It Was Hope

It Was Hope

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon in any way shape or form. BTW, this takes place in 01 when the team split and Kari gets sick. This is just what I think was going on in TK's head.

My brother needs to know what friendship means.

I guess that's why he decided to leave us.

Our team split when we needed each other the most.

But I'm glad you stayed in our group.

With me.

Maybe you just wanted to be with your brother

But did you also want to be with me?

What brought us together?

Was it my hope?

As we were walking in the desert,

I could hear you caughing.

You told Gatomon you were alright,

But I knew something was wrong.

You collapsed and when we turned around

We found you laying on the ground.

Tai was very hurt and thought we shouldn't have brought you.

But I'm glad you came with us.

You laid on the bench with sweat brimming across your face.

You looked so pale, so sick.

I could remember looking down at you with tears in my eyes.

Wishing there was something I could do.

But I was too young and helpless.

What could I have done anyway?

We found a large house

Strange that it had no food or medicine.

Your brother and Izzy went to find something to make you feel better.

I wanted to go with them.

I wanted to help.

But Tai told me to stay with you.

I told him I'd do my best.

I wanted to brave for once.

I was scared and weak when I first came to the digiworld.

I cried a lot.

Then I met you.

You were brave

When I was a coward.

You were strong

When I was weak.

You gave yourself to Myotismon

While I watched Angemon lose his power

When he fought Devimon.

I'll never get over that.

Something told me to look out he window

I saw two evil digimon coming right for us.

I reacted quickly and told Sora that we had to leave.

When Tai came the house was destroyed.

But we made it.

My hope wouldn't let anything happen to you.

We were all together again.

Until MachineDramon attacked us

And we were falling down to what seemed was our deaths.

When I awoke, I saw you laying down, still asleep.

I wasn't hurt and I was glad you weren't either.

Patamon went to look for Sora and Gatomon stayed with us.

You were tired and still weak and I decided to let you wake up on your own.

If you were going to sleep, I thought I'd at least try to make you comfortable

So I took off my backpack and served it as a pillow for your head.

I sat there and looked at you, unable to take my eyes off you.

Even sick, you were still a pretty girl.

I found myself smiling.

Was it my hope that brought us here?

I know I hoped that the 8th child was someone my size.

But I didn't hope that it was a pretty girl.

Not that I'm complaining or anything.

I'm just surprised.

I got more than I hoped for.

Minutes went by and maybe even hours.

I talked to Gatomon about how long humans can sleep.

I hear you sigh and then you finally open your eyes.

I greet you with a big smile.

"Hit the snooze button, one more time. Please?" you said to me.

Wasn't exactly the greeting I hoped for but it will do.

We looked for the others and we found them. We beat the dark masters and we finally got to come home.

What brought us here? How did we get this far? How did we win?

There's only thing that it could have been. It was my hope.

The End