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Chapter One

Feudal Era:

"I do not!"

"Yes you do!"

"No I don't!"

The voices could be heard for miles, these of course being Inuyasha and Kagome fighting…again. They still wouldn't give it up after several hours. Sango, Miroku and Shippou had tried to break them up earlier but it hadn't worked for very long.

"Yeah right, I know you-"

"I don't need to listen to this!" Kagome began to walk away when Inuyasha stopped her, grabbing her by the arm.

"Wait, you haven't even been her for a day. We haven't done any jewel shard hunting. You're not going anywhere!"

Kagome glared at him and jerked her arm away. "Inuyasha…"

Seeing the fierce look in her eyes Inuyasha backed away, "Uh, Kagome…"

"SIT! SIT! SIT!" She yelled activating the prayer beads that hung around the hanyou's neck.

Inuyasha smashed to the ground with a loud yelp and Kagome stormed away to go home.

Kagome's Time

"Hi guys." Kagome said as she walked through the gates of her school.

"Wow Kagome, you sure got over that hypothermia fast." Her friend Eri said as she walked beside Kagome. Great, hypothermia, Kagome thought.

"But we're glad your back. By the way, there's some new students here at the school, we'll introduce them to you." Yuka said as her and the other two dragged Kagome into the school after them.

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