AN: This story is set in an AU, and is told in first person from different peoples perspectives, depending on the chapter. Haley is dating Lucas and Nathan is currently 'between girlfriends'. Lucas is still unpopular, but does play for the Tree Hill Ravens. Peyton is Haley's best friend. Oh yeah, and Lucas lives with Dan and Deb because Karen moved to Italy when he was five. I think that's all you need to know, and it will basically explain itself as he story develops. Hope you enjoy!


A Day in the Life of Ordinary


I don't know what it is about the first day back at school that makes you make an effort. I mean, you're only going to see the same deluded freaks as last year, and the people that are worth making an effort for you see during the holidays anyway. So I don't know what it is, but I found myself making an effort for the first day back at Tree Hill High, as a junior. My auburn hair was straightened and glossy, and I had pale green eye shadow and mascara surrounding my hazel brown eyes and a slick of pale pink lip gloss to finish off the look. I'd also made an effort in the wardrobe department; yes me, Haley Louise James, normally to be seen in a checked shirt and denim pants. I was wearing a dark green vest top and a floaty black skirt, that had cost me half of my wages at 'Karen's', but I looked good.

Which is why I'm not particularly amused that my boyfriend, Lucas Scott has failed to notice the effort I've put in this morning. Kind attentive Luke is more bothered about his new car, a present of 'daddy', and so naturally Luke hates it, and boy does he want me to know about it.

"It's just another way to control me Haley," he's saying, while driving me to school. I have the usual butterfly's that are natural on the first day of school, and am trying to concentrate on other things, like what Luke is saying.

"You didn't have to accept it," I say bravely. And it is brave, because where Lucas is concerned; the subject of his father is sensitive.

"What? Haley, it's a Cherokee, do you know how many guys would kill for this car? I'm not cutting my nose off to spite my face". I roll my eyes at my boyfriend but can't help the small smile spreading across my face. Luke and his father Dan are as stubborn as each other, add Luke's younger and more evil half-brother Nathan to the mix and I always wondered why Deb Scott even bothered to get up in the mornings.

"Are you nervous?" I ask, trying for a change of topic. Lucas raises one eyebrow at me and smiles.

"Why would I be nervous?" he answers me with a question.

"Well, because it's the first day of school"

"Haley, everyone who is important to me I've seen over the holidays, and the only one's I'm dreading are Nathan and his motley crew, and I have to share the house with them anyway". The car park of Tree Hill High stretches out in front of us, and I wonder what this year will bring for me and my friends.

"We're here," Luke pointed out uselessly.

"I see that," I say, remembering how much I hate the jocks and the cheerleaders and the whole high school hierarchy. Luke opens the door for me and I step out, grabbing his hand and refusing to let go.

"Haley James!" comes a cheerful voice from across the parking lot. I look up to see my best friend Peyton Sawyer emerging from her new red mustang and running towards me and Luke.

"Hey Peyton!" I cry, wrapping my arms around her gangly frame and taking in her bouncy blonde hair and green eyes. As usual, she's dressed in jeans and a band Tee.

"You look nice," she says, eyeing me suspiciously. I tap her shoulder in jest and pretend to look hurt.

"Are you trying to say that I don't always?"

"Basically". I push her again and we break out into giggles. Lucas rolls his eyes at us before coming towards me and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"I have to go see Whitey," he says, gesturing towards the gym block. I nod gravely and kiss him back. The thing is, Lucas is technically a jock, he plays basketball and he's damn good, oh yeah, and he's gorgeous. But he's just far too sensible for that kind of life style. You know, the whole partying, drinking and beautiful girls who are free and loose?

"Bye Luke," Peyton yells after him, turning towards me with a wicked smile. "So, have you done it yet?" she ask. I whack her with my folder as we walk towards the entrance.

"If by 'done it' you mean practiced sexual intercourse, then no. Not since last time you asked which was yesterday afternoon". Peyton rolls her eyes at me and scuffs her trainers off the floor.

"I don't get you James; I mean Luke is way hot. There are a million girls wanting to get into his CK's and you're just passing up the opportunity!"

"Luke isn't like that. He's never pressured me; he's too sweet for that"

"Yeah, how the hell he and Nate are from the same gene pool I'll never know. When we dated Nate was always saying that I didn't love him if I didn't do it with him"

"Yeah, but Nathan Scott is from the Dan Scott school of evil. Luke dropped out"

"True". We reach the entrance doors and stop, turning outwards, both of us not wanting to enter the college for fear that we would be shot dead by the Tree Hill elite. Payton had it particularly bad, being an ex-cheerleader and all. The only friend who still wanted to know her was Brooke Davis, head cheerleader and goddess.

"Do you ever regret it?" I ask suddenly, just out of thin air. Peyton looks at me in confusion.

"Regret what?" she asks, looking around for a familiar face.

"Losing it. With Nathan Scott". Peyton looks down at her shoes for a moment, obviously deep in thought.

"I don't know Haley. I mean, for all his faults and stuff, and the fact that he was a crap boyfriend, he was pretty hot"

"Peyton, that is not a reason to lose your virginity!" I gasp, showing just how naïve and immature I am.

"Yeah I guess not. But it means that when I do have sex with someone I really care about, I won't ruin it by being all nervous and stuff. And Nathan was pretty good"

"Must be all the practice," I say darkly, causing a loud guffaw from behind me.

"Is that Haley James being all cynical and bitchy?" laughs Brooke Davis, joining our little duo, making it a trio.

"Hey Brooke," Peyton greets Brooke with a hug.

"So girls, how was your summer?" Brooke asks, pulling her tiny back pack up with a perfectly manicured hand. Unlike me and Peyton, Brooke didn't have to spend all summer working at Karen's, Luke's mom's restaurant, now owned by Nathan's mum Deb. Her fantastically rich parents took her to the bahama's, and she now has a beautiful golden glow to show everyone just how perfect she is.

"Worky," Peyton replied and I held back on the naturally tutor response of 'worky' not actually being a word that was working its way into my mouth.

"We had to slave at Karen's," I agree, trying to smile about it. I'd actually really enjoyed it, but I wasn't about to admit that.

"So people, what lesson have you got first?" she asks, addressing the question at both me and Peyton.

"Algebra," Peyton groans, "because first thing on the morning, I really want to have to focus on numbers and rules". We laugh a little at this. Brooke turns to me, flashing her trademark white smile.

"What about you James?"

"American Lit." I say shrugging.

"Me too!" Brooke squeals, pulling me into a hug. I smile a little, a lot more uncomfortable about this little exchange than I care to admit. The truth is that it's no secret Brooke has the hots for Lucas, and so her being so nice to me makes it a lot harder for me to think she's a bitch, because basically, she isn't.

"We'll have to sit together," she instructs me, pulling out of the hug.

"What about your friends?" I ask, smoothing out my vest.

"They don't take American Lit." she says flippantly, gesturing with her hand as if brushing it off. I nod.

"God, can you believe we're juniors now?" Brooke yells, causing a few people to stare. I feel my cheeks flush up and stare at the floor. The thing is, I've never been big on attention. In other words, I hate doing anything that will bring any sort of scrutiny from other people onto me. That's why I've always been so happy to stay in the background.

Brooke suddenly grabs my hand and yanks me towards the door. "Lets go to class!"

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