Disclaimer: Beware! Tears may follow! Just kidding, I could never induce sobs with my work, blah. Okay so Tolkien inspiration and plus he owns all of this except for the storyline and narrator. Yay! The third in my wee series and avery dark, sad poem. It is on a storyline I've been wanting to make. Anyway girl falls in marshes, saved by Aragorn, falls for Aragorn but love not returned. Lady Shalott-esque perhaps? I've actually just come to that revelation. That's my favorite legend of the whole Authurian saga--oh poor Lady Elaine of Shalott--okay! I must stop rambling! Read, review (if you want, but it should please me oh so much if you do), and Enjoy!

To Be Forgotten

You had awakened me,
From the deepest and darkest,
Of dreamless slumbers.
I slipped into the waters,
Breathed in their venom,
Felt my lungs fill with their poison and starve;
Had you not saved me, I fear the consequences dire.
When my eyes opened for,
What seemed like the first in a thousand years,
I saw only your face, cradled in light,
And I believed heaven was no more a myth.
If ever I had a dreamt a dream so fine,
It made no match to your likeness.
My king,
I pledged my loyalty and heart to you,
But it is my heart that breaks,
To see that yours is for another.
King, my dearest king, I cannot go on,
My strength is weakened and my bravery hides,
And my love,
My sweet love that shan't be returned ever,
It is alone and dies; becoming black and still,
As the water you saved me from.
I fought for you; I lived for you;
And now, I will die for you.
Kiss my lips at my funeral for a sweet, final farewell,
And light my corpse with a fire so hot,
That I will never be tempted to return.
Lay my bones in the waters,
Where you found me,
And permit me rest; permit me peace.
For in the waters of the dead marshes,
I belong with all the others who mourn for their losses,
My king, lay me with those to be forgotten.