Uncanny Excalibur

Chapter 1: Roll Call


The Uncanny X-Men

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Dr Strange's Sanctum Sanctorium-

Dr Steven Strange, aka the Sorcerer Supreme Dr Strange, was meditating in his private chambers. That was until his attention was caught by a rather large wave of magical energy emanating from the general direction of Britain.

'By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggarth!' Strange gasped. 'The prophecy of Phyrria was correct. I must assemble heroes before the Dread Lord returns!'

With the initial shock over, Strange prepared himself to project his astral form.

Braddock Manor; London, England-

Brian and Meggan Braddock were sleeping peacefully in their beds. Their baby daughter, Betsy Braddock the Second was snoozing away in her cot beside them.

Meggan woke up with a gasp.

'Brian, wake up!' Meggan said, gently shaking her husband. 'There's somebody here.'

Brian groaned and rubbed his eyes.

'I'm sure it's only the wind, luv.' Brian replied. 'Go back to sleep.'

'It's not the wind.' Meggan said. 'I can sense somebody in the house.'

'Is Betsy alright?' Brian asked concernedly.

'Yeah, she's still snoozing away.' Meggan replied.

Ever since Brian and Baby Betsy had been kidnapped by the insane Jamie Braddock, Brian's older brother, emotions had been running high. The whole ordeal had taken a lot out of the empathic Meggan.

Brian knew better than to dismiss his wife's senses so he got up out of bed and pulled on a robe.

'Meggan, you make sure Betsy's alright, I'm going to check it out.'

'Be careful, luv.' Meggan replied as she carefully lifted Baby Betsy out of her cot and held her close.

Brian nodded in reply and went to investigate whether they had any intruders.

'I apologise for the ungodly hour.'

'What the Hell?' Brian hissed as he turned around. 'Dr Strange, what're you doing here?'

'I regret that we must depart with haste.' Strange replied. 'I will explain once the others have been found.'

'Other, what others?' Brian asked. 'What about Meggan? I can't just leave her with the baby.'

'Your wife is needed too.' Strange replied. 'Do not worry about your daughter, I am placing an enchantment over her, she will be quite safe.'

'Okay, you sound serious so I'm going to trust you on this one.' Brian nodded. 'Never a good night's sleep nowadays.' He muttered under his breath.

Amora's personal quarters, Asgard-

Amora, aka the Asgardian Enchantress, was awoken form her slumber by a strange sensation. She rolled over to check on the state of her latest conquest, he was still unconscious so he couldn't be the one making her feel that way.

'Enchantress, I have urgent need of your talents.'

'Who dares?' Amora hissed. 'Show theeself whelp, so I may flay thee where thou dost stand!'

'I am Dr Steven Strange, we must make haste before the whole universe, Earth and Asgard both are destroyed.'

'I sense that thou art being truthful, Strange.' Amora replied. 'How doth thou needst the Enchantress?'

'If you follow me, all will be made clear.'

Amora waved her hand and her usual green and black robes appeared around herself.

'The Enchantress is ready.'

Strange's astral projection merely nodded and conjured up a stepping disc.

Las Vegas-

Alison Blaire, aka the mutant songstress Dazzler, was in her dressing room after her latest concert.

'Alison Blaire, you are needed.'

'Oh crap, this isn't an X-Thing is it?' Alison groaned. 'I told them I wanted to concentrate on my musical career!'

'The universe is in danger and you are one of the only people that can stop this from happening.'

'And how do I know you're not some obsessed fan trying to kidnap me?' Alison asked sceptically.

'I am Dr Steven Strange and I require your assistance.'

'Ah, so that's why you're all spangly and talking in my head then.' Alison nodded. 'The Vegas gig was dead anyway.'

Strange opened up a stepping disc and Alison stepped in.

The home of Sonic Blue, Cincinnatti-

Spencer Allen Burton, aka Cleveland's very own Sonic Blue, was chilling at home watching TV. That was until a shiver ran down his spine.

'That's weird, I didn't leave the air-conditioning on.' Spencer said to himself as he adjusted his long brown hair back into its usual ponytail and looked around the room.

'Spencer Allen Burton, your assistance is needed.'

Spencer let out a yelp of fear at the sound of the sudden voice and fell off the couch.

'Geez! Who was that?'

'I am Dr Steven Strange, all reality is in danger and I require your help.'

'Not that I'm against this or anything but, why me?' Spencer asked. 'It's not like I've got the power levels of guys like Iron Man or Thor, why not ask them?'

'If we are to prevent the approaching danger, Sonic Blue will be needed, as well as your keen mind.'

'Okay, seems good enough to me.' Spencer shrugged. 'Lead on Doc.'

Strange nodded and conjured up another stepping disc to transport them away.


In the city of Cleveland, the city's local hero was going about his usual business. This hero was Kid Razor. Razor was using his enchanted guitar to allow him to fly through the sky above his city on his search for bad guys that needed beating. Alas, it was a slow day and Kid Razor was about to go home when…

'Robert Redford Parkins, your assistance is needed.'

Razor spun around and saw a spangly blue guy with a beard floating in front if him.

'How do you know the Kid of Rock's real name?' Razor demanded.

'I am Dr Steven Strange, I know all there is to know.'

'If you're so all-powerful, why are you here bothering the Kid of Rock? Why not sort this problem out yourself?' Razor replied. 'The Kid of Rock's awesomeness is needed elsewhere.'

'Wait…' Strange said, stopping Razor from flying away. 'I have recruited several attractive women into my cause…'

'Now that's more like it.' Kid Razor grinned. 'The Kid of Rock loves the ladies and the ladies love the Kid of Rock!'

Strange merely smirked, glad that the ploy had worked and conjured up a stepping disc to take them back home.

Dr Strange's Sanctum Sanctorium-

Dr Strange and Kid Razor stepped through the stepping disc and found them back at Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. As well as Kid Razor and his sometimes teammate Sonic Blue, Brian and Meggan Braddock, the Enchantress and Dazzler, Strange had recruited the villain-turned-hero Molten Man, the Avenger known as Warbird and a bedraggled biker, Danny Ketch.

'I see Strange press-ganged you into this as well.' Spencer, now in his Sonic Blue armour, said as he saw his friend arrive.

'The Kid of Rock loves a party.' Razor replied. 'Now, let's take a look at the ladies…'

Razor cast an eye over the assembled woman in the room.

'Oh great, so we've got the walking hormone bomb in the team.' Warbird snorted. 'This venture's going to be a whole load of fun.'

'You know you love me, sugar.' Razor winked.

Warbird just rolled her eyes and turned away.

'You said that you'd tell us what this is all about once everybody had arrived.' Brian said. 'So why are we all here?'

'And why do you want me here?' Blaze asked. 'My… talents will only cause trouble.'

'I recruited all of you here for a reason.' Strange replied. 'You are all integral parts in defending this reality form a most fearful threat.'

'Don't tell me, it's the stick that's always lodged up Cyclops's ass.' Kid Razor quipped.

A small snicker rose from the assembled heroes but Strange stayed serious.

'This is the threat that you must face…' Strange said as he waved his hands and a yellow disc appeared. Inside the disc was a picture of something that looked like a humanoid head, but covered in flames.

'This is the Dread Lord Dormammu!' Strange said. 'I have managed to prevent him from breaching the barrier between his reality and ours but he has become strong and that is where you come in.'

'Oh great, magic is always so much fun.' Molten Man groaned.

'Doth thou have something personal against magic, mortal?' Enchantress asked.

'I'm a scientist at heart.' Molten Man replied. 'I don't really believe in that stuff.'

'Magic is real, trust me.' Meggan added. 'Take it form somebody that's had experience. Not as much as the Enchantress though…'

'Let's go kick this guy's ass already.' Kid Razor said. 'The Kid of Rock wants to get this show on the road already.'

'I will conjure a stepping disc to get you to your destination.' Strange said. 'But I must warn you, it is a dangerous path ahead…'

'Pff, the Kid of Rock eat danger for breakfast.' Razor snorted.

'I thought you liked Fruit Loops for breakfast.' Sonic Blue replied.


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The team finds themselves in Limbo and must fight hoards of demons if they are to find a way to defeat Dormammu. Guest starring: Amanda Sefton.