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In a small grassy field, two young people sit in the late noon sun, holding each other as the scents of spring and clover surround them. " You don't know how much I've missed you, Jean." The rather tall man spoke to his loving wife. " There were times when I was sure I'd never even see you again." He said as he kissed the top of her long, flowing carrot red hair.
"I don't understand why you couldn't at least have told me where you were," She playfully admonished. "I am a mind reader, you know."
She loves this man, the good love. The kind that kings would have traded their entire empires for, the sweet love, the one that you wake up every morning wanting more and when you're away from your love, you feel like your going to die. That kind of love.
"When Apocalypse merged with me, Jean, I had to do everything I could to keep you safe." He told her as he turned to his Side to look into her deep green eyes. The kind of green that rivals the very clover that surrounds them, the very green that sets the fire in her red hair ablaze
"Scott, I love you, I always have, and you know this." She said looking back into his glass-covered eyes. "Scott, there's something not right with you!" She notes.
The landscape starts to change; the man's face she loves so much takes on a more greyish skin tone, and his voice deepens to a low growl. Jean Grey-Summers is no longer in a plush and green field, Instead, she finds herself on a cold, hard steel table, Naked and vulnerable. The face of Nathaniel Essex, also known as Mr. Sinister stares at her. He is not alone, his once sworn enemy, the very one that ruined his work stands sneering beside him. Apocalypse, El Saba Nur, The oldest known mutant. He Has the ability to infest other peoples bodies, use them as his own and burn them out. Use the very energy of life that keeps a person a person, until the host body crackles and fades out slowly, such as that of a dwindling fire.
This abomination recently acquired Jean Grey's husband, they were young, and newly married, Jean and her husband, Scott never had the chance to have the normal life they wanted. All stolen away by the man who now wears her husbands face as his own.
"I trust you are comfortable, Ms. Grey." Sinister comments. Her answer comes in the form of a wet and cold trail of spit, running down his forehead. "If you weren't carrying the child I need so dearly, woman, I'd see you'd never think to do that again." Mr. Sinister calmly spoke
"What are you talking about!" She screamed." My husband has been dead a year!"
"True, yes my dear, in mind, but as you shall see, his body, while it looks different is still quite whole." Sinister explained as he turned to his former foe with his evil and toothy grin. "I have had you here, Ms Grey, for nearly a month in sleep, to catch you during you're estrous."

"A month! No one has looked!?" She asked alarmed.
"Ms. Grey, No one knows to look for you." Sinister stated. " I do have ways of taking care of that."
"Maddie!" She breathed. " You evil monster!"
"Yes, the woman has to serve some purpose. After all, She did fail where I now shall have you succeed." Sinister mocked as he ran one finger almost fatherly to remove a stray strand of hair from Jean's face. " The original is always more valuable than a copy."
"Why did you do this, Monster?!" Jean asked of the grey-faced Apocalypse. "What could this possibly have merited you?!" She spat as she struggled against her chains. "Answer me!"
"You are in no position to make demands of me, Woman." The ancient one spoke. " You are the spouse of this body. You are mine and your children shall be my fodder for new life." He continued. "Save that, you are little more than an annoyance to me."
"Dear Ms. Grey," Sinister injected, "I could not harvest your eggs, so to speak, because of the damage young Nathan had imposed upon my lab some time ago, I had to do this the old fashioned way." Sinister smiled. " I hope you don't mind, you are so terribly old fashioned. And after all, the child shall, technically be your late husbands."
The horrid reality of what has happened sinks ever deeper into her mind as she tries even harder to free herself.

"Do not struggle so, my dear, you wouldn't want to harm yourself." Sinister chastised. " I would so hate to have to do this again."
"You'll be found out!" She shouted as she twisted against the cold, hard and binding metal that chaffed her wrists raw. "The X-Men won't fall for this!"
"I awoke you," Sinister sneered, "So that you would have the chance to do this gracefully." He said as he approached the table Jean was now restrained to. "You have mocked my hospitality!" The sharp-toothed man growled as he raised his hand to silence her. "Now, do be quiet, woman!"
The sharp crack of his hand against her face ran through the laboratory as she let out a gasp of surprise. " I refuse to kill my own breeding cattle, however I am not adverse to put you in your place. You've made me draw blood." Sinister claimed as he sopped the trail away from Jean's mouth. "A useful sample. Do not move."
"Is this what you did to Rebecca?" Jean threw at her captor.
"Don't you ever, EVER, mention my dead wife again, is this clear?!" Sinister yelled as he became more enraged at this spit fire now in his possession.
"Why?" Jean asked. "You have already told me you won't kill me. I am not afraid of you."
"There are things worse that death, wench!" Sinister threatened. "And I can assure you, had I not been here your entire life, your mother would have killed you in her womb. Don't tempt me."
The waiting grey figure in the corner that bears the undead body of Scott Summers as his own speaks. His voice is gritted with the sands of a thousand years in Egypt's hot sun and desert. "When do we let the woman home? I grow weary of her."
"We will keep her here, for the last time!" Sinister roared as small vials and glasses spilled their fluid content over the laboratory floor. "Make yourself useful. Put her to sleep."
"You said you would give me the cure from this body!" El Saba contended. "This woman is a telepath! Make her exorcise Summers from this mind!"
"The child shall be your new host," Sinister spoke. "Or have you forgotten your plight to me? A free template of the same line, Summers in his own body to propagate my plans, and yours." Sinister reminded.
"Yes, but the headaches!" Apocalypse complained. "She is the reason he refuses to leave this mortal coil!" El Saba continued, "I kill her, my problem is solved."
"You shall not do any such thing!" Sinister told, "I own you, I am the reason you have a body, I am reason you live! Leave the woman be, lest you desire death after so long you have lived!" Sinister finished.
"The child is mine!" Apocalypse demanded. "You shall not deny me that!"
"I could easily let on where you are, El Saba." Sinister grinned, knowing he held the trump card, and Apocalypse, nay more than a joker, "Professor Xaiver would love to find the man who destroyed his prize student, his son."
"Point taken.. you shall not win this, Sinister. I can promise you this." Apocalypse threw. "I shall get what I want."
There is nothing but silence in the cave, save the occasional tinkling of glass and the light breathing of a small woman in forced sleep upon a cold, and ungiving table. Life slowly growing from a man gone long ago taking root and three unwilling people in an unyielding compromise, Sinister was right. Some punishment is worse than death, that old cliché, Never really even set fear to anyone, however, I can't help but think, Whose punishment is this, and who is the executor?
When do we have the right to die? ,