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Chapter 7: Penance

Robin turned over in his bed, trying hard to fall asleep. But even though he continued refusing to acknowledge it, he knew he would never be able to sleep tonight. Beast Boy had tried to kill himself. The thought echoed around in his mind. How much of that had been his fault?

'I know you have trouble controlling your powers…'

'You told him?'

'I didn't.'

'You promised. You lied to me. You lied.'

All he had done was figure out she didn't control her powers and when he mentioned it, she had fled. He hadn't known she had made Beast Boy promise. He had felt sick to his stomach watching her run away, Beast Boy trying desperately to catch up to her. He rolled over in his bed. Why hadn't he chased after her? He could have explained it. Beast Boy had tried to catch up to her, why didn't he? Why hadn't he told the titans to find her? It was his fault she had fled in the first place…

And then Slade had found her. Robin's hands balled into fists, clenching his bed sheets so tightly that his knuckles turned almost as white as the sheets they held. She had gone to him… because she didn't trust them. He scowled, staring at the ceiling.

How long had she been with him, how long had he had to warp her brain? And then he had sent her back and given her the perfect opportunity to help them, just so she could betray them. He should have seen through it. He should have known Slade was going to try this sooner or later, but he didn't.

And then she had turned on them… she had let the Slade bots into the tower. But she hadn't helped them. She had taken Beast Boy out of the tower to avoid the battle completely. If Slade had wanted to destroy the Titans, he would have told her to join the attack. Robin held no illusions of them succeeding when if Terra had been there to take them completely by surprise.

So why didn't she obey Slade? Had she still had some good inside of her? Was it only because she had feelings for Beast Boy? She could have warned them, she could have stopped Slade in the cold by simply refusing, but she hadn't; she had stabbed them in the back. Beast Boy still hadn't told them what had happened when he was with her, except that she had been with Slade.

Why hadn't they tried to find her and bring her back? The Titans had been just as angry at him when he had betrayed them, and he had been forced into it. Had she been so different? She had learned to control her powers from him. She should have known he was evil that he was going to use her that he was their enemy, but he had seen what sort of chaos she could cause when she wasn't in control. She had nearly collapsed that diamond mine on their heads. And he couldn't help but wonder if she had caused things like that to happen before, maybe even worse. Had she stayed with the Titans she could have learned to control her powers safely, but she had fled. She hadn't trusted them.

Instead Slade trained her, and then used her. He had turned her into his apprentice. And she had nearly destroyed the Titans. When she came back, she had tried to do it again. It was only then that they tried to save her. Why had it taken so long? When he had been taken, they had searched for him for hours, scoured the city, not stopping to rest until they were on the verge of collapse. And he had attacked them, and he had been forced to betray him.

So what was so different about Terra? Why had he waited for her to attack them, again, until finally saying they should try to give her a chance to come back? They should have done the same thing they had done for him, they should have been out there searching for her. He should have told the other Titans to do it. She had been good, what she had done in the end had proved that. When she was being controlled, when she had fought back, she was no different than him. Slade had controlled them both; he had manipulated both of them, he had taken measures to prevent them from rebelling against him, him by holding the Titans hostage or by using machines to control her.

Robin rolled over uneasily, flinching as he felt pressure on the new wound. 'She betrayed us rememb…' Beast Boy had changed into a dog and bitten him in the shoulder because he had even tried to say that. Robin rubbed his shoulder, what would he do if someone else had claimed he had betrayed the Titans? Trying to think of what he would do, what he would say, but nothing came.

'Then we'll discuss his membership on the team.'

Those words sickened him. He didn't even know how he could have said them at this point. He could remember when they discussed his membership after he had become Red X. He couldn't do that to Beast Boy, not now, not after everything that had happened, and for what? Because he had been so worn down by grief and by the complete loss of hope that he had tried to hurt himself? This wasn't the time to push him away; this was the time to help him through, where he hadn't before.

Robin sat up in bed, twisted over the side and got up. He knew exactly what he had to do, and staying in his room wasn't it. He wouldn't be able to sleep tonight, not without seeing Beast Boy first.


Beast Boy touched his shoulder lightly, staring at it in the darkness. He couldn't see it, but he could still feel it. His fingers were wet. He couldn't have just been imagining this… she had been here… she had been… Beast Boy lay back on the cot, rolling over on his side. Even if she had been here, she wasn't here now.

Why had this all happened anyway?

'Because she's not your friend. She's my apprentice.'

Was it because Terra betrayed them?

'You said you'd be my friend no matter what, remember?'

Or was it because he betrayed her?

'Slade was right. You don't have any friends.'

He still felt that feeling in his stomach, a numb, gnawing sensation. It was the same sensation he felt in the House of Mirrors, and it hadn't left him since then. He had hated her then. How could she have possibly asked him that, after betraying all his friends? He still felt sick when he thought about it.

But… he couldn't just hate her. Even after that, he couldn't deny he had feelings for her. If he didn't feel anything, it wouldn't hurt, right? He touched his shoulder again, his sleeve was drying, or it simply wasn't as wet, he didn't know. He lifted his hand in front of him for a moment, trying to see the tears he had pulled away but it was hopeless.

His arm fell limply onto his chest. Maybe he had been the one crying? Maybe it was sweat. He didn't know at this point, and all it was doing was making his head hurt more and more, and everything seemed hot, and he just felt so tired, but he couldn't fall back asleep.

"Terra…" He murmured, closing his eyes. He could see her, like she was right in front of him.

"You all right man?"

Beast Boy opened his eyes to the darkened room, rolling over to find Cyborg still sitting on the chair, "How did you know I was awake?"

"You usually sleep on your chest."


Cyborg stood and walked over to him, placing his cold metal hand on Beast Boy's forehead, "Ah, man, you're burning up… one second, I'll get a cold compress."

Beast Boy laid back on the cot, watching Cyborg wet a rag then squeeze out most of the water before walking back over. "Here, this'll make you feel a lot better." He said, placing it back on Beast Boy's forehead. Beast Boy nodded weakly, not saying anything.

Cyborg sat down in the chair next to him, keeping a careful eye on him. He really didn't want to believe Beast Boy had done what he had done. It wasn't him.


"Yeah? You need something BB?"

"I…" Beast Boy frowned, looking away from his best friend, "nothing… never mind…"

"What is it BB? You can tell me."

Beast Boy gnawed on his lip, trying to think of what to say and how to say it before finally turning back to Cyborg, "Is this all my fault?"

Cyborg's head moved back as if he was trying to dodge a physical blow, "What? What are you talking about?"

"Is this all my fault, what happened here, what happened before…"

"BB, it's not your fault, you're upset."

"It's not that…" Beast Boy bowed his head, "I was the one who pushed Terra away…"

Cyborg winced, this again. Beast Boy couldn't let it go, even if it was a mistake, even if he was too angry at that moment to realize what he was doing because of what she had done, it didn't matter. "You can't keep doing this to yourself, BB, it's not healthy."

Beast Boy looked over at him, his eyes watering, "But…"

Cyborg's voice hardened, "No. No buts, doctors orders." Beast Boy nodded weakly and Cyborg forced a smile, "Now please, Beast Boy, try to get some…"

The door opened, the automatic whirl interrupting Cyborg as he looked to see who was there. Light shadowed him, leaving Cyborg blinded for a moment as he stared at the silhouette, but Robin became visible as he entered, the door closing behind him.

"Robin? What are you doing here?" Cyborg asked, looking at him for a moment longer before sending a quick glance to Beast Boy.

Robin bit his lip, "I'm here about what happened tonight."

There was silence, almost palpable, as the words settled in. Cyborg frowned, "Can't it wait? It's almost two AM."

Robin's face curled into a grimace, "It could, but it shouldn't."

"Man, he's really not up to it." Cyborg argued, looking to Beast Boy, "He's sick, he should be resting."

Robin nodded but towards Beast Boy, "I just need to know one thing."

Cyborg moved into his path, "I really don't think…"

Robin looked at Cyborg, his obscured eyes still managing to meet Cyborg's. There was a pause, and Robin placed a hand down on Cyborg's shoulder, "Only one thing."

Cyborg bit his lip, unsure; he looked back at Beast Boy. He hadn't said a word; he was lying there helpless, head turned away from both of them. He might already be asleep. "I don't…"

"One thing, that's all Cyborg."

Cyborg frowned, "Just one?"

"Just one."

Cyborg hesitated, taking a last look at Beast Boy, "Fine, but just the one."

Robin nodded, deftly maneuvering around Cyborg and walking to Beast Boy's cot. Robin looked at him, taking in his teammate. He was disheveled, his hair was matted and a wet compress was on his head. Beast Boy's eyes were barely open, and Robin wasn't sure he would even consciously hear him at this point. Robin frowned, looking briefly to Cyborg who was watching him carefully waiting for him to talk or leave.

Robin nodded briefly, kneeling down in front of Beast Boy.

"Are you awake?"

Beast Boy nodded, shutting his eyes unwilling to look at Robin after what had happened.

"Beast Boy… I need to ask you something. It's very important, do you think you'll be able to answer me?"

Beast Boy's nodded numbly.

Robin paused, watching Beast Boy for a moment before finally lowering his head.

"Beast Boy, I'm sorry about what I said about Terra. Please… will you forgive me?"

Beast Boy's eyes shot open and he stared at Robin in the darkness, "Wha… what?"

"Please, Beast Boy, I shouldn't have said it and… I'm sorry."

Beast Boy stared in shock, even after biting him… Robin was apologizing to him. Beast Boy swallowed hard, his dry throat felt like he had stuffed cotton into it. "But you said…"

Robin shook his head, "It doesn't matter. I was wrong. If I hadn't said anything about her powers, she never would have left. She never would have been found by Slade, and none of this would have every happened."

"But she was with Slade…"

"When I was with Slade it was the worst thing that ever happened to me, and I was with Slade for under a week. Terra might have been with him for months. We don't know what he did to her and I can't blame her for what she did. We never tried to find her, not until it was too late."

Cyborg watched Robin in silence, and then nodded in agreement, "He's right BB."

Beast Boy turned around and looked at Cyborg beginning to smile as his eyes watered, "Yeah…"

Robin forced an awkward smile, "Does that mean…"

Beast Boy gave him a toothy grin, "Yeah."

Robin nodded, putting a hand on Beast Boy's shoulder and standing. He turned to Cyborg, "I can stay here tonight, right?"

Cyborg smiled widely, "Of course man, I'll grab..."

The door slid open with a mechanical whirr and all eyes found Raven at the doorway, looking inside, silhouetted by the lights in the hall. "Raven?" Robin asked, in confusion, blinking rapidly to adjust to the sudden burst of light.

She looked at him in as much surprise, but then regained her composure, looking at him dourly before turning her attention to Beast Boy. A silence reined, as Raven swept inside the room, a bitter cold following in her wake. She walked past Cyborg, who raised a hand in protest only to suddenly grab his shoulders for warmth. Robin frowned and took a step between her and Beast Boy. "Raven, what are you doing here?"

Raven scowled, "I could ask the same of you."

"I…" His expression softened and he looked back to Beast Boy, "…came here to apologize…"

Raven stopped, looking to Beast Boy, before turning back to Robin, "Was there any other reason?"

Robin frowned; she certainly hadn't forgotten his questioning Beast Boy's reliability as a member of the team. "No, and there's no need for anything else. What are you doing up so late Raven?"

"S-sorry to interrupt, but did it suddenly get cold in here?" Cyborg asked, teeth chattering.

Raven turned back, looking at Cyborg for a moment, before turning back to Robin, "It's hard to explain, but I have something for Beast Boy." Robin raised an eyebrow, but moved out of her way, feeling a sudden rush of cold as she passed.

Raven stood over Beast Boy, looking down at him as a numbing cold surrounded him, causing him to cover himself more. She withdrew the mirror from under her cloak, handing it to him, "Beast Boy take this."

Beast Boy's eyes went wide, staring at the mirror and then looking at Raven in disbelief. "You want me to take your mirror?"

Cyborg frowned, "Raven, your mirror was shattered… I don't think it'd be a good idea to give it to him, he could cut himself by accident or…"

Beast Boy blinked, squinting to see in the darkness, "Its not broken."

Cyborg blinked, looking at her in surprise, "What? Raven, you fixed it?"

"Wait, what's that, I think I see something…" Beast Boy reached out and took the mirror, holding it closer.

"I didn't fix it." Raven replied, watching as Beast Boy slowly moved the mirror in front of him, trying to find the best angle. And then he stopped, his back stiffening and he slowly turned to Raven, his eyes watering, his face between shock and joy. "Terra did."

"Terra? She fixed it? When?"

"When it was first broken. She was the one who fixed the mirror in the first place, otherwise Beast Boy would never have gotten into my mind and saved my life." Cyborg and Robin just stared at her, unable to form a response, Raven ignored them, continuing to watch Beast Boy as his eyes wandered back to the mirror, cold tears running down his face.

"Raven…" Beast Boy leapt from the bed in a sudden burst and embraced Raven, squeezing her tightly. "Thank you so much… I can't…"

She grimaced slightly, but then patted him on the back. "Take it, keep it, it's worthless to me right now, and I can make another." Beast Boy's grip loosened and she freed herself, shepherding him back to the bed.

"Raven, what's going on?" Robin finally asked, unsure what to make out Beast Boy's sudden outburst.

"Look in the mirror Robin, you'll understand." Raven replied, taking a few steps back. Robin frowned, walking to Beast Boy's bedside. The mirror was free of cracks, a slight glint making it look almost as if it was a sheet of ice casting the reflection rather than of glass. And then he saw it, a bit of peach colored skin, an arm wrapped around Beast Boy's shoulder. He took a closer look, edging forward to see someone's hand as well, and a small scrap of blonde hair hanging down loosely.

Robin's mouth slowly fell open in realization, "Terra… she's here, I can see her."

Cyborg gawked at him, "What? For real?" Robin nodded and Cyborg joined him at Beast Boy's side staring into the mirror, "No way…"

Raven watched Beast Boy look into the mirror for what seemed like an eternity. The others were staring into the mirror as well, although the initial shock had long ago worn off, their faces were still fixated on it, and Terra. She slowly, silently moved to their side and motioned for them to leave, which they did, leaving Beast Boy alone with Terra.

Beast Boy lay there, looking into the mirror. He no longer felt that constant pain, that tearing in his stomach. "Terra… I'm sorry about what happened." He finally murmured, turning to look up at her even though he couldn't see her. There was a brief shift, and a wind hit the mirror causing it to fog. 'It's all right' was quickly scribbled out. Beast Boy smiled, but another brisk wind struck the mirror, erasing Terra's message, only to be replaced a moment later. 'Sleep' Beast Boy looked back again, into the darkness where he knew Terra was. "You're sure? I'm…" He paused, frowning, he knew he was tired, but he didn't want to leave her, he didn't want her to leave him either. "Are you going to be here in the morning?" The wind didn't change, but Beast Boy looked back to the mirror to see the word 'Yes' etched into the haze. Beast Boy wiped the fog away, taking a last look at Terra, "Good night Terra." He said, and finally lay down to rest, peacefully for the first time since she had gone, knowing her arms were wrapped around him.

Author's Note: Well, this is the finale of From Stone, it may not look like it, but I've tied up all the loose ends that I felt needed to be tied up. I'll leave the feeling of well being at the end dictate your thoughts as to the future of the Titans for this one. I hope you enjoyed, and I'm sorry it took so long!