk. As soon as Harry was done, Jason took the papers and shook Harry's hand.

"Welcome aboard, Harry. Since you're not taking my money, I want you to take this." He said handing him the package. Harry looked at him and gingerly took the package.

"Jason, I don't know, I mean, I just met you today and you've been so nice, I-"

"Listen, Harry, I've read about you in the papers, and so far, you've beaten their opinion of you by a mile. Do me a favor, take it." Jason said, standing. Harry hesitated before nodding. Jason smiled and stood. "Come on, I'll show you what you need to do. You can look those over during your lunch break."

By the time lunch rolled around, Harry was famished. Jason had summoned his stocks of books and together he and Harry stocked books all day till noon. When lunch rolled around, Jason stated he had to go order more.

"The inner shelves are mostly gonna be new books so I have to make some deals with muggle contractors." Jason said, pulling on a jacket. "I honestly wasn't expecting you to show since I thought it was joke so I made the appointment. I should be back by one or so. Relax till then, there's some Sierra Mist in the small fridge in the store room."

So lunch found Harry sitting in the storeroom, drinking soda, eating his apple and opening the package Jason had given him that morning. It was wrapped in simple brown packing paper and tied with cord. Inside were three large books that Harry could easly tell were magical. Each appeared to have a letter attached, written by whomever had made the package. The first note was a general one about the package itself.

To Whomever This May Concern,

If you are reading this then you are one gifted idvidual. I set a spell on this note and these books to show themselves to who need them the most. I, like my father before me and his father before him, was a hunter of rare items. Some time ago, I found the three rarest books in existence during a trip that took me away from my home for over twelve years. These books are the most powerful in existence but they are also the most dangerous. After scanning the books with several spells I found they were made to reveal their knowledge to a person with a great need for it. Since the spells on each didn't specify what kind of need I will bind them in this paper along with this letter. Only a person with a just mind, good heart, and in terrible need could remove the paper.

But, you already know who that person is since your reading this paper, so let's talk about the books a bit, eh? I have written detailed little notes with each book about it, but let me go over them in general. The Necronomicon, The Oni Houmon, and Merlin's Spellbook. The Necronomicon is a book having to deal with death and the dead. Some say it is completely evil, and it is true that evil made the book but it does not have to used for purposes but a way to understand and maybe even beat evil. The Oni Houmon was written by a great Japanese miko, a priestess, who left her knowledge about demons and their rituals that she learned from her demon lover. Merlin's Spellbook is in actuality the journal Merlin wrote in as he explored magic in his later years.

I hope these books serve you well. God bless and please be careful with them. Don't let them fall into the wrong hands.

The signature was too smudged and worn to make out. A bit troubled by the letter, Harry picked up the first book. It made Harry's skin crawl as he slowly turned it over in his hands. The cover appeared to be made of a waxy material and had a front shaped to look like some sort of eerie face. It had a clasp on the side and Harry opened it. Leafing through it slowly, he saw it was written in some sort of red ink. He wrinkled his nose at the Latin text but his eyes widened as it slowly changed before his eyes to English! He snapped the book shut and shivered, he could have sworn the damn book was staring at him with its creepy eyes! He set it down and picked up the note left about the book

The Necronomicon. Bound in human flesh and written in human blood, the book has the power to bring back the dead. Unfortunately, they may or may not be brought back mindless. Also, all creatures brought back will be inherently evil. Reading through the entire book has no effect but reading the book unleashes the evil and the only way to stop it would be to read the ENTIRE BOOK BACKWARDS. There is only one who can subdue the Necronomicon and he is known only to come with Ash. It is said the one marked by dark will find part of what he seeks in its pages. I found the book deep in the bowel of Venice, Italy. Strangely enough, I also found a very old, rusted muggle device known a "chainsaw" next to the pedastal where the book was.

Wiping his hands on his jeans in repulsion, Harry stared at his book in disgust and used a piece of packaging to slide it back in. With one last look of disgust Harry turned to the next book. This one appeared to be bound with plain black leather, also had a clasp, and had some of weird characters on the cover. Opening it, Harry wasn't surprised to see the black writing inside changing to English as well. The note to this one was stuck between two pages.

The Oni Houmon. A book written by the miko Izayoi, she was the lover of a great demon lord. Before his passing from wounds from a battle with a giant dragon, she sat by his side for almost three weeks, writing down everything he told her. The book was thought to be burned after she was killed. I discovered it in a muggle museum in Tokyo, Japan. After giving the curator some galleons which he went in raptures about, I took the book. I learned later that the Japanese Aurors took the galleons and replaced them with yen.

Harry found this book far more interesting and less disgusting. It talked about summoning friends to protect you and your comrades in danger. Harry flipped to the back of the book and was surprised to see a diagram for summoning a demon that you were connected with on a personal level. It was called your "akki kontan", a demonic version of your soul in another life, which would protect you. It stayed until your soul was out of mortal danger. Setting this book aside, he picked up Merlin's Spellbook and opened it to see the note fall out. He grabbed it before it hit the ground thanks to his seeker reflexes.

Merlin's Spellbook. The journal of Merlin from age 179 to 284, it details all his later experiments, most of which were thought lost. I was unable to read past the forewaord that Merlin included because of the a spell he describes he cast upon the book. The words in the rest of the book can only be seen by the direct decendants of his students. Since records of students taught directly under Merlin himself are lost to time we do not know who that is. I will have to hope thatyou are fortunate to a said decendant. I found his journal in the auction of castle on the Candian coast. It, along with other numerous items, appear to have been in a muggle family that had recently become known to them. The fact that this book was found on the North American continent suggest it was either brough there by a decendant or Merlin himself knew of that area of land long before the wizard Christopher Columbus discovered it.

Curious, Harry skimmed through a couple of pages and felt his heart leap with joy! He could see the text! Eager to see what the great wizard had to say, Harry turned to the front-

"Harry?" Jason asked, puzzled. Harry let out a cry and leaped out of his seat, surprised. Jason chuckled softly, glancing at the clock.

"I'm sorry, you've been so quiet reading in here I thought you left hours ago. You need to get going, it's almost eight," Jason stated and then smiled at the book Harry was holding. "Good read, huh?"

"The best, Jason. Thank you so much for giving me these, you have no idea what it means to me." Harry said, scooping them up, even the Necronomicon.

"You bet. Here, I made you a portkey. I don't know exactly where you live but it should take you right to your back yard." Jason said, handing him a small coffee cup. "It's set to go off every morning at eight and every after at 5. It'll take you back when I tap it with my wand, okay?"

"Thanks, Jason." Harry said, touching it with his finger. Nodding at Harry, Jason tapped the cup.

"See you tomorrow, Harry."

"About time you got back boy. Did you cause any trouble?" snarled Uncle Vernon as Harry hurried up the stairs. Harry shook his head as he raced past, hiding the books under his 5 sizes too big shirt. One good thing about getting's Dudley's castoffs was that he could sneak things up to his room easily. Once inside, he shut the door and set his books down on the bed. He quickly flipped the summoning book back open to where he had left it and began to read, ignoring Hedwig as she delivered the latest letters from Ron, Hermione, and Remus. He read until he finally fell into deep slumber for the first time in ages.

"But the theories in that book, they're so amazing! My friend Hermione would go absolutely insane to find out such a book existed, why can't I tell her!" Harry demanded.

It was the following morning and Jason was standing on one of the rolling ladders, using his wand to stack books as Harry watched. Jason chuckled and finished with a stack before turning his attention on Harry.

"Harry, imagine if You-Know-Who learned about those books. In Merlin's book alone is information about the core magics that most spells are based on. If he got his hands on that, not even you could stop him," he said, and turned his attention back to the books. Trusting Jason since he had been the one to unknowingly give Harry those books, Harry had immediately told him what they were. After the intial shock wore off, Jason expressed his delight that one of his ancestors could help Harry out. Now, Harry digested the what Jason was telling him before quickly nodding.

"I guess I see your point then," Harry conceded, and Jason grinned. They worked for the rest of the morning, filling the rest of the walls with books and Jason declared that the store would be ready to open early.

"At the rate we're going, I think I'll be able to get you register trained by Friday." Jason said, nodding as he slid down the ladder. Harry stared at Jason before hurrying after him.

"But that's only two days away! How do you expect me to learn to use the register that quickly?" Harry asked. Jason smiled cockily at him and led him behind the round counter, lifting up the partition directly behind the register. After Harry walked behind him, he set it down and showed Harry what to do.

"Look, it's fairly simple. I've already placed a small, colored sticker on each book. You see which on it is, look on the chart next to it is, hit the corresponding button on the register, and it rings up the price. Then you hit 'subtotal' after you've entered all their purchases. Now, if the customer asks how much it is in Galleons, you hit the small button in the corner marked with the "W", all right? Once they give you their money, muggle or wizard, you enter the amount and hit total. The register will show you how much change you're supposed to give, if any, and sale complete. Simple, yeah?" Jason asked.

Harry's head reeled from the influx of information as Jason headed back to the storeroom. Working the register sounded simple but for some reason he had a feeling it would be much more trouble than that. Shaking his head, he glanced at the clock to see that it was nearly lunchtime. He reached down to his bag and gingerly withdrew Merlin's Spellbook.

I'm turning into Hermione, thought Harry as he cracked the book open and began to read.

Jason glanced out into the store, amused to see Harry engrossed in Merlin's Spellbook. He couldn't read the the spells in it but from they way Harry blabbered on about them when he wasn't reading, he had to guess they were enormously complex or utterly simple. As a matter of fact, Harry was slowly reading every page like he was a Ravenclaw and taking notes. For the past month, the afternoons had progressed in a similar fashion as Harry would stand next to the register, book on the counter reading and taking notes on a muggle notebook. Jason had to admit, since he'd opened, he'd had very little customers even with his flyers all over town. Sighing, he checked the finance book before closing it with a snap. Even paying Harry as little as he was, he was just about making ends meet, living in the second floor of the building. He was about to get up and send Harry home early when he heard the front doorbell ring.

"Good afternoon!" he heard Harry greet, and pictured Harry quickly sliding a bookmark in place and looking up to face the customer. He heard quiet murmuring for a few moments before the phone in the office rang. It was set up so a worker could call and get him to come up front without leaving the register alone.

"Jason? This customer has a question I can't answer could you come up here please?"

"I'll be right there, Harry," he replied and quickly hung up the phone, got up and headed out. The man he saw at the counter was about fifty years old, with white hair containing streaks of brown. His skin was wrinkled and he could have easily reached six feet if he hadn't stood at a hunched five. He gripped his cane tightly as he stood there, peering at Jason over thick spectacles.

"You must be the owner, then," he rasped.

"I am." Jason announced proudly, and was about to ask what he needed when they heard the distinct chime that heralded the arrival of a wizard flooing in from the fireplace Jason had installed. Turning to Harry, Jason said, "Harry, why don't you head over to the Indonesian book section and make sure none of those kids from earlier today messed with the books?"

Getting the hint that Jason wanted to deal with the elderly man alone, Harry went. As Jason struck up a conversation with the man, Harry hurried over to the alcove, hidden away from any muggles so magical folk could come and go unseen. The cheerful greeting died on his lips when he saw the customer.

"Well, well, well, fancy seeing you here, Potter." Draco Malfoy drawled, smirking at Harry as his Draco's father appeared in the fireplace and stepped out, brushing off his robes with disdain. He glanced up and froze. Harry could feel the color draining from his face and tried to think of something, anything, he could do when he felt a hand rest on his shoulder, making him jump. He glanced to his right, seeing Jason smiling at him.

"Jumpy, Harry?" he teased, and chuckled, looking back at the Malfoys. "Mr. Malfoy! I take it you're here for that book you requested? Well your in luck, I managed to call a friend of mine in Cairo and she was able to floo it me last night." Jason headed over to the counter and went behind it, and began rifling through papers. Harry turned back to watch the Malfoys carefully, slipping his wand out of his front jeans pocket into his hand. Draco saw the movement and smirked.

"So Potter, parents didn't leave you enough money to finish school?" Draco drawled and Lucius smirked, watching Jason look for his book. Harry tightened his grip on his wand, but suppressed the urge to hex Draco.

"Some people actually like to earn their way through life, Malfoy." Harry snarled, and the two blondes chuckled at him. He saw Jason heading back over to them, carrying a package. He handed it to Lucius Malfoy, who raised his eyebrows at him.

"It's the book your requested sir. Since you came here to get it, just forget the rest of the payment." Jason stated and Malfoy nodded at him. He sneered at Harry before turning to his son.

"Come, Draco, dinner awaits." Lucius said, taking some of Jason's floo powder. Tossing it in, he called out "Malfoy Manor!" and stepped into the flames, vanishing. Draco smirked at Harry and Jason turned to go back to sorting some book s at the counter.

"Tell the mudblood and Weasel I said hello, potter." Draco said and quickly stepped into the floo, throwing some powder down and calling for his home. Harry stood there, seething, and just stared at the fireplace for a few minutes before whirling around to stomp back to the counter. Jason looked at Harry curiously and then at the clock. Noticing how late it was, Jason assumed Harry was upset he had missed his Portkey because they had been dealing with the Malfoys.

"Sorry about that, Harry. I'll make you another Portkey home." Jason said, looking for something to make a temporary Portkey out of. Harry shook his head and picked up his book.

"Thanks, Jason but I need to take a walk. The long walk home from here seems perfect right now." Harry said and Jason frowned but nodded.

"Alright, I'm gonna call your family and let them know then. You sure you're gonna be okay? You seem kinda stressed out." Jason asked and Harry hesitated a moment. Jason was a nice guy but did he really want to bother him with his troubles? Shaking his head, Harry sighed,

"I'm good Jason, see you tomorrow." Harry answered, heading out the door, and closing it behind him. Jason stared after where his helper had left for a moment, before shaking his head and waved his wand at the sign, making it flip from open to closed.

Harry rubbed the bridge of his nose as he walked, thinking. Everyone ignored the troubled boy that walked in the middle of the sidewalk, deep in thought. Harry finally stopped rubbing his eyes and replaced his glasses and was surprised to see he was already halfway home. Deciding he should owl the Order as soon as he got home since it had been three days already, he picked up the pace. They needed to be informed that the Malfoys, and most certainly Voldemort, knew his general whereabouts. It would kill two birds with one stone to send the letter to the Order and that information in one.

"I was so stupid!" Harry hissed to himself, walking up the driveway of Number 4. "I have no idea if the wards protect me while I'm over twenty blocks away, working!"

Kicking a soda can into his Aunt Petunia's bushes, he opened the front door, not entirely surprised to see Dudley squealing with joy about some new toy he got. His Aunt Petunia seemed like she was on the verge of heaven that Dudley liked it so much, but Uncle Vernon noticed his entrance.

"Boy! Come here now!" he ordered, Harry sighed. He stepped inside and closed the door, keeping his book close to his side.

"Yes, Uncle Vernon?" Harry asked, careful to try and keep his voice calm and be as polite as possible.

"Your Aunt Petunia and I have a business dinner with some important customers of mine. We're taking them out in about an hour." He stated, jabbing a thick finger at Harry. "Dudley is in charge boy and you are to make him his dinner tonight. Understood?"

"I understand." Harry muttered, realizing how bad of turn his night had just taken. Uncle Vernon nodded at him and then gestured to Dudley, who was already watching TV in the living room.

"Leave him be with his gift, boy, and none of the freak stuff. Now off with you, go make his dinner. We're going to get ready for dinner." Uncle Vernon said, heading up the stairs, and Harry sighed as he heard the shower turn on.

'Looks like that letter to the Order could wait till later tonight.' Harry thought and sighed, heading into the kitchen to make dinner.

"Kagome, look out!"

"Wind Scar!"

Harry paused out side the living room, puzzled as to what Dudley could possibly be watching. He pushed the door open, setting their plates on the coffee table to look up. He saw Dudley staring transfixed at the screen and was surprised to see some sort of cartoon on it. There was a man with white hair and dog ears, swinging a huge sword down with cry and a huge explosion.

"What is that?"

"Don't you have TV at that school of yours?" Dudley sneered, and Harry realized he had spoken out loud. His cousin snatched the larger of the two plates, of course, and began to devour it. Picking up his own, Harry sat down to watch with his cousin.

"Give me the Shikon Jewel, priestess!"


"Oiy, get the fuck away from her, Naraku! Backlash Wave!"

"No, we don't." Harry admitted. He hated to say it but this show was actually kind of……..interesting. But he couldn't help but feel like he'd seen it before, even though he knew he hadn't. "What's it called?"

"Inuyasha. It's based on some sort of story." Dudley replied and Harry was actually surprised that he and his cousin were having what amounted to normal conversation. Attributing that to the fact that Dudley was being fed, Harry decided to ask a bit more.

"I didn't know you were into cartoons again, Dudley." Harry commented, casually and Dudley gave him a look, setting his empty plate on the table. Considering it had contained three burgers and fries, it was amazing he had eaten it all so quickly, even for him.

"It's called anime, you pounce. It's made in Japan, and it's all the rage. You guys don't anything that isn't involved with your abnormality, do you?" Dudley huffed. Sighing, Harry finished his dinner and picked up Dudley's plate. Heading into the kitchen, he pondered his cousin's words.

It was true that most wizards didn't bother with the muggle world once they could perform magic. Even muggle born students were quick to abandon their old ways once thrown into the world of magic. As he began washing their dishes and listening to the TV, Harry also wondered about the feeling he got about that show, Inuyasha, Dudley had called it. It struck him as odd that the show was so familiar. Harry closed his eyes and could match the scenes to the lines, without even having to have seen it once.

As he was finishing up the dishes, Harry decided now would be the perfect time to write that letter to the Order. As he was setting the last dish into the dish rack to dry he saw something go right by the kitchen window. Harry froze, and then slowly reached over, turning off the kitchen light. Darkness instantly filled the room but Harry could see outside a lot better. He stood still, waiting and watching the backyard. Just as he was about to chalk it up to his imagination he saw a black clothed shape move along the back fence.

Instantly recognizing the robes as a Death Eater's, Harry hurried into the living room, seeing Dudley was still watching TV.

"Dudley, we have to get out of here!" Harry hissed to his cousin who glared at him.

"What the hell are you talking about? This is the best part!" Dudley snapped, but his anger soon turned to fear as he noticed Harry drawing his wand. "Mum and Dad said you couldn't use that thing!"

"Dudley, if you want to live, shut up and grab your shoes and coat!" Harry hissed, turning off the living room light. He darted over to the living room window and gently pulled back the edge of the curtains to see outside.

The street lamp gave off a soft, mellow light on the street, which seemed totally out of place. It cast large shadows with its light and warped how trees and bushes seemed to be. Harry's eyes kept darting from shadow to shadow, mistaking them for Death Eaters. He glanced behind him and to the right, and wasn't surprised to see Dudley still sitting on the couch, like the lump he was.

"Dudley!" Harry hissed, "If you don't want to die we have leave now!" That did it. Dudley sprang to his feet, and waddled as fast as he could out of the room and upstairs. Harry nodded and with one more glance outside, he followed his cousin. He heard Dudley throwing things around his room, looking for his shoes and coat. Harry entered his room quickly, and looked for Hedwig. Harry uttered a soft swear under his breath as he saw she wasn't there. Grabbing his books and things, he began tossing them into his trunk. The last were to go in were his books from Jason. Slamming the trunk closed and latching it, he began to drag it out of the room when he heard multiple loud POPS come from outside his window. Harry instantly whipped his wand toward the window and slowly crept towards it. What he saw made his stomach drop.

There were easily a dozen or two dozen Death Eaters in the back yard. Several others made their way from the side of the house to join the group. They back speaking rapidly and making gestures to the house. One seemed to be coordinating them, but Harry's scar assured him it wasn't Voldemort. Relieved by no pain in his scar but worried just by the presence of the Death Eaters, Harry quickly hurried out of the room, not caring about the noise he made. Dudley followed him as Harry ran down the steps, his trunk making loud bangs each step. Stopping in the living room, Harry peaked outside again. He felt a cold chill sweep over him as he saw the Death Eaters forming a circle around the house.

"Damn!" Harry whispered. They were trapped!

Harry gnawed on his finger nails as he struggled to think of a way out and wondered where in the bloody hell the Order was! It dawned on him and he quickly glanced at the clock, noting that the time was 11:46. If he could just hold out for 14 minutes, the Order would send some one to check on him since he hadn't sent a letter in three days! He peeked out the curtain again, and his eyes widened in surprised as all the Death Eaters raised their wands in unison and the leader made an intricate pattern with his wand over his head, and then thrust it at the house. A orange beam of light shot from his wand and seemed to hit a white barrier that suddenly surrounded the house. Harry felt a pulling start and realized they were intent on taking down the spells that protected him! The one to the leader's right repeated the same pattern and thrust his own wand at the house. His own beam of orange light struck the house and Harry felt the pull increase.

I've got to do something! Harry thought and turned to his trunk. In a flash, an idea hit him and ran over to his trunk, undoing the clasps and flinging it open. He snatched out the Oni Houmon, and quickly flipped through it. If ever, he needed a friend, now was it. He glanced over the ritual he had read in depth in the back and was surprised to see the exact translation and how he needed to say it. Harry winced as the pull seemed to triple and knew he didn't have much time. Ignoring Dudley quivering by the TV, Harry set the book on the coffee table and began to the first part of the ritual.

"This is gonna hurt." Harry mumbled and thrust his wand tip through his hands. Harry let a cry of pain slip past his clenched teeth. Running his bleeding hands on the carpet in the strange shape required, he then made a circle around it. As he hurried over to the book, his stumbled and cried out as the pull increased yet again. Nodding as he saw he had the symbol right, he picked up the book in his aching hands and began walking counter-clockwise around the symbol as he was instructed. Now came the hard part, speaking the summoning. Harry whimpered as the pull increased and was startled as he skidded a few feet to the front door. Knowing another increase might well yank him out of the house, Harry cleared his throat and forced himself to the speak the words.

"Furmi kagigami hia touhou!

"Ore shou taishite goushujin kyouko!

"Ore shou taishite goushujin jinkei.

"Ore shou taishite goushujin isei!

"Ore shou taishite goushujin koi!

"Kafu touhou waga itonami!

"Sewaninaru touhou soshite kafu touhou waga ONI-JIGA!!!!!!"

Dropping the book on the ground as he said the last word, Harry screamed it towards the ceiling, thrusting his hands up. The entire house began to shake as the symbol of blood began to glow. The red light filled the room and a noise began to emit from it. Low at first, but it steadily began to increase in volume. The noise soon identified itself as a hum, which rose to such a loud pitch, the lights, windows, and even the TV screen exploded. With what could only be described as a loud CRACK the hum suddenly stopped and the floor cracked right where the symbol was, splitting it in half and spilling a thick, white smoke into the room. Harry suddenly felt the pulling become a huge jerk and he was yanked to the front door, as if some one had him at the back of his trousers, and was pulling him along. It began to pull him straight through the smoke where the symbol was and he would have gone straight out the front door, closed or not, and into the Death Eaters' waiting hands, if he hadn't been hit and been caught by someone.

Feeling more drained than he ever had in his life, Harry weakly raised one of his mangled hands to wave the smoke away from him so he could see the person better. He looked up at the person and saw that he was wearing nothing but red. It felt like swede, but there was a strength in it that seemed as strong as steel. The man was wearing beads of some kind, with an occasionally fang on the string. As more smoke began to clear from the room, Harry saw a sword of some kind strapped to the stranger's left side. The hands that gripped Harry tightly were, a deep tan and calloused. Blinking rapidly to clear the blurriness from his eyes, he saw long white locks of hair on the man's shoulders. Harry was surprised when the smoke revealed his face. He had a strong face, and deep gold eyes. But Harry couldn't stop the gasp that escaped his lips as he saw the white dog ears on top of his head.

The man stared down at Harry and wrinkled his nose, looking down at Harry's hands. He asked Harry a question but it was in a strange language that Harry didn't know. Swallowing thickly Harry held his bloody palms out to the man who watched silently. Then he gestured to outside the house and uttered the only word he could before he passed out.


Inuyasha was at a loss. He had just finished meeting with Kikyo and was about to go tell Kagome the good news when it happened. He felt like he had been sucked down and hole and then forced out the other side. He had no warning, no time to react, nothing. He had been running home and then, whoosh, he was here, grabbing a bloody and weak boy. Then when he had asked the kid what was wrong, he had only stared blankly at him and held his wounds out to Inuyasha and gestured to the outside, and said one strange word.

But Inuyasha understood. Some how, this boy had needed help and found a way to call him. Inuyasha laid the boy down and tore boy's shirt off, tearing the strange garment into strips. He tightly wound them around the boy's hands. He glanced at a huge, pig-faced brat that cowered in the corner, crying. Inuyasha snorted and stood. The boy would live, at least long enough to get rid of the threat. He assumed as soon as he did that, this spell or whatever would send him home. Remembering the boy's gesture to the outside, Inuyasha made his way to the broken window and lazily swung over one leg and then another. Feeling the soft dirt and grass beneath his bare feet he sighed but then noticed the strange men in strange, black kimonos, wearing white masks. They each pointed a strange wooden stick at him. Inuyasha snorted with amusement as one spoke to him violently in a strange tongue.

"Oiy! Why don't you take those funny sticks and go home!" Inuyasha called, crossing his arms over his chest, glaring at them. They stared stupidly at him before shouting something at him and then laughing. He growled and lowered his hands to his sides, cracking his claws. One jabbed his stick at him shouting something and green light shot out from the stick at Inuyasha. Surprised, but still able to react quickly, Inuyasha dived to the right, skidding on the wet grass. He heard the sound of breaking glass behind him and swore. Those stick thingies were their weapons! Growling softly and crouching down he was about to lunge at the one who shot that light at him when he heard ones coming from behind.

Relying only on his instincts, he leaped again, back flipping and landing with a loud thump on the boy's roof. He saw another green light shoot to where he had been and then sail past, to hit one of the strange people. The person, a woman judging by the short scream, dropped to the ground. Inuyasha's ears twitched as he realized the woman's heart had stopped beating!

"Shit!" he snarled, flexing his claws, "Those beams can kill!" Lunging down from his spot on the roof, he swung both his hands forward at the groups.

"Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!" Inuyasha bellowed, slashing at the group's sticks. They all screamed as he sliced through all the sticks he could and some of their hands and arms as well. Whirling around, he ran through the group while it was still disoriented and slashed with Iron Reaver again, getting any sticks he missed the first time. As he came to stop, he slowly rose from his crouch and turned to the strange humans, smirking. They all looked pale, and Inuyasha decided to scare them off. He quickly withdrew Tetsusaiga, and snarled at them.

The strange humans all looked at the huge sword, and their reactions were priceless. Some screamed, others pissed themselves, or began to cry. But all, after that first quick, impulsive reaction, suddenly disappeared with a loud POP!

Pleased with himself, Inuyasha sheathed his sword and snorted. Just as he turned to re-enter the house, he heard a few more pops behind him. Snarling, he instantly whirled around and lunged himself at a startled old man with a long flowing white beard and a multi-colored kimono.

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