Drysi is a strong mare, I assured myself, she'll get through this.

Gawain beckoned Drysi to push while Arthur and Lucan remained nearby. I tried to come closer, but Arthur just patted my snout reassuringly. "No worry, boy, she'll be all right."

Drysi neighed painfully, breaking my heart. Such a price it was to love a mare as beautiful as she. Push, love, I insisted, it'll be over soon.

Everything happened so fast after that, the filly was born, wrapped in an odd bundle at first, but when Drysi cleaned her all was well. Oy! The light!

My ears flicked—I knew that voice. All's well, little one, Drysi assured with a gentle neigh, you're in need of learning to stand.

I was permitted closer. Don't push her, love.

The little one snapped at Drysi. "My," Gawain laughed, wiping sweat from her face, "she's a temper!"

Arthur chuckled and Lucan smiled brightly. "Like Brig."

"Aye," Arthur nodded, "like Brig."

"It'd be a nice name for her…" Gawain agreed, "somethin' to remember in that name."

Brigid I said, sniffing my offspring, that name's a fitting one.

"Leave 'em be." Gawain sighed, standing. "They'll want some time alone."

The humans left the stall, leaving my family and I be. The little filly's dark ginger ears twitched. I'm cold—and hungry!

Brigid I repeated with a chuckle, welcome back.

Oh, a happy ending after all! I know, it's so sappy, but I felt I had to do it or I may depress some of you. I hope you enjoyed this wee story and I appreciate all the feedback from you guys! I 3 you, because you made this story possible.