I finished RE:4 a few days ago, so this story is about my favorite character, who looks scarily like me, Luis Sera. There are a few spoilers. This is going to be short, but if the reviews are good, I'll do a second chapter.


" What had I done? " Luis asked himself, " I'm just as responsible for this as any of them, I knew, but yet I contiued my research.......". Luis let out a long sigh as he looked through his binoculars at the village of people. They looked so normal, so peaceful, that is, before THEY came, using these poor people as their test subjects. Just thinking about the things he had done was hard to believe. How could he? Why? The questions would have torn his mind apart had he not remembered he had a mission. To get the samples as far away from Saddler and those THINGS as he could. Luis left his perch on top of the barn, he'd get the sample of the las plagas out of here, he thought to himself. " I'll have to get it to Leon, and that girl." Luis had known of a cure for what was happening to them, but he'd have to go back to the spot he left it, and by now, it would be crowded with las plagas, los ganados, all forms of hell.

He began to pick up his pace as he traveled along the paths his grandfather showed him as a child. " Ah, mi abuelo, he was a good man". Luis began to remenisce about his grandfather. The things they'd done together, showing him how to fish, teaching him the woods, he practically gave hiim a survival guide. The sound of screams and an axe flying past his head brought him out of his daydreaming. He quickly spun around with his Red9 in hand and shot all three ganados in the feet, it almost made him laugh until he saw more coming. Luis had been running for what seemed an eternity, until he came about an old shed, he decided this would be as good a place as any to hideout. The sun was beggining to set, it was peaceful, almost calming, but he was in a living hell, almost anything could be considered "calming".

Luis had dozed off for about 3 hours, when he awoke, the sun had already set, and the door had burst open. " Not quite the wake up call I wanted" He laughed to himself as he began to walk down the steps with a large board in hand. At glance it looked like Leon, but right now he saw flames outside the window, so there wasn't much time to be a good judge. He yelled to leon and tossed the board to him. As usual, Luis cut the business straight to the small talk. " Ah, I see the President equiped his daughter with...ballistics." And as usual, the pick-up lines didn't turn out so well, these uptight women. "Oh well", Luis said to himself as he whipped out his Red9 and made sure Ashley was upstairs, safe. He nodded to Leon, " Ok, it's game time".