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Bakura's POV:

I think Malik and Ryou went somewhere besides grocery shopping. I know my hikari can take awhile but it has been four fucking hours. Alright, three hours fucking and one hour with a passed out Yugi on my lap.

"We're back!"

I could hear the banging as they maneuvered the bags inside. I could be nice and get up to help them but what fun would that be?

I settled instead on letting them know I heard their entrance.

"Did you get more beer!"

Ryou looked into the living room, scowling.

"So glad to see you as well, why no Bakura, we don't need help so why don't you just keep your ass parked. And yes I got your beer!"

I grinned wickedly up at him.

"Great, and since you have it under control I will stay here. Damn comfortable."

Ryou stormed from the room, making me chuckle as he continued to mumble incoherently under his breath.

I looked back down at the bundle in my lap, death grip on my shirt as he slept. Guess I really wore him out.

"Damn Kura, you try to screw him to death?"

I couldn't help smirking at Malik's comment as he pulled Ryou into his lap.

"We only went for three hours." I grinned as both their jaws fell. "Guess he just wasn't ready for that."

"Kura! Most people aren't."

I shrugged, looking down as the ball in my lap slowly uncurled, large, sleepy violet eyes blinking up at me.

"Feeling better?"

"Mhmm, much."

"Good," I smirked as his stomach growled. "time to eat?"

Lunch was a simple affair of sandwiches and chips. Afterwards we watched a few movies, played a couple hands of poker that they gave up after I won the fifth hand in a row, and they even managed to talk me into playing a couple board games with them. It's hard when three hikaris turn on those eyes! But I do understand now why they call them 'bored' games, I certainly was, especially since Ryou wouldn't let me play banker.

By the end of the night I was carrying an already unconscious Yugi to my bed. Stripping him down didn't even get me more than a few mumbles so I figured letting him sleep would be a good idea as he snuggled to my chest. It only took a few minutes of running my fingers through his soft hair before I was out as well.

The sun shining in my eyes woke me up, Yugi still smiling as he slept peacefully.

Last night he had made plans with Ryou and Malik to go shopping, I had learned after the first and last time to never go shopping with those two! They would be gone all day but that was fine, I had other things to take care of.

I gave Yugi's forehead a quick kiss after slipping on my clothes, grabbing my trench and heading out the door.

The morning was crisp, birds singing and shit.

I put my sunglasses on, heading by a small café for some coffee to go, it was way to early not to have caffeine.

It didn't take long until my first stop of the day came into view and I was not surprised to find the locks on the front as old and useless as the ones in back.

After slipping in and locking the doors behind myself, I hopped up on the counter, enjoying my coffee while waiting. The store was supposed to open in thirty minutes so I knew I didn't have to wait long, after all, what good shop keeper doesn't make certain their store is tidy before opening?

Sure enough a heavy set of foot steps started to come down the stairs, a hand flicking on the lights as I reclined on the counter, smirking into the shocked and scared face of the old guy before speaking too sweetly, I love doing this to people.

"Good morning old man."

"B-Bakura! What are you doing here?"

If it didn't show so clearly on his face then his voice would have definitely given away his fear to me.

"What? I can't come have a nice heart to heart with my boyfriend's grandfather?"

"Not if that 'heart to heart' consists of cutting mine out."

I chuckled darkly as I leaned down, resting my elbows on my knees, letting my crimson glare burn into the old man.

"Now that isn't a very nice thing to say."

The old guy seemed to finally be getting past his shock and was trying to build up some kind of bluster for courage, this should be amusing.

"Look, I don't know what kind of game your playing with my Yugi but I wish you would just cut him loose now. He will hurt enough already, find some other way to get your revenge on Atemu."

Now this was trying my patience, so instead I steeled my face into a look of boredom.

"And why the hell would this have anything to do with Atemu?"

"Your hatred of him has never been a secret."

"I see. So I am only dating Yugi to get revenge on Atemu, to hurt him?" The old man nodded. "But if that was the case then why would I bother spending time with him? Letting the whole school know? Or even saving his ass from a gang bang? I'm certain finding out his little hikari lost his virginity to a bunch of bullies in a dirty alley rather than to him would have stung a hell of a lot more."

Solomon seemed to consider this a moment, gee, you think I made a valid point old guy?

"But Yugi falling for you would be a huge swing at his pride. Just answer me this, did you plan it?"

"Plan what?"

I knew what he meant, but it was more fun to watch the old man have to say it.

"The attempted rape, you saving him, this little way of protecting him you came up with. Was this all part of your latest plan to get back at Atemu?"

"I couldn't give a shit about Atemu at this point. He has already regained his title and reputation, the second is one even I wouldn't be proud of. Ryou made me read this book once, all these diseases you can get from sex, I figure he'll die slow and painful even without my help." Solomon actually looked shocked. "Now, as much fun as it is talking about that idiot killing himself, that isn't what I'm here about."

"Oh? Here to rub in my face what you have been getting my grandson to do? The innocence you have stolen."

I chuckled darkly, this amount of amusement was worth waking up early for.

"Sounds fun, but no. I came to tell you to get your head out of your ass, old man."

Solomon's mouth opened and closed several times in shock as he sputtered to find something to say.

"You… I… my home…"

Sighing heavily, I continued, if I wanted to play charades or some other idiot game I would have done it at home, so now blunt was a good option.

"Look, I lost all my family when I was a kid, I know how hard it is not having them and how much family means. You and Yugi only have each other, are you willing to do this to yourself, and more importantly to him?"

"I…. I just worry about him."

"Kicking him out is a hell of a way to show it."

"This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't stuck your nose in his life."

"No, it wouldn't but then I don't particularly like to think about what would have happened if I hadn't come along that day." Pinching the bridge of my nose in an attempt to stave off a headache, I continued what I came to say. "I don't give a shit if you like me or not, we're not dating, but I am not giving Yugi up just because you don't trust me. I'm not saying you have to welcome me with open arms but try to keep the hostility a little lower?"

Mr. Mouto looked thoughtful.

"A truce then, is that what you're suggesting?"

"Sure, that works," I couldn't help the devilish smirk that crossed his face as I hopped off the counter, this went better than I thought it would. "because it's hell getting a piece of ass from him when he's all upset like that."

Solomon's face went back into that shocked look before you could see the anger rising, of course by then I was already at the door, unlocking and opening it. I wasn't going to miss a chance to get that fish on dry land effect out of him.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have mayhem to cause and a whole city to cause it in."

The bells tinkled as the door closed, and I couldn't help giving a fanged smile to a kid that was about to enter the game shop with his mother.

Some time later I was with several of my lackeys, playing pool after a quick stop by the local mall to 'renew funds'.

"So how are things going with your little bitch, Bakura?"

I gave him a smirk that was wicked enough to say all that needed to be said as the other three guys chuckled darkly.

"Anything left of the little shrimp by now?"

"Oh, there's plenty left for anytime I want it."

More snickers.

"Well judging from the party it seems he wouldn't say no even if he was bleeding to death."

"You fag boys going to hog the fucking table all day or what?"

The feral grin that came on my face as I sized the two larger men up with would turn anyone's blood to ice.

"What are your pansy asses going to do about it if we do?"

"Look kid, your asking to get hurt. Just go home and fuck your little boyfriend and we'll pretend this never happened."

"Don't worry, I'll be doing that later." The other three in my group began to gather behind me, all wearing slightly more than demented grins as a few of the two guys buddies came over. "Would you like to call some more friends? I wouldn't want my fun ended too quickly."

"Alright you little shit head, I've had enough of your mouth. Your daddy obviously didn't spank you enough growing up so you have to learn this lesson the hard way."

"Then stop talking shit and looking so fucking scared. You want a piece of me, come get it, I'll even give you a free swing."

I could hear them snickering behind me as they moved back and gave me room, picking who they wanted to fight out of the other group as the man facing off against me puffed up as if he had won already. Idiot.

"Alright kid, this is going to hurt you a hell of a lot more than me so I'll be sure to take you down with the first punch."

I licked my lips in anticipation, watching the guy's body language as the bartender started to secure anything breakable. This was a regular hangout for my group so a fight wasn't unusual and we paid for any damages, plus some.

The swing was wild, more force than aim and I ducked under it easily, bringing my own fist up and into the man's ribs, grinning at the crunch I heard as several were fractured. This moron actually expected to take me down fighting like this! My opinion of the dip shit and timethe fight would take was shortening considerably.

Standing again, I smirked as my opponent staggered back, grabbing his ribs.

"Awww, does it hurt? I said you got the first swing, never said I would actually let you hit me dip shit."

The other boys took the hint, suddenly lunging and taking the men by surprise as I circled my own prey, watching the fear grow in the man's eyes. It didn't take long for the other men to go down, though I ended up yelling at one of my group for almost damaging the pool table. Blood would never come out of that material and throw my fucking shots off.

"Look kid, I'm not going to keep going easy on you."

"Then shut up and fight." I moved in quickly, ducking down and sweeping the man's feet out from under him, smirking at the scream I got. "Awwww did I hurt you again?"

"Hey Bakura, what's taking you so long? Just finish him off."

"Bakura!" Everyone but myself looked at the bartender, but that didn't stop the man. "Hurry the hell up and you can take two bottle of whiskey with you! Free of charge."

My smirk widened.

"Here that, your only worth two bottle of whiskey." That was enough encouragement though as I picked the guy up, slamming him against the wall and proceeded to pound his abdomen like one would soften meat. Finally I let the near unconscious man slide to the floor, grabbing the two bottles as I passed the bar on the way out.

Less than thirty minutes later we were tossing out the empty bottles, I made sure to keep myself at only a comfortable buzz while Goro and I laughed at the other two as they ran into things.

"Good to see you hadn't changed."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean, Goro?"

He looked immensely nervous under my stare.

"Just that, well you haven't been around the last couple of days and some of the guys have been talking."


"That maybe that little shrimp was softening you."

I couldn't help laughing, that was ridiculous.

"I haven't been around because I've been busy. Very busy."

Goro got the hint and chuckled.

"I figured as much. So you going to be able to keep your dick out of him long enough to cause some trouble with us like usual?"

"As if I would give that up." I grabbed my crotch, shifting some still rather uncomfortable body parts there. "Only problem is you know how those damned fights effect me."

"Hard as a rock, huh?"

"Getting fucking painful."

I watched him glance around, normally this wasn't too a big problem. I mean hell, find something that at least looked nice, bend them over and problem solved. But now how would that effect things with Yugi… and why the hell was I even asking myself that! Damn. I am getting softer.

"Seems your in luck." I glanced back up, torn from my thoughts and he was yelling before I even followed his gaze. "YUGI! Hey! Shrimp! Over here!"

I watched as Ryou and Malik looked over, both glaring while Yugi looked timid, that is until he saw me and his face lit up. Goro and I leaned back against a tree as they made their way around the pond towards us, the other two idiots weren't too far off, drunk enough that their words were slurring as they tried to pick up a couple girls.

"Kura!" Suddenly I had Yugi jumping into my arms, hugging my neck like he wasn't going to let go, that is until his body pressed against a certain part of mine and caused my hips to buck forward. "Oh!"

Amazing how fast he can blush as Goro chuckled.

"Got something to give you."

"Did you want to head back to the house?"

I held out my hand, Goro handing me a small tube of lube, I swear he always has some on him, he just might be more sex crazed than I am.

"No, I don't plan to wait that long."

I held onto his pert ass, giving it a squeeze while slipping through the bushes.

"Bakura! Bring Yugi back!"

I could hear Malik curse and knew Goro was keeping them back.

"He will when he's done, the man has needs and it's the little bitch's job to take care of them."

"You called us over just so Bakura could fuck Yugi in the bushes!"

"Shut the fuck up! We're busy back here."

Yugi was giving me those big purple eyes of his turned on full force, filled with fear.

"But we could get caught."

"Goro will make certain we aren't bothered."

I began to attack his jaw with kisses.

"You've been drinking…"

I could feel him pushing at my shoulders and that was not improving my mood.

"Yeah, so? Now stop being a little bitch and get your pants down."

"Kura?" His voice was trembling but his hands started to work at getting his belts off as I moved back to attacking his neck. Nipping harder as my hands slid under his shirt, tweaking both nipples at once as he gasped and arched into my touch. Now that was more like it! "Your certain Goro can do that?"

"Positive, now just relax! I'm hard as a fucking rock here and it's getting painful."

There was that mischievous smile before slim hips bucked up against mine, jerking a sudden gasp from my throat.

"Dammit Yugi." My fingers felt numb and inept as I fumbled with my own pants, more than eager to get them off and find relief.

"My boots, I can't get my pants off with them."

I finally sat up, jerking his pants down around his ankles before sliding my own almost to my knees.

"Good enough."


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