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Yugi POV:

Grandpa gave you to me, so I suppose I should use you. I know he was trying to ease my loneliness, but I doubt anything could do that. Your probably laughing and wondering how could a hikari be lonely, right? That I have the other half of my soul. Well that would be nice if the other half of my soul even acknowledged I live. That sounds harsh but it's true. About six month ago Malik returned, seems he had two reasons. The first being they found a way to give the yamis their own bodies, we all thought it was wonderful. So Atemu (yeah he doesn't go by the name "Yami" anymore, something about it not being regal enough, go figure.) and Bakura now have their own bodies. After that was done Atemu and I both entered another competition, he won thus securing the title of Game King solely to himself, and has used it to his every advantage. Touring, commercials, endorsements, anything and everything he could cash in on, he also hired someone really good at that. So he was never around, or even in town though when he was he hardly ever stayed here, though we kept a room for him. It had been the guest room, and I suppose it still is if you think about it. When I say he doesn't stay here I mean that, he uses his fame and looks for that too, I doubt he has spent two nights in a row with the same person. But that is his choice and his life. So now I haven't seen him in just over five months. Oh, I was going to say the other reason Malik came back. He couldn't get Ryou out of his head it seems, and Ryou felt the same way. So those two have been together ever since. Jou is off with Mai all the time; I don't think I even want to know! Honda is still chasing girls left and right, I think he wishes he could go with Atemu, if for no other reason than to pick up his leavings, which is very sad in my opinion. And as for Bakura, he has stuck around. He stayed with Ryou, uses the spare bedroom, goes to school and helps with the bills. Ryou asked him why he didn't take off and he told him because he might still need him. Funny isn't it, the one we all thought would run at the first chance didn't but the one we thought would stick around took off, have to love irony. I guess what Bakura had been trying to tell us all along was right. I think I have filled enough pages for now. Grandpa was actually right; it feels good to get this off my chest.

Closing the book Yugi turned off his desk lap and lay down in bed quickly falling asleep.

Bakura's POV:

I lay in my bed listening to the giggles and screams as those two chase each other through the house. Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry about it, actually I have a smile on my face hearing it. Ryou is so happy with Malik, he lives with us now. I doubt any two could be better suited. I can't believe sometimes that I have had my own body for six months now; I still sometimes prick myself with a needle just to make sure its real. Ryou had the idea that we celebrate my birthday on the day I got my body since I couldn't even remember the season I was born in. I hear less screams and more laughter, I think it's about time for a walk, give them a bit of privacy. Yeah I'm happy for them but that doesn't mean I want to hear them going at it all the time. I grabbed my leather trench coat and headed for the door. Passing the living room I stopped seeing Ryou had pinned Malik to the floor so I cleared my throat to get their attention. Ryou looked up quickly and blushed.

"I'm sorry 'Kura! Were we bothering you?" Malik actually blushed as well. I smirked at them.

"No little lights you were not. I just felt like getting some air."

"Oh! Hey 'Kura, there is supposed to be a storm tonight, a bad one, it's already cloudy out. So the roads might not be safe." I nodded at Malik.

"Our bikes all safe?"

"Yeah, I checked the roof after we worked on it, didn't find any leaks."

"Okay, well I am just going to enjoy the storm. So different." They knew what I meant, how I love storms but hey, you grow up in an arid desert and see how you react.

"Alright but do you have your cell, just in case?"

"Yes mother Ryou." I laughed and he blushed. "Phone, keys and even my wallet. Now you too have your fun, I'll be back later!" With that I turned and headed out the door taking a deep breath of the humid air. Yeah, going to be a big storm.

I walked around for hours, not really going anywhere, just going. I eventually reach the shopping district, most of the places were closed, some had even taken precautions for the coming storm, plywood over large windows and such. I saw the Kame Game Shop coming into view and was shocked to see the lights on in the living area. I was shocked because Malik and I were going to buy some cards today but the door had a sign saying they were closed for a convention. Just figured Yugi would have gone with, but then I remembered he has school as well. Not that long ago I would have cringed being this close to that place, knowing the pharaoh lived there, but it isn't really a problem anymore, at least I hope not. I had heard that not a full week after having his own body, when he beat Yugi in the tournament, he took back his title as king of games and is now milking it for all its worth. Figures, he always was an arrogant bastard, but no, no one believe the tomb robber. I chuckle darkly, guess they found out. That was the time my luck finally ran out, the sky opened and the storm unleashed its fury. Suddenly I couldn't see two feet in front of myself with the onslaught, and I was a thirty-minute walk away from home, bloody great. Glancing around I noticed that there was nowhere to hide out this storm. All the shops had closed because of it and the winds were quickly picking up. I glance back across the street to where I know the game shop is, well I needed out of the rain so I could only hope it was Yugi home instead of the baka pharaoh. Running across the street, I didn't bother looking for traffic, not that I would have been able to see it anyway, I made it to the main entrance for the house and banged loudly hoping he would hear me. Seemed to take forever before I heard the locks being opened on the door. I was just about to the point of picking them too. The door opened hesitantly and I heard the unmistakable voice of Yugi, thank Ra!

"Hello? Can I help you??.. Bakura! Your soaked! Get in here!" I couldn't help but smirk at the little light, talk about noticing and stating the obvious! "What happened? Oh your wearing leather, we have to get that dry!" I chuckled.

"Well I went for a walk, it started raining. And yes it would be nice, also be nice to warm up a bit myself." I watched him blush faintly.

"Okay, how about leaving your shoes here." He pointed to a cubby. "Give me your jacket to clean up, I have some stuff for it. The shower is upstairs, I will get you some dry clothes, I think I have some that will fit you." He turned dashing up the stairs with my jacket. I trailed along behind at a leisurely pace, dripping as I went. Wasn't hard to find the bathroom since there was only two doors open on the second floor and from one I could hear Yugi mumbling about finding clothes. I walked into the bathroom closing the door behind me but not locking it so that Yugi could bring the clothes in. I began to peel the wet clothing from my body thankful for the coming hot shower while admiring my well muscled yet trim body in the full length bathroom mirror. I reached in around the curtain and turned the water on before standing back up to wait for it to warm. The door opened, surprising me as Yugi walked into the room, obviously thinking I was already in.

"Okay Kura, I found some sweats and a shirt but I couldn't find any box… ers…" He stood there gaping, the only parts of his body actually moving were his eyes as they roved over my body in a very stunned but appreciative way. I turned so that I faced him, giving him a second to take it all in before I took the couple steps closing the gap between us. Very slowly I took one finger and gently lifted his jaw, closing his mouth and then taking the clothing out of his hands.

"Thanks." I winked at him before turning and putting the clothes on the counter. As I was about to step in the shower he finally recovered enough to talk, at least somewhat but I had to wonder if blushing that hard hurt.

"Ummm, I will, ummm d-dry your clothes. And… and dinner w-will be ready in umm twenty minutes or so." He reached down scooping up my wet clothes and just about ran from the room. I chuckled a bit as I climbed in the shower, poor kid. The hot water felt incredible against my skin, exactly what I needed to warm me up. I heard the door open and close once more and chuckled wondering what he wanted. As soon as I warmed up I turned the water off and stepped out, definitely surprised when I found out why he had come in. Sitting next to the clothes he gave me earlier was a steaming mug of cocoa, the kids was just too nice, I guess its a hikari thing. I dressed quickly chuckling again about him being worried over a lack of boxers, I tend not to wear them anyways. Seem like a pretty useless step, I mean we didn't have them back in ancient Egypt and everyone was just fine. I picked up the mug and sipped it slowly, felt good to be warming my insides now as well, you know I could get used to this kind of treatment! I walked downstairs with the mug in one hand and towel drying my hair with the other. I found Yugi in the kitchen stirring a pot.

"So what are you making?" He jumped about two feet straight up.

"Bakura! I didn't hear you come in!" I arched an eyebrow at him while he blushed. "Oh yeah, thief thing huh?" I nodded.

"So is it a secret?"



"Oh! Sorry! Its spaghetti, I hope that is okay?" I sat down at the kitchen table and used both hands to towel my hair.

"Yeah, that's fine." Not like I'm going to complain at a free meal!

"Your clothes should be dry fairly soon." I smirked up at him.

"Is that a hint I should leave?" He looked so shocked.

"NO! No, I didn't mean that at all! I just… I just didn't know if those are comfy for you or not. I mean the storm is pretty bad outside, no one is supposed to be out in it."

"The clothes are fine, don't worry about it." He walked over behind me and I could feel his eyes on me. "Something wrong?"

"Bakura, when was the last time you brushed out your hair?" I stopped toweling it to think, when was the last time.

"I think when Ryou and Malik pinned me down before some family member showed up or something."

"When was that?" I thought again.

"Last month I think." He made this odd horror struck face.

"I'll be right back!" With that said he dashed out of the room, I hope to Ra he isn't planning to brush my hair! Last time it bloody hurt! He came back in carrying a comb, brush and bottle of something.

"Dinner will be about five more minutes so we can at least get started." I turned to look at him and growled slightly.

"It took both of them and most a bottle of Jim Beam before they held me down for that torture, what makes you think you can do it?!"

"Torture?" He looked so confused. "I'm not going to hurt you, just brush out your hair."


"Oh, well it won't hurt, I promise." I couldn't help laughing.

"Sure it won't." He thought for a second.

"Okay, how is this deal, you let me brush out your hair, if I hurt you in any way you view as torture then you can hurt me back." I couldn't believe that!

"Are you nuts?!" He shook his head no. I snickered. "Okay, its your doctor bill!" I leaned back and braced myself for the pain. He started spraying this stuff on my hair then using a small comb and his fingers started working the knots at the bottom out first. Aside from a few mild tugs it didn't hurt, I was truly shocked. "What is that stuff?"

"What stuff?"

"The stuff you keep spraying in my hair."

"Oh! That is just leave in conditioner, it helps the hair release the knots, also helps heal hair."

"Hnn, someone needs to tell Ryou and Malik about that stuff!" Yugi giggled behind me before he left to stir the pot.

"Well dinner is ready, shall we eat and then finish your hair afterwards?"

"Sounds good to me."

Yugi actually wasn't a bad cook, but I guess with as much time as he probably spends alone he would have to learn to cook or starve. He even made this really good cheesy garlic bread, have to tell Ryou to get the recipe.

"Is it okay?" I stopped before shoveling another spoonful into my mouth.

"Naw, I'm just eating it all so I don't have to look at it." His face fell. "Damn Yugi, learn sarcasm! Its great, don't worry. You can ask Ryou, if it isn't good I won't hesitate to say so." I smirked as he smiled and we both went back to eating. Two more helpings for me later we were done.

"I'll clear the table if you want to go find something on tv or a movie? Then I can work on your hair again."

"Sure." I wandered off into the living room and found the remote. Didn't take long to figure out nothing was on tv so I started looking through their DVDs. I grabbed the movie Signs and put it in the player, Yugi walking into the room shortly after with two sodas.

"Find something?"

"Yeah, a movie."

"Okay." He climbed on one end of the couch while I sat on the other as the movie started. "Signs?!"

"Yeah, its pretty good."

"I know… just… kind of ummm."

"Don't tell me it scares you?!" Yugi blushed a shade of red to put Ryou to shame.

"Not really scared, it just… startles me." I couldn't help chuckling.

"Well if it scares you that bad you can crawl onto my lap." I stretched out taking a bit over half the couch while he curled into a ball glancing between me and the movie. It wasn't long before we were both lost into the movie though as the aliens started to show up Yugi unconsciously moved towards me, I didn't notice until I suddenly felt someone against my side clutching my shirt. I glanced down at him and it was all I could do not to laugh, he looked terrified! I almost regretted picking the movie… almost. But this was entertaining. The most shocking part was coming up and just as Mel Gibson was about to see the alien in the closet the power went out.

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