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The night before:

No one's POV:

The Carlson's and the Slotnick's decided to throw Larry a surprise going away party, the accomplist was Riley and the person behind the whole entire thing. The party was being thrown at the Carlson's house.

"So Carlson, where are we going?" Larry asked Riley.

"I was thinking that we could go back to my house and watch a movie?" Riley suggested.

"That sounds okay." He replied.

They walked up to the door and the lights were out of course.

"Is there nobody at your house tonight?" Larry wondered.

"I guess not." Riley lied.

They walked in the door and Riley turned the lights on and everyone popped up and out of their hiding.

"SURPRISE!" Everyone shouted.

"Hey everyone." Larry greeted, while surprised.

All his friends were there and so was his family and of course the Carlson's. He spent a lot of time hanging out with all his friends and Riley just stood by the stairs watching Larry and his friends talk.

Dear diary

Today I saw a boy

And I wondered if he noticed me

He took my breath away

She was so upset that he was leaving tomorrow morning and he had no idea how she felt about him. She knew that she had to tell him but she didn't want him to think that she was telling him that so he wouldn't leave.

Dear diary

I can't get him off my mind

And it scares me

'Cause I've never felt this way

Just as Larry walked away from his group of friends Riley decided to tell him how she felt it was her only chance.

"Larry, hey." Riley greeted sort of.

"Hey." He greeted back.

"Larry I need to talk to you."


They walked into the kitchen where no one was.

"Okay so what do you want to talk to me about?" Larry had asked.

"This is going to be so hard…" Riley started. "This is something I just found out and I should've told you like a month ago. Larry I l-love you."

"Wow. I'm leaving tomorrow and you just come out and tell me this, I've being chasing you forever and now you like me. What am I supposed to do now?"

"I don't know but I just wanted you to know that before you leave."

No one in this world

Knows me better than you do

So diary I'll confide in you

"You know that I do have to leave tomorrow right?"

"Yeah I know… but you've got the right to now, and plus I couldn't handle hiding this from you any longer."

Riley kissed him.

Dear diary

Today I saw a boy

As he walked by I thought he smiled at me

And he didn't pull apart he kissed her back.

This only went on for a few minutes when Mr. Carlson walked in and interrupted everything.

And I wondered

Does he know what's in my heart

I tried to smile, but I could hardly breathe

"I'm sorry." Riley apologized and ran out the kitchen door.

'What's with her and always running from me?' Larry wondered to himself.

Should I tell him how I feel

Or would that scare him away

Diary, tell me what to do

Please tell me what to say

He ran out the door only a couple seconds after she did and he caught up to her in no time.

"Riley please stop!" He called.

"What?" She said as she turned around.

"Why did you run?"

"Because, I don't know. I didn't mean to kiss you."

"Yeah you did." He said trying not to laugh.

"Larry I'm going to miss you." She said nearly in tears.

"I'll miss you to Riley. Why are you sorry for the kiss anyways?"

"Because there is no point getting close to you when you'll never be around."

Dear diary

One touch of his hand

Now I can't wait to see that boy again

"Just because I'm leaving doesn't mean that we can't try dating." Larry said.

"But you'll never be around."

"I'll be coming home, plus we could talk on the phone and stuff." He assured her.

"I guess we could give it a shot but what if it doesn't work out."

"Well don't jinx it Carlson."

He smiled

And I thought my heart could fly

Diary, do you think that we'll be more than friends?

I've got a feeling we'll be so much more than friends

They walked back to the party, and enjoyed the rest of the night.

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