Andy's POV

It's good to be in Les 's arms again. It's almost as if the past is beginning to melt away. He squeezes me tighter as he says, "I'm sorry, Andy. I made a huge mistake that night. I don't know what I was thinking." "It's ok, Les." I tell him softly. "I forgive you. We were both angry that night, and neither of us could've seen what was coming even if we'd tried." Suddenly, I feel something wet hit my shoulder, and as I lean back, I notice that Les is crying.

"Oh, Les, I understand." I tell him gently as I wrap my arms around him again. "It's ok now, I promise." On impulse, I reach up and wipe a few of his tears away. "How can I make it up to you, Andy?" he asks, his voice cracking a little as his tears keep falling. "Help us be a family again, Les." I answer as I wipe a few more tears away. He offers me a smile, so I know I've cheered him up, but the tears keep falling, so I say, "How bout taking us to lunch in Rittenhouse Square? I'm patien't free for awhile, so we can tell the girls the good news together."

His tears stop abruptly, and he smiles, then nods. "Where should we go?" he asks. "The girls love Mimi's Italian Eatery." I answer. "Oh, yeah, I remember that place." he tells me. "Isn't it right there by Rittenhouse Hospital?" I nod, and suddenly, we hear soft music drifting through the house. I glance over at Lu and smile, knowing that she must've found the remote for Les's stereo. "May I have this dance?" Les asks. I nod, smiling as he stands up. I take his extended hand, and we glide around the living room to the soft sounds of "Tonight, I Celebrate My Love For You". Les and I have always loved that song, although neither of us can ever remember who sings it.

When the song ends, we move apart slowly. There's a pause, and Les breaks the silence. "Should we go get the girls?" he asks me. "Sure, let's go." I answer as we head out the door. "Thanks for the help." I call to Lu, glancing over my shoulder as Les walks out in front of me. "Anytime." Lu calls back as I follow Les to my car. She closes the door behind us and hails a taxi back to the hospital. Les opens the passenger door for me, and I hand him my keys as I get in and buckle up.

Then, he walks around to the driver's side, gets in, buckles up, and starts the engine. We ride back to my place enveloped in a comfortable silence. When we get there, he opens both our doors with the button on my key ring, hands me my keys, and walks me up to the house as he closes the doors. I turn my key in the lock, and Les follows me inside. "Girls, we're home!" he calls. "Daddy!" Lizzy and Jessie cry happily as they run down the stairs. "Hey!" Les says, scooping Lizzy into his arms and squeezing Jessie's shoulder as he bends down.

"Daddy's taking us to dinner at Mimi's." I tell them with a smile. "We've got something we wanna tell you." "Well, what're we waiting for?" Lizzy asks excitedly. "Let's go!" Jessie, Les, and I laugh at this. "Ok." we agree in unison as we head out the door.