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Secrets Bestowed

Chapter 15: Unmasking the Truth

3 months later:

"Ok, it has been like 3 months already, you have to tell Piper and Paige…You can't lie to them, plus now that you and Paige are all buddy buddy, It would make her really happy." Phoebe tried to knock some sense into her eldest sister.

"Ok, but Piper first and well I'll do it alone but I need you to have Leo like ready to come in and help out a bit in case she tries to blow me up or something."" Prue walked towards Piper's room.


"Um…Piper…do you have a second?" Prue walked in.

"Yeah what's up?" Piper was putting make up on.

"Well I know you haven't really trusted me lately but well…I have a confession…" Piper looked at Katherine/Prue.

"Wait…"Piper started.

" No, I have been putting this off for too long. Piper, it's me Prue." At that Prue changed into her normal form. "I'm back…and alive."

"But…what…does…um…who else knows? Piper stammers.

"Just Pam, Katie, Phoebe, and Leo…I was waiting for you to get over my death…"

"Leo!" Leo orbed in.

"Hello Piper, hello…um Did she tell you…"

"So it is true…oh my god…Prue…" Prue and piper embraced. "You have to tell Paige…"

"That's next on my schedule" Prue broke from the embrace

"I'm coming" Piper linked arms with Prue

"Me to!" Phoebe came from behind the door…what, it's not like I didn't know, Jeese."

"Come on everyone…you too Leo." Prue walked to the Kitchen where Paige was.

"Paige!" phoebe grabbed her younger sister and pulled her into the living room onto a couch. "Sit."

"I don't really have a choice I see. "Paige laughed. "hey Katherine, Hey piper…um what's up?"

"Well…" Phoebe started.

"We would like you to meet our eldest sister Prue." Piper finished. Paige gasphed and fainted.

To be continued

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