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Harry Potter & The Hanyou Prince

By Tobias

Chapter 8: The Start Of...

Soon the weather turned frigid, and a thick layer of snow covered the ground. This change in the weather signaled the end of November, and the start of December. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, Harry came to the sudden realization that he now had a girlfriend to shop for AND her parents. Getting Hermione her usual book may not be the best gift for her, at least just the book alone.

The next Hogsmeade outing, luck was with Harry, when Hermione said she wanted review her Ancient Runes notes and plan for the rest of the year. Harry said he had some last minute things to do and told her they could spend the rest of the day together. Hermione kissed him on the cheek and waved him off, grinning to herself. Smirking to himself, Harry hurried out of the dorm, meeting up with Inuyasha who looked irritated.

Nothing new.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" the hanyou demanded. Harry grinned to himself.

"Positive. With your nose, my cloak, and the map what can go wrong?" Harry stated, pulling the previously mentioned cloak out of his bag. Inuyasha sighed.

"I wish you humans wouldn't say things like that. That's usually when a pissed off demon shows up and I have to kill it." Inuyasha snarled. Harry lead Inuyasha to the hump-backed witch and opened the passage. The hanyou rolled his eyes as he followed the wizard. They were silent the entire way, Harry putting the cloak on halfway there. They exited inside Honeydukes, much to Inuyasha's amusement. The hanyou then took the lead, following the list Harry had given him, and using the pouch of money Harry had lent him.

Harry's plan was a simple one. They would go in and out of each of the store's Harry needed to get gifts from, and Inuyasha would make the purchases, with Harry under the cloak in case Inuyasha needed help. Then Harry could whisper quietly what to do, so only Inuyasha's sensitive ears could hear it. Harry could have ordered what he needed by owl but he was worried about not getting everything in time and over taxing Hedwig. So this bit of reckless rebellion, with his hanyou babysitter, was needed. And everything went well, until they were headed back for Honeydukes. Inuyasha stopped and cocked his head to the side frowning. Harry bumped into him, and swore quietly under his cloak.

"Inuyasha?" he whispered The hanyou growled lowly and made a slashing motion with his left hand for Harry to be quiet. Harry frowned, and tried to hear it as well. His ears may not have been as good as Inuyasha's but thanks to the training, Harry could focus his hearing. Just as he was about to do so, the hanyou shot off to the left, the packages bouncing against his side. Harry swore and tried to keep up with him, but the cloak plus the hanyou's incredible speed, Harry was soon left behind. Harry followed to where the Hanyou went, an alley near the Hog's Head. He skidded to a halt at what he saw.

Inuyasha was sniffing the ground near a dumpster, growling.

"Damn yaro. He covered up his scent. Clever." Inuyasha said. He snarled and stood up kicking at the snow.

"Inuyasha, what is it?" Harry asked. The hanyou sighed and buried his hands in his sleeves.

"Later pup, back in the tunnel where now one can hear us." Inuyasha stated, strolling past Harry and heading for Honeydukes at a brisk pace. When they were finally inside the tunnel, Harry yanked the cloak off.

"Now tell me." Harry demanded. The hanyou snorted but complied.

"Some one was speaking with a man. I didn't recognize their voices, they were too far away but I know one was a male brat. They were talking about stepping things up in their attempts on you." Inuyasha said. Harry frowned, wondering who it could be. Inuyasha broke the silence just as they got back to Hogwarts.

"I think we need to see how far you've come."

"You ready for this pup?" Inuyasha snarled to Harry the following Friday afternoon. Harry grinned at the hanyou who just glared at him.

"Do you think I am?" Harry asked. Inuyasha huffed and slid his arms up his sleeves.

"You couldn't kill the kit right now but I think you'd do alright against some humans." Inuyasha commented. They walked up the stairs towards the Room of Requirements. As they approached, Harry noticed there was already a door there.

"I've still got skills you haven't seen yet. After all you haven't been attending my combat magic lessons." Harry said. He opened the door as Inuyasha snorted.

"We'll see pup." Inuyasha stated as they entered the room. Harry laughed, and finally paid attention to the room they had just entered It was huge, at least 500' by 500', the walls and floor were padded, and there were plain, temporarily looking structures from mini houses to large boulders in the area. It was HUGE.

"Welcome, Harry." Dumbledore greeted, coming over from a spot in the corner which was surrounded b a glowing yellow circle with a few chairs inside of the circle. Snape, Moody, and Tonks were sitting there waiting. "Are you ready for your exam? Inuyasha suggested it be moved up a few months."

"Yes, Professor." Harry said. He eyed the spectators, wondering if they would be the ones testing him.

"Harry, myself and the others shall be your examiners. Your opponents are already in the room some where. Your goal is to reach a yellow circle on the other side of the room without being captured. You can use any means except for the Unforgivables. Any questions?" Dumbledore asked, pushing his glasses up on his nose. Harry shook his head. "Wonderful. Inuyasha, if you will please join us? Harry must take this test alone but we have certain enchantments for us to keep a constant watch on him."

"Feh! Whatever." Inuyasha said. Dumbledore grinned.

"The test will start in 2 minutes Harry." The Professor added, making his way to his chair. Inuyasha waited for him to reach it before speaking.

"Remember pup, this may be a test but be careful. This doesn't seem right to me, no opponent tells his enemy everything." Inuyasha stated. Harry nodded.

"Thanks." Harry said, extending his hand. Inuyasha looked at his hand before shaking it quickly. He jumped to the spectator's area, ignoring the chair laid out for him, and sat cross legged on the ground. Harry quickly tuned away, and shook off his robes. He had prepared for the test and was wearing a pair of jeans and t-shirt. The sword of Gryffindor was strapped to his side but Harry had his wand out instead. Not waiting for some sort of timer or bell, he quickly made his way for a mock house.

"Professor, I think this nothing but an overrating of Potter's abilities. Its foolish to put him through the same test Aurors go through when they graduate at all, let alone two months ahead of schedule." Snape snarled. Visible only to those in the circle, there was a floating image in front of them, following Harry as he slowly peaked into the house. After making sure the house was empty, he moved around the side to make his way to the next house.

"Perhaps Severus. This test is to establish where Harry's skills are, it does not matter if he passes this exam. Besides, Inuyasha was very persuasive in that it needed to be moved up." Dumbledore said, producing a quill and parchment, never taking his eyes off the image of Harry, writing some notes.

"The pup'll pass." Inuyasha stated firmly. He smirked to himself as he watched Harry stop suddenly and close his eyes.

"What's he doing?" Tonks asked.

Harry listened. He listened and as he listened, he remembered.

"Remember pup, you may have human senses, but even you can use them effectively if you focus them." Inuyasha lectured one day during they're sparing match.

"How do I do that?" Harry panted, dodging another lunge from Inuyasha.

"You may not be able to hear as far as I can or use your nose to follow a trail, but you can pick up smells such as their sweat and hear some one breathing heavy if you pay attention. Some times, it pays to calm down and focus in battle. Trust me, I learned that the hard way."

Harry frowned. He thought he had heard footsteps near him, other than his own. He focused, trying to hear something.


'There!" Harry thought. 'It sounds like Mad-Eye! But it couldn't be him, he was in the spectator's area!'

'Was he? Or could it have been an impostor? Then Mad-Eye was either walking as softly or a weak silencing spell on his feet.'

"Plenus Caligo." Harry murmured, pointing his wand at the floor, keeping his eyes closed. Hermione had taught him this spell, in case he ever had to fight some one like Mad-Eye. It cast a thick fog around you that not even magical enchantments could see through. Harry cast Silencio on his feet and moved slowly, his eyes still closed.

'Focus.' He thought. He heard swish of cloak to his left, and instinctively thrust his wand at the spot he had heard it.

'Stupefy.' He cast silently. He heard the whoosh of the spell, and a loud thud.

"Mad-Eye!" A voice called out in front of Harry. He snapped his eyes open and cast another stunner in front of him. He heard someone swear and scuffling but no thud. He saw nothing but his fog. He was fairly certain those stunners had given his position away. He didn't want to give up the cover of his fog, however. Harry grinned and in an instant, Harry had changed into one of his animagus forms.

"Not bad." Lupin remarked as they watched the Bengal Tiger stretch his body before padding off into the fog. "So that's his animagus form. That should shock the others."

"Indeed. They shall be SO frightened of a giant cat." Snape drawled. Inuyasha snorted.

"You're the one who couldn't handle one measly dog." Inuyasha mocked. Everyone but Snape laughed.

Harry sniffed the ground, picking up the scents of three men and two women. One smell, old and sour, lead to where Mad-Eye was lying, stunned. One of the women smelled like ginger snaps and apples, the other like...rotten eggs and baking? The two men smelled like chemicals and had a similarity to the woman who smelled of baking. He assumed the two were Fred and George, but why would Mrs. Weasley be one of his testers?

Unless it was polyjuice. That might confuse his nose. Harry growled softly before deciding to follow the woman who smelled of apples. Her scent went around a large boulder, out of the fog. Deciding to take a chance, Harry cautiously followed the trail. He peaked his head around the boulder and saw the woman was Hermione! She was in on it?

'I knew she was way to smug this morning.' Harry thought. The woman in the distance did look like Molly Weasley, but she had too much of a confident stance. When she saw Hermione approaching, she directed her to go in another direction, waving her hand dismissively in a way that was completely Professor McGonagall. Harry grinned, coming up with a plan. He hurried back into the fog, running as quietly as he could to the opposite end. There, he roared as loud as he could. Then he hurried to middle and made an answering roar. He hurried to the fog near where Mad-Eye was still hidden, stunned. He quickly changed back into himself and cast a charm over Mad-Eye. Then he transformed back and grabbed Mad-Eye's wooden leg in his teeth, hurrying to the boulder at the edge of the fog. He tensed and leaped.

'What on earth did Harry conjure?' Hermione thought, focusing on the fog. It sounded like he had made two of them. Professor McGonagall gave a shout of alarm and Hermione whirled around, seeing her pointing to a boulder at the edge of the fog. There stood a large animal, obscured by the fog and some one held in its mouth. It shook the package like a rag doll before tossing it near them. Hermione shrieked when she recognized it as Harry, bloody and mangled.

"He must have lost control of the animals!" Hermione shouted. She fired a hex at the creature but it had already disappeared back into the fog. The Professor hurried over and waved her wand over Harry. Hermione was about to apply a healing charm to the bite wounds on his chest when Professor McGonagall's face took on a shocked look.

"Ms. Granger, get-" she was cut off by the huge growl that sounded from above. The Professor shoved Hermione out of the way as the tiger leaped at them. It tackled Professor McGonagall, slamming her into the ground, knocking her out cold. The tiger skidded on the floor. It appeared to be grinning at Hermione.

'This is fun, it doesn't feel like a duel, more like a game of hide and seek." Harry thought, grinning to himself. Hermione looked shocked but her hand tightened on her wand as she glared at him.

"STUPEFY!" Hermione screamed, thrusting her wand at him. Harry was surprised by the strength and speed of the spell, and he barely dodged it. He spun around and ran as fast as he could, moving around a cluster of fake trees. Deciding to forgo the stealth approach from all the commotion he had just caused, he ran as fast as his tiger body could go. He leaped up onto a fake roof when a row of houses blocked his path. Harry let out a roar as the roof vanished with a pop and he fell into a trap.

"Foolish boy. He never should have been running like that through this course. In real life such a mistake could have easily have cost him his life as well as any one else following him." Snape gloated. Everyone ignored him. Suddenly there was a rush of feathers and the image followed a Peregrine Falcon, the fastest non-magical bird in existence.
'Damn, that was a close one." Harry thought to himself as he focused on gaining altitude. He noticed movement below him and saw Fred & George moving to the trap he had barely escaped. Grinning to himself, Harry folded his wings and began to dive...
"Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, couldn't beat the almighty Weasley twins!" George boasted to his twin. Fred grinned and nodded.

"Sad it is, especially that our partner should have fallen into one of his own sponsored tricks, the Bottomless Ron-Trap!" Fred exclaimed.

"Bottomless Ron-Trap? Come now dear twin, surely we can up with a better name that that!"

"Well, what's your-" Fred was cut off by a large roar and both twins looked up to see a large black and white tiger falling at them.




Harry shook his right front paw, wincing as something rubbed the wrong way. Both twins were sprawled beneath him, unconscious. Something felt broken, and when he tried to extend his claws pain shot through his leg, but no claws. He glanced around and changed back. He ground his teeth fiercely as the pain exploded in his hand. Obviously his tiger body could handle the pain better. Gripping his wand in his left hand, he tapped it on his right hand and muttered a healing charm. His eyes watered as his bones re-aligned and knitted together. His right hand only throbbed now, and he could flex his hand. He gently took his wand in his right and was relived he could grip it. He made his way towards the goal, noticing the yellow glowing circle.

Just as he was about to reach it, he heard some one behind him. He quickly whirled around, firing off a stunner. His spell collided with Hermione's, resulting it a spectacular explosions of colorful lights as the two opposing spells tried to overcome the other. The spells dissipated and Harry shot Hermione a cocky grin. He had to admit that he was having fun, especially seeing his smart, prim & proper girlfriend standing there, her hair all disarrayed and seeing the frustrated look on her face. He gave her a mock salute with his wand and she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Having fun Hermione?" He asked just before she fired a stunner at him.

"Oh, dear." Albus said mildly as Hermione threw spell after spell at Harry. Harry was dodging them easily and was laughing joyfully. He merely deflected or dodged them, smiling as he did so. Hermione's spells were getting more and more aggressive, and Harry kept laughing joyfully, taunting her a bit.

"I think he made her mad." Remus said in shock, watching Harry taunt Hermione. As she dodged a mild hex Harry sent her way (his first aggressive move), he zapped her with stinging hex on her backside. Hermione let out a yelp and rubbed her butt, glaring at Harry who grinned lecherously at her.

"Atta boy, Harry!" Tonks cheered as Snape grumbled. Inuyasha snorted and shook his head.

"Hentai, pup." He said, and smirked.

"But it was such a tempting target." Harry said, grinning. He couldn't seem to take this seriously, dueling with Hermione. It was just too much fun! Hermione shouted something he couldn't make out, followed by a hex. Harry laughed as he moved forward and to the right, dodging the hex. He moved in front of Hermione and blocked her wand from pointing at him with his own.

"Miss me?" Harry teased. Hermione glared at him, her cheeks going red.

"This is a test, Harry James Potter! Take it seriously!" she snapped. Harry laughed.

"That's my Hermie." Harry said. He suddenly leaned forward and kissed Hermione hard and then jerked back. He dodged another hex as Hermione screamed at him. He laughed happily, thinking she looked really beautiful when she got angry.

"Sorry Hermione, but I gotta get to that circle." Harry said. He waved his wand like he was circling a whip. "Turbas Somnus Unda!"

A pulse of blue light shot out fifteen feet from Harry. Hermione put up a shield but was shocked when the pulse went through. Her eyes snapped closed as she fell asleep. Harry quickly cast a cushioning charm behind Hermione as she fell to the floor, sleeping gently. Grinning to himself, Harry casually strolled over to the yellow circle and sat down inside in the only inside of it. A bell gently rang and Harry chuckled as letters appeared in the air proclaiming him the winner.

"Bravo, Harry, bravo!" Dumbledore said, clapping his hands as they made their way to him. Behind him was Remus, Tonks, Snape, Inuyasha, and the twins. Moody came thumping out from the fog and was followed by Professor McGonagall, the Polyjuice Potion wearing off as she walked.

"Thanks Professor, it was fun." Harry said. Dumbledore laughed.

"I see you took my advice about trying to enjoy the duels. It does upset one's foe if you laugh as they try to kill you." Dumbledore commented. Everyone but Snape laughed. "Now, after we revive Ms. Granger, we shall give you our opinions of your performance."

"Um, can some one cast a calming charm on her before hand?" Harry asked. He was ignored as Dumbledore waved his at Hermione, canceling the charm. Her eyes snapped open and she shot to her feet. She looked around at everyone grinning at her. When she spotted harry, she stormed over to him. Harry smiled sheepishly and swallowed. Hermione got right in front of him blocking his view of everyone else. Harry swallowed again as she glared at him.

"Um...I love you?" Harry squeaked. Hermione's eyes narrowed, and Harry closed his eyes with a sigh.

"Just don't make it too painful of a hex, Hermie." Harry said. But instead of a hex she flung her arms around him and kissed him soundly. Harry's eyes flew wide in surprise as everyone laughed.

"What you just took was a version of Auror's combat proficiency exam, Harry." Dumbledore explained. They were sitting in chairs the room had provided and everyone was about to give Harry their grades on his exam. "Of course we left numerous things out and changed quite a bit but the general point was there."

Dumbledore began to tick things off with his fingers.

"Dueling someone you thought was close to you, traversing an unknown location, dealing with unknown number of assailants, and even an ambush setting."

"Brilliant way to get out of that pit, by the way." Tonks said, grinning. Harry laughed.

"Indeed, and since Ms. Tonks has spoken up first, she will start us off. Nymphadora?" Dumbledore said, gesturing to and leaning back in his chair, stroking his beard. Tonks nodded and produced a piece of parchment from her robes.

"Well. I thought how you approached the entire situation was brilliant. I was concerned when you closed your eyes but when I understood what you were doing I was very impressed. Full marks, Harry!" Tonks exclaimed. Harry grinned to himself.

"Remus, you're next." Dumbledore urged. Remus nodded and took out his own notes.

"As you know Harry, I was pretending to be Mad-Eye. I have to agree with Tonks, I was also a bit alarmed when you closed your eyes, but I was also impressed when I saw you react. The Animagus transformations, were VERY impressive." Harry grinned and Professor McGonagall's surprised face. "Full marks, from me as well Harry."

"Severus." Dumbledore prodded. The Potions Master smoothed his robes and dug out his own notes. Harry mentally groaned.

"I thought closing your eyes to focus your other sense was fool hardy. You need to be able to use that ability without purposefully blinding yourself." Snape stated. Harry blinked. "You're use of the spell to hide yourself from Moody and your animagus form to intimidate and confuse your opponents was also done well. However, you rushed headlong into the Weasley's trap and you taunted your final opposition to your goal. Time ill spent in a duel taunting your opponents can give them more time to find a way to defeat you. Therefore, if I were to grade this as in a class room I would bare award you an Acceptable. I do believe you'll make a half-decent Auror." Snape declared haughtily Everyone was quiet, but Harry didn't know if it was in shock at Snape's honesty, or the fact the potion master had actually given Harry a compliment.


"You have more work to do, and you didn't use your sword wastefully because it wasn't needed. You also need to work on your stamina more. You were panting as you rested in the circle." The hanyou stated, and then glared at Dumbledore. Dumbledore chuckled and shook his head.

"Thank you everyone, now, if I might have word with Harry in private?" Dumbledore asked. The others nodded and rose to leave, except Inuyasha and Hermione.

"I had expected you two would stay." Dumbledore said with a chuckle. The hanyou huffed and put his hands up his sleeves.

"Why does my grade have to be discussed in private, Professor?" Harry asked.

"Because, harry, I believe its time I explained to you how Voldemort was able to survive that night you reflect the killing curse back at him." Dumbledore stated. Hermione gasped and Harry sucked in a breath.

"How, how did he do it Professor?" Harry asked eagerly. Dumbledore smiled.

"Harry have you ever heard of soul binding?"

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