It was a few weeks before Quatre was allowed out of out the hospital, only to be found by Cathy, and her sedative. He never had a chance against her, couldn't even fight back as she dragged him away, to continue with her plans.

As the fire alarms sounded, the night became chaotic as the nurses tried frantically to evacuate, the screams and yells grew louder as Trowa noticed that neither Cathy and more importantly Quatre was no where to be seen. He ran back into the burning building, his heart racing with fear. Suddenly he knew what. Who had started the fire, and if he didn't hurry, the events that took place seven years ago, would happen again.

There she was, sitting quietly in the TV room, with Quatre placed on her knees, like a doll. The flames were growing larger around them, threatening to consume them; She saw Trowa and started screaming angrily, a look of insanity had possessed her face.

"Let him go. Cathy," Trowa yelled, at long last finding his voice after years of silence.

"Why? So you two can ride off in to the sunset, on your fucking happy ending, leaving me to dust, after everything I fucking did for you. This is how you repay me? Leaving your little sister for some crippled shit?" She screams. "I wont let you do that. He stays here with me, if I burn, he burns too."

"Like our parents burnt? You never did anything for me; you took my whole life away. I hate you."

His words stun her for a moment, and then anger crosses her face again. "NO! That's not true, you know it's not true, I told you not to talk about that, Shut up! Shut up! I did everything for you. You belong only to me, and I wont let you say those fucking lies SHUT UP!"

"You are the one who lit the match, I saw you." She interrupts him screaming for him to shut up.

"No. No! That's not true, it not true. ITS NOT TRUE!"

Trowa just calmly walked across the room, picking up Quatre out of her arms. Cradling him softly in his arms, then took one last look at his sister being restrained by firemen, her eyes devoured of sanity, still screaming to herself.

Then he exited the ward, carrying his precious bundle, walking out in to the cool night without ever looking back.

...Trowa's P.O.V... Several Months later

It has been a month since Quatre left Applegate, I haven't heard from him since then. I try to kid myself that maybe he has been busy, but I don't succeed. I am so scared that he wont see me, that despite everything, he doesn't love me like I love him, that really despite everything he said, he does hate me because of what Cathy did to him.

I just want to be part of his life; I know I would say anything just to make him happy. That I would do anything just to hold him in my arms again. I have never needed anyone like I need him, never been allowed to love anyone like I love him. Now that he has gone, the loneliness that followed him makes it feel like my heart has been ripped away.

I walk up the driveway towards the huge scary house where he said he lived. Will he even see me?

A maid answer the door, looks me up and down and drawls.
"The mistresses are away on holiday. If you want to leave a phone number, they will phone on their return."
"A-a-actually, I am here to see Q-q-Quatre, D-did he go to?" I stutter, damn nerves.
The maid gives me a really shocked look and then steps back.
"The Master is in his room, I don't know if he will allow you to see him." She says gesturing me inside.

"If you follow that main staircase." She points "and go right to the top, the only room up there is Quatre's room." She mutters before walking off.

The top floor? But this house is huge! Why is Quatre on the top floor? And that maid, doesn't she care why I am here? I could be a murderer or something like that; I start to climb the stairs. What were his sisters doing on holiday, leaving him behind?

Eventually, puffing and panting I reach the top floor. And knock on the only visible door.

"Go away," His voice calls out angrily.

I knock again, and he curses at me as I open the door slowly, half expecting something to be thrown at me.

Nothing could prepare me to see him sprawled across his bed, still in his pyjamas. His puffy red eyes ringed with deep black circles, His hair unwashed and his skin a pale deadly white. He stares at me with horror.

I move over to him, and pick him up, he doesn't try to struggle, He is so light, its also like he will break at my touch, his head lolls on to my shoulder as he starts to cry as I cradle him to my chest.

"I-I am sorry. I didn't think you would come." He whispers. Shaking in my arms, I cradle him tighter as he clings to me.
"What happened to you?" I whisper back
"I didn't want to be alone anymore." He whimpers not daring to look in my eyes.
I don't want to hear anymore, my mind is made up. I pick up him and drag him into the bathroom.
"Trowa, what are you doing?" he squeals as I plonk him into the bath.
"Wash." I order. "I am not taking a smelly boy home with me." He looks at me, his blue eyes glisten with hope.
"Do you really mean that?" he whispers, I smile down at him, lightly kissing him.
"I should have done it the moment I left Applegate."
He breaks away, looking down
"Don't burden yourself with a cripple Trowa." He says abruptly.

I turn the shower on him full blast. Scrubbing at his hair with shampoo. When he looks reasonably cleaner, I strip of his pyjamas and wrap the towel around him. Ignoring his pathetic attempts to push me away.

"Its my choice on who I chose to "burden" myself with." I whisper to him as I redress him. "I love you."

"There is nothing left to love." He says sadly, I hug him tightly.

"As long as there is Quatre, there is something to love." I pause, "I am offering you a choice, you can stay here, forgotten losing yourself all over again. Or you can leave here, preferably with me."

He looks at me with uncertainty laced in his eyes. I worry that I will lose him, and then he closes his eyes, resting in to my shoulder. Burying his face into my neck.

"After all that we have gone through together, you should know I love you Quatre, I hate waking up to each day without you. I hate not seeing your smile, not being able to hold you in my arms. It hurts every day when you are not with me. Please please come with me."

"I will." He whispers fiercely "I will."

The END.


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