Alright, the final chapter ( unless you people want more from me, and why would you? ) of my Luis fic, this is it, his demise. R&R please!

The moonlight hit the castle, making seem so peaceful. For being such a maniac, Salazar did have a very nice establishment. Luis had no time to see the beauty of the moon, he had to get the sample to Leon. Luis dashed across the open walkway, arrows flying past his head, he was already running out of ammo, and the 'things' still hadn't ceased. He stopped every now and then to make a stand to weaken their numbers, but it was almost hopeless. " Dios Mio, they just don't stop! " Luis yelled as he shot another one in thehead. He was used to killing these things, but the monks were no ganados, they didn't DIE. For every head that burst, it seemed a more dangerous creature took its place.

After the endless running, the endless killing, Luis finally found a safe place, a small storeroom inside the castle. He remained silent and still as he heard them run past the door. He breathed a sigh of releif, knowing they wouldn't be back for a while. Luis remembered something of fear though, being hunted in the forest like an animal-


Luis had left Ada, whom he knew would heal soon enough, but that act of kindness would do little to cease their pursuit of him. They were heartless. It was twilight, the sun beggining to set over the water, the soothing sound of the ocean only adding to the serenity. Luis almost forgot about all of his troubles. " It truly is a thing of beauty, even though I never had time to enjoy it ". Luis thought to himself, he knew that Krauser would still be following him, so he began to pick up the pace, his gun in his hand. He walked all over the island until he looked he could see a small boathouse in the distace, he ran to it, but he ensed that something wasn't right. It was almost too late that he felt the heat of the laser-sight on him, he barely managed to escape the arrow. Krauser's laugh could be heard in the distance.

Luis ran to the boathouse, and looked in glee at the boat, a full tank and all. Luis was in a state of bliss until he saw that there was no key, in the passenger seat was note from Krauser. the note read: " I'll bet you're looking for the key right? If you must know, I'm the one who has it. Don't worry about finding me, I'm already looking for you ". Luis knew that he would have to get that key from him. He knew of how good a killer Krauser was, he had seen him training in one of Krauser's facilities, his skills almost unmatched, his spedd unimaginable, he was a tactical genious. Luis found a kevlar vest and put it on as he left the cabin.

Almost as soon as he left the house he was being shot at, thank God for kevlar. Luis felt a bullet hit his chest as he dove back in the door. " Damn! For being prtective, you think this wouldn't hurt like hell! " Cursed Luis as he took it off, knowing it would only slow him down. He waited until the fire ceased, and the dashed out of the door and into the woods, he knew it would make him a less easy target. Krauser watched him as he ran into the thick brush and let out a laugh as he began to follow.

It was midnight, well at least according to Luis' watch, and Krauser was relentless, he had layed complex traps out in the woods, it was a living Hell. Luis needed that key. After an hour of planning, Luis decided that he would have to make a trade, at least losing the sample wasn't as bad as being dead. Luis stepped out of his foxhole and yelled out to Krauser, " Krauser, if you give me the key, I'll give you your sample, saave "? Almost imediately Krauser jumped out, and sheathed his knife, " That might be arrangeable ". Krauser took off his hat and pulled the key out of it. Luis followed suit by taking out the sample and holding it up. They had made the exchange, but Krauser, with a smile, pulled out his knife and drove it into Luis' side. " You didn't seriously think I'd let you live did you? " Asked Krauser with a smile, Luis smiled back as he pulled his gun to Krauser's head in a flash. " Actually, I didn't, that's why I put a few peices of bark on the inside of my vest. Doesn't life suck? " Luis said with a smirk as he pulled the trigger, the bullet passing through Krauser's head.

Luis took the sample from Krasuer's body and ran to the boat. He dashed in and plugged the key into the boat. The boat started up and he rode into the night for the island.

(end flashback)

Luis got back up and dashed out the door and down the hall. He had come upon Leon and Ashley, ready to give them the sample. " Leon I... ' Luis paused as he searched himself for the sample, " Oh SHIT! I must have dropped it when I was running away from them. I have to go back and get it ". Luis toook off to the room he was just in, the sample lying there, he couldn't help but feel like he was being followed, but there was no time to look, he had to get the sample to Leon, and the medicine.

Luis ran down the hall and saw Leon enter a room, he chased after him as fast as he could. He burst in smiling to Leon, he was happy that he'd finally made amends for himself, he would get out, start anew, and maybe find a way to help the world. " Leon, I've got it-" Luis said, but his happiness was cut short, his LIFE at that. He felt a sharp poke in his back, and the eventually the most horrible pain in his entire life. The blood trickled down his body, he had no idea what to do next, he was dead, for all he knew. He tried his hardest to hold on to the sample, but to no avail, it still fell. He then felt himself fall to the ground, it was all but ejoyable to look up at Saddler, smiling that wicked smile of his, and Leon scream in vain. Leon ran to him, Luis knew he was a goner, Leon did too, but he didn't want to lose his freind.

He had very little time to say anything to Leon, but he handed him the medicine and said what he could about his past. " Leon...I...was a researcher. He found what I was up to ". And with that, Luis felt himself slip away, his very life flashing before hs eyes. As the last breathe left his body, Luis wondered one thing, " I wonder if women have ballistics in heaven "?

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