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Chapter 01: First Impressions

"Mr. Kaiba, sir," a voice said, disturbing Kaiba from his deep thinking. He was seated in the comforts of his executive chair facing the windows that overlooked Domino City in it's full glory under the setting sun when this particular agent of his came.

"Did you find all the information I need?" he asked straightforwardly without turning his chair to face the person he was talking to.

"Yes sir. It has all the details you need and a few side information as well," his agent answered with a hint of pride in his voice.

"Put it in my desk and leave," Kaiba ordered as the agent came forward and put the long folder he was holding earlier along with a disk then left as quickly as he came. After hearing the agent's disappearing footsteps and the door's soft click, Kaiba then turned his chair and picked the folder up from his desk. He began flipping through its content when a photo fell from it down to his desk. He picked it up and criticized the woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes smiling to someone when this photo was taken. Not bad… he thought with a small smile. I'll make sure to make her future life with me a nightmare until she decides to divorce me with no strings attached.

"Dad?! Where the hell are you?!" Rian shouted as she barged angrily inside Kozou Kayama's office. The old man seated behind his desk working away on some papers snapped his head up to see her angry daughter standing from the door. "WE NEED TO TALK!"

"If you want to talk, then please take your seat," Kozou stated in a calm voice even though she almost gave him a heart attack by barging in his study just like that. "What is it?" he asked even though he knew what his daughter wants to talk about.

"I WILL NOT TIE THE KNOT WITH THAT MAN YOU WANT ME TO MARRY!" she exclaimed, emphasizing on every word and condemning the very thought behind it.

"Dear, what are you talking about?" he asked, pretending to play dumb as the anger on his daughter's face reached its limit.

"Don't play dumb as if you don't know what you just did," she said sarcastically as she put both her hands on her hips. "I don't want to marry a total stranger even if he's the son of one of your important business acquaintances!"

"Gozaburo is not just an important business acquaintance, he is my most trusted friend," the old man corrected then took off his eyeglasses. "Even though he passed away a long time ago, may his soul rest in peace," he paused before making the sign of the cross. "I have to keep my promise to marry my future heir to his son as to secure the interests of both our companies. Whether you like it or not, you will have to tie the knot with Seto Kaiba."

"Bullshit!" Rian snapped as her father gave her a look of displeasure.

"I don't allow any obscenities inside this house, young lady! Even if you're already 21, I will sew your mouth shut if I hear any more of your obscenities, do you understand?!" Kozou threatened in a strong voice and Rian knew, by experience that her old man stands true to his words once he says it.

"I'm sorry," she apologized with slight mockery in her voice that earned her a deadly glare from the old man. "BUT… I will not marry that, that… Seto Kaiba, even if he's the son of that important friend of yours!" she huffed indignantly and stomped out her father's study. Kozou just followed her back with sympathetic eyes as he laid his back against the comforts of his executive chair. Suddenly, his eyes closed in total pain, clutching on some of the important documents on his table, crumpling them in the process. Kozou's secretary, a young man of 24 just entered his study after meeting a very angry Rian on the hallway on his way to his old boss's office only to find him in complete pain. He quickly went to the old man's side and helped him out. Kozou pointed a shaky finger into one of the drawers in his desk and his secretary understood what he meant. He quickly opened the drawer and took out a small bottle of medicine. The old man snatched it away from his secretary's hand and took out three tablets then shoved it inside his mouth. The medicine's effect took not more than a minute as Kozou leaned his back tiredly on his chair.

"Sir, I think we should really tell your daughter about your condition," the secretary suggested after Kozou finally relaxed himself.

"Not yet. It isn't the right time," Kozou said and took in some deep breaths. "Not until I see my Rian taken care off by somebody I could really trust. Gozaburo's son to be precise."

"But sir, I know it might sound manipulating but if Miss Rian finds out about your condition, she might change her mind about the arrangement you've made with Gozaburo Kaiba a long time ago," his secretary reasoned out and to him, it sounded really convincing.

"Matt, will it really change her mind if I do so?" he confirmed as Matt, his secretary, nodded his head and it was all the answer he needed. "Very well…"

"What do you think, Mokuba?" Kaiba asked Mokuba, his 16-year-old younger brother as he stood looking out the window of his office.

Seated in one of the two empty chairs in front of his desk was Mokuba, who was looking at the photo that his older brother gave to him. "She's beautiful, no doubt about it," he answered then asked. "Is this the girl you were supposed to marry according to our late father's will?" Kaiba was silent for a long time and to him, it only meant a yes. "So what are you planning to do now?" he asked again as Kaiba turned to face him and took a seat on his executive chair.

"Marry the girl. Drive her crazy," he answered in a defeated voice and leaned both his elbows on his desk interlocking his fingers as well. "I thought that crazy old man couldn't manipulate our lives any longer after he died but he just had to leave a will and pull his strings while he's paying for all his sins in hell," he added sarcastically after resting his forehead in his hands. If I could only go down to hell right now, I will personally kill that bastard with my own two hands and make him die a second death! He thought to himself and it eased his anger somehow.

"Seto Kaiba? You mean the CEO of Kaiba Corporation?" Rian heard Mitori ask from the other line. She held the phone carefully in between her cheek and shoulder as she rummaged around the files in her father's desk. It was late at night and everyone in the house would already be sleeping and she made it sure that nobody saw her as she sneaked inside her father's study.

"You heard that right," she confirmed and received a delighted squeal for an answer. "What are you squealing about, huh? Fixed marriages are so ancient I thought they've already erased it from the book."

"Sorry dear, but this kinds of stuff STILL happens in our day and age," Mitori answered and gave a pleased laugh. "Anyways, aren't you happy that you're actually engaged to the most sought after bachelor in the business world? I mean, this guy is Seto Kaiba and many girls would love to be in your shoes right now," she teased as Rian rolled her eyes in disbelief.

"You know me well enough, Tori. I don't even know what this Seto Kaiba looked like and I just got engaged to him right after I got back from the States," she complained as a particular file caught her interest. "Hold on for a jiff, Tori. I think I found something interesting," she said then picked up a clean long folder among the files from her father's desk. Domino Hospital, she read to herself and flipped through the few papers clipped inside the folder. She read a particular page that made her eyes widen in shock. "T…Tori, I gotta go. Bye," she stammered and quickly put the phone down to its cradle even before Mitori could say a thing. She dashed out of her father's study and ran as fast as she could upstairs towards her father's bedroom. She stopped for a moment after seeing the faint light escaping from underneath the door of Kozou's room and it only meant that her father's still awake. "Dad, what is the meaning of this?" she demanded instantly after she jerked the door open.

A degree holder from Harvard Business School, huh?
Kaiba read silently at his desk at home and scanned for more information on the files that his agent had given him earlier. A degree holder at twenty-one? She's the same age as me then, he thought and continued reading in silence. Mother deceased, no siblings. Father refused to marry again after his wife died in an accident. Lived in the US for five long years and just got back to Japan exactly five days ago, then assumed the position of president of Kayama Group of Companies exactly two days ago. After he finished reading the rest of the folder, he put it down in his desk and picked the photo up in its place. He stared long and hard at the woman in the photo and he had to admit, she is beautiful. The way she smiled to someone when this photo was taken tells him that she knows how to charm her way with people. You're probably another dumb blonde who bought your way to Harvard with your father's money along with that degree of yours, he thought with conviction and flipped the photo off his hands. Kaiba then stood up from his chair and grabbed his coat in one fluid motion. He walked around his desk and headed for the door saying to himself, Let's see what you're really made of. Rian Kayama… my future wife.

"Okay, Rian, you can do this," Rian consoled herself as she looked at her reflection on the mirror. Her eyes were puffy from crying last night after she found out that her father has cancer and that he only has a few days to live. A month will be a miracle… she remembered what her father said to her last night. "Okay then," she began after checking if she looked presentable enough to face her future husband, Seto Kaiba, who probably arrived already at this particular restaurant where her father arranged for them to meet. "Get out there and face your fears. Remember what you promised to daddy last night," she said to herself loud and clear that it actually caught the attention of the other women who were inside the powder room at that time. She quickly gathered her things and put on a pair of blue tinted shades as she walked out of the powder room to get back to the table where her father and Seto Kaiba, probably, were waiting.

"Oh, good. She's here," Kozou said in time when a tall, longhaired blonde woman in blue tinted shades walked up to their table. She took her seat and didn't even bothered to remove her shades as Kaiba observed her profile from the corner of his cold blue eyes. His eyes roamed about her features from the simple cream-colored dress she's wearing to the way she carries herself in particular. Her not-that-actually long blonde hair falls just below her shoulders and she looks… tired? He thought after taking notice of the way her shoulders are almost sagging down.

Rian eyed the stranger seated across from her and took notice of his features carefully lest Seto Kaiba caught her checking him out. He had the coldest blue eyes she has ever seen and the way he carried himself with the white business suit he's wearing told her that he's all that. "Good morning, Mr. Kaiba, I'm Rian Kayama," she managed to say and extended her arm to him for a handshake. The way she introduced herself sounded indifferent and it somehow caught Kaiba by surprise.

"It's good to finally meet you, Rian," he said, emphasizing on how he addressed her by the first name, after taking her hand for a brief handshake. He leaned back on his seat and made it clear to her that he's checking her out. Rian blushed a bit after she noticed the way his eyes roamed about her face but she got back right at him by doing her own exploration of his face as well.

"Well, this is where I'll take my leave," Kozou began as he stood up from his chair. "I'll be heading back to office and leave you both be." With that, he took his leave and walked out of the restaurant with Matt, his secretary, assisting him all the way towards the waiting car outside.

"I'll get straight to the point," Kaiba started in a serious note that caught Rian's utmost attention. "I'm marrying you not because I wanted to but I am forced to yield to my father's last will. Do you understand?"

"Very much," Rian answered in a cool collected tone even though he slightly surprised her by his straightforwardness. "We're very much the same in that we are forced to do what we don't like to do. I know you don't like the idea of getting married to a total stranger and that goes for me as well. Let's make a deal, shall we? Dad told me that Kaiba Corporation would fall to our company's hands IF you refused to marry me because of a certain last will and testament that your late father had entrusted to my father. I, on the other hand, have promised my father after I learned about his condition, that I will agree to tie the knot with you if it's the very last thing that would make him happy."

"I don't need to be reminded again and again about that stupid will that my late father have made," he snapped and gave her a very cold look. "I'm listening to whatever deal you have in your mind as long as it doesn't jeopardize my position in Kaiba Corp. And what do you mean by that very last thing that would make your father happy, huh?"

Her eyes turned to him sadly as what he noticed from underneath her shades. He frowned at her sudden change of mood as Rian opened her mouth to answer him. "My father's dying," she said in a very sad voice as a lone tear escaped from her eye. "I'm agreeing to this arrangement just to make him happy before h…he dies."

"I see," Kaiba said, undaunted by her revelations. "And what about the deal?"

"Simple," she began as she wiped the tear away from her cheek. "Our marriage will only be in paper and I will file for divorce after my father… dies." She found it really hard to say that but she had to for Pete's sake! "How about it, Mr. Kaiba? It's the best way that I could come up with for the both of us."

"Not bad," he said in amusement. "I can see that you actually have a conniving mind of your own by agreeing to marry me and then divorcing me when your father dies. I must admit, you've exceeded my expectations. This way, I can keep Kaiba Corp. in my hands without breaking the final rule my late father have stated in his will. You have my utmost cooperation, Rian."

"The way you say my name seems natural to you," she muttered, crossing her arms on her chest. Why do I get a weird feeling when he's calling me by my first name? She thought.

"You better start calling me by my first name as well," he hinted as she caught her eyes in a strong gaze even though they're hidden behind her tinted shades. Rian quickly looked away as if his cold blue eyes bore through the very ends of her soul.

"Very well," she said then stood up. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Seto." Kaiba also stood up from his seat just in time when Rian did as he held out his hand to her for a handshake.

"And that goes for me as well…"

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