A Leap Of Faith- Andy's POV

I've never been more confused in my life. Even after everything that's happened with Les, I can't help but feel drawn to him. The scary part is, I don't think it's all because of the girls. Les and I have known each other for what feels like a lifetime, and my head knows that that doesn't change the fact that he hit me, but my heart doesn't seem to get that. My head's screaming, "Andy, No! It's not safe!" while my heart's screaming, "Take a chance!" I usually follow my head, but now, I don't know what to do. Maybe Lu can help me.

I walk to her office, and the butterflies in my stomach grow to bats as I knock on her door. "Lu, it's Andy. Can I come in?" I ask her quietly. "Sure." she replies from inside. I turn the doorknob and enter her office shakily. "What's up?" she asks as she comes over to me. "It's Les." I answer as I fight the wave of tears that could fall any minute.

"Andy, did he..?" Lu starts, but her voice trails off. I shake my head, silently telling her that it isn't what she's thinking. "No, no, we're fine, it's just..." "What is it, Andy?" Lu prompts. "What's goin' on?"

I sigh because I have no idea how to begin. "Should I take Les back?" I ask finally.