A/N: Hey this is my first 'So Little Time' Fanfic. I have and am still doing 'Lizzie McGuire' Fanfics. This chapter isn't really part of the story it's really just an introduction and meet the characters chapter. In my story I've added a new character or two.

Riley- Riley is 18 and just graduated college. She still has Larry following her around she claims that she doesn't like him that way. She gets accepted UCLA. And her and Chloe are still close as ever.

Chloe- Chloe is 18 and just graduated as well. She is dating a guy named Corey, but he goes by Addison well actually Chloe and Riley are the only one's allowed to call him that. She also got accepted to UCLA, and is close with Riley.

Larry- Larry is 18 and he also just graduated. He still loves Riley and him and Cammie broke up Larry's sophomore year. He hasn't decided what he wants to do, well until now. He wants to join the military.

Corey 'Addison'- Corey is 19 and has just ended his freshman year of college. He loves Chloe, and they have been together since he was a junior in High School. He goes to Berkley.

Mr. and Mrs. Carlson- Are together again and they have been for awhile. (A/N: Actually I think that they got back together during the show) They like the idea that Riley and Chloe are going to go to the same school. They weren't happy at first with Chloe and Corey dating.

Manuelo- He still lives with the Carlson's he likes living there. Even though they the Carlson's don't really need him anymore, they do. (A/N: That sentence probably didn't make since) He likes staying there even though Riley and Chloe are going off to school.

Teddie- Still does some modeling here and there, but now she owns her own modeling agency. She's married to a nice guy named Lucas, and they have two kids. Two son's Michael Lucas, 4 years old, and Logan James 2 years old.

Longer Summary-

Riley, Chloe, Larry have graduated from high school. Riley and Chloe are going off to UCLA. Chloe is dating the new guy and Riley hasn't dated much people. Larry decides that he wants to join the Military and when Riley finds out she realizes that she does have feelings for Larry. Will she be able to tell him how she feels? Will he change his mind?

A/N: Sorry The summary isn't that long. I hope it was long enough and sound interesting enough for you to continue to read.