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"Aunt Liz?" Mak said sitting on the counter of the Crashdown waiting for customers.


"Since I must pull extra shifts, do you think I could change the uniforms? I mean come on, they've been the same since you worked here," Mak stated looking disgustingly down at the silver apron with a fading alien face.

"You know I would if I could, but it's really not in the budget."

"Well we don't exactly have to get new ones. We could just alter the olds ones," Mak said implying she use her magic to change them.

"No, I don't think so. And for the last time get off the counter. You're worse than your mother," Liz commented and went into the backroom.

Rolled her eyes and jumped off the counter just as Brock Daniels and his football goonies walked into the cafe.

"Well, Well, well, CHelli don't you look mighty fine in your little uniform," Brock said tauntingly.(A/N: Anyone who is not in Mak's family calls her CHelli or Michelle because she doesn't like humans to use her Atarian name)

"Oh, wow, it's little Miss Ballerina. I caught your performance yesterday, very impresive."

"You know I don't know how, but I think you had something to do with it."

"Wow, I didn't think I had anything to do with your after school activities,"Mak said with a smirk.

"Only if you want to be,"Implying something very different and giving his goons high fives.

"Not if you were the last pig on Earth."

"Is that what you were saying Friday night?"

"uMMM...no never. I have a boyfriend. Jimmy Valenti, I know he isn't a jock or anything, but I'm sure he'd beat your ass if he was here," Make said sending Jimmy a telepathic message to get down there.

"Sure, what are you paying him? That's the only way you could get a guy."

"You know what? I was gonna let Jimmy come down here and beat your sorry ass, but now I'm just gonna have to do it myself," Mak said shoving Brock.

"Oh no, I don't want you to break a nail," Brock said in a small voice.

"Oh... that's it," Mak yelled charging at Brock making him fly into a booth.

"You asked for it Bitch," Brock came at Mak and punched at her, but she ducked and jabbed him in the gut. Brock keeled over and Mak was about to sucker punch him when she felt two strong hands pulling her back behind him.

"You know I thought the tutu was lame, but come on dude, losing to a girl is just low,"Jimmy said pulling Brock up by his shirt and punching him in the chest.

"James Timothy Valenti, put him down NOW! And you for leave," Liz yelled coming fromt he back.

At this Brock and his buddies flew out the door and Mak and Jimmy sat in one of the booths.

"Mak what the hell is going on?"Liz yelled at her neice,"I'm gone for five minutes and Jimmy is fightinh with Brock!"

"Uhhh...actually I was fighting with Brock," Mak said without looking at her aunt.


"He came in here talking sh... crap and I just got a little pissed ok."

"And Jimmy..."

"Came after I sent him a message to come down here."

"I pulled her off Brock,"Jimmy added.

"And decided to beat him up?" Liz Questioned.

"No-one talks crap about Mak and gets away with it," Jimmy replied.

"I don't care what he was saying. I don't want fighting in my Cafe. END. OF. STORY. Got it?" Mak and Jimmy nodded in reply.

"I'm gonna call both your parents, Jimmy go home. Mak get back to work," Liz said and walked into her office.

"What was going on Mak?"Jimmy asked.

"Nothing, he was just saying the normal Brock shit. I just have a shorter fuse today," Mak explained to her boyfriend.

"Ok,"Jimmy replied pulling her into a hug and kissing the top of her head.

"I gotta go, but I'll try to swing but later,"He said pulling out of their embrace.

"Ok, talk to you later"

"FIGHTING!" Maria yelled.

"Yea," Mak said quietly.

"Michelle you are already grounded. What should we do MIchael?" She asked turning to her husband.

"Personally, I think we should take her off grounding,"Michael answered.

"What! Why?" Maria said glaring.

"SHe was sticking up for herself."

"I don't want her fighting Michael!"

"I'm not gonna fight again, MOm," Mak interupted.

"You said that last time," Maria said turning to her daughter.

"I got jumped Mom. TOtally not my fault," Mak rmeinded her.

"Mak I'm just to keep you out of trouble, ok. I don't want you to get into a fight and accidently use your powers."

"Mom I do have more control over my powers than Dad does."

"Not when you get mad, you've probably got less control than your father."

"THAT.IS.NOT.TRUE!" Mak yelled at her mother and a pot on the table exploded.

"My point exactly. Clean it up. You're not grounded, but you do have to finish your three weeks. And if you get into another fight no Alien on this world or any other could help you."

Mak nodded and moved to clean up to broken pot.

"You need to stop getting into these fights with your mom," Her father said helping her pick up the broken pieces.

"I try but we're too different."

"No, you're too much alike," Mak gave him a questioning look.

"Think about it. You're both loud, short, annoying, over opinionated," Michael said ticking off the traits with his fingers.

"OK, I got it dad."

"Look, just do what I do, shut up, because she is ALWAYS right."

"She's not always right, she wasn't right on this."

"Makkondra I think she is. You can get alittle out of control. The one bad trait you got from both of us is your temper. You've got two very hot headed parents, one of which, me, has very little control over their powers when they're pissed, and the other, your mom, tkaes control of everything like your Aunt Izzy. Your problem is you got both, which is very scary."

Mak laughed knowing what he said is true. She placed the broke pot of the table and was about to fix it when her father stopped her.

"Don't, it was and ulgy bowl. Max picked it out!"