Hello people. I have decided to create a Teen Titans fic. Yes, it is my first fic on this genre, and I hope I don't mess it up or anything. I have a pretty good idea on who everyone is and what the plotline is going to be, but I don't know if I'm going to somehow mess it up.

Yes, this is a romance fic. (mostly, but not the overly mushy kind) And just so all of you know now in advance. I am a big Raven/Robin fan. I have nothing against Starfire and Robin or anything, it's just that the dynamics of Rae/Rob are more appealing to me. So without further ado, read this story, and please don't think too badly of it.

Summary: (in case all of this doesn't fit on the thingy) Raven is an assassin working for her father(even though she hates him) and is appointed to Kill the new CEO, Richard Wayne Greyson (Robin) of Wayne Industries. That's the main thing. Yes, the other titans will be here too. But you'll just have to find out they're role in this for yourselves. So Read and Review. (P.S. This is an AU)

Constructive Criticism is welcome. Flames and insults will be ignored.

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Birds Of a Feather...

Prologue: The Flock

9:00 pm

"The Raven."

That's what they called her. Her code name. Her Life. Compelled to stay in the life of the shadows in her line of work. She stared grimly at the apartment building where her next assignment was. Slight annoyance marred her eerily emotionless face. 'Petty people, wanting people dead just so they could get more material possessions.....' she thought, ash she stared at the large houses and high class cars sprinkled throughout the streets. This place screamed of money.

'Time to work.' she thought, stalking to the dark alleyway. Who knew that such places would have such poor security? Oh well. That made her job a lot easier.

She entered her apartment using her powers, dark matter engulfed a side of the apartment, as she walked through it, to an inner hallway she wondered dimly if humans were really better off then demons were.

She was, in fact, a demon or at least half, her father was living proof of that, ever since she was a child, she was told that she was a child only good enough to bring death and suffering, heh, her father had never been much of a father anyway. He had forced her to learn the extent of her abilities, normally working her to the brink of death to learn new abilities, many of which she scarcely used. Just to spite her father.

'Demons kill for fun. Humans say they kill out of necessity. Right. Hiring someone to kill your husband for the insurance money isn't necessity.' She thought, thinking about her father's client. A rich ex-prostitute who married a business man for his money. He thought he was in long. He had been young, and stupid. Now he wasn't so young, but twice as stupid. Having fallen 'out of love' with his wife, (having found her in bed with other men on numerous occasions) the man threatened a divorce.

'And she couldn't have that....now could she?' Raven thought grimly as she walked up the stairs to the right door and knocked. 'Just had to have all that money for herself. Afraid to lose her only source of income, supporting her vivacious life style. Idiots. All of them'

The door opened, and a handsome blond man in probably his late 50's answered the door. "Hi." Raven said, cringing at the cheerful tone she had forced into her voice. "Umm.....are you Simon Jenson?" She asked, tilting her head slightly to maximize the curious effect.

"Yes." He said, staring at her suspiciously.

"Your wife wanted me to give you a message" Raven chirped, promising she'd treat herself to a nice hot steaming cup of herbal tea for putting herself through this. And to meditate all the forced cheerfulness out of her body. For probably a month.

The man glanced down the hallway, after seeing no one there, he ushered her inside, closing the door behind her. Raven followed him into the spacious Living room, staring at the huge tank of exotic fish in the corner. He turned around and looked at her.

"Now. What was it that my wife wanted to say to me?" he asked.

Raven pulled out a curved knife from the her belt and slammed it in his stomach, yanking it up towards his neck in a smooth, lightning fast movement. The man bent over. Looking at her with surprise as blood began to seep into the corner of his mouth, and flowing in gushes to the clean fluffy whit carpet , the life slowly beginning to fade from his eyes. She stared at him impassively, as she removed her knife from his body and frowned at it distastefully. She hated blood. So messy.

Once he was slumped in a lifeless, bloody mess on the floor, she turned around and expanded her power throughout the apartment complex, eradicating any of her DNA (though it was highly unlikely that she had left any) and anything else that might connect her with the crime. It was just a safety precaution, a habit she had built after years of working in this particular profession. Although, she could probably have forgotten to sweep the apartment clean, and they still wouldn't find any trace of her. She was, after all, the best her father had. Next she stared at the knife she was holding, dripping a small puddle of blood on it as well. Looking at it, she erased away all traces of the blood and DNA marring the perfect blue-silver steel.

She turned around to look at the body one last time, and felt compelled to tell him what his wife told her to tell him.

"Oh yes. And before I forget....Your wife says 'Die'"

She turned around and began waking away, glanced at the fish tank and sighed inaudibly. Who would feed the fish? She shook her head and began making her way to the entrance. Walking through the hallway and out the apartment door, she stopped only long enough to close the door silently, and wave a hand at the doorknob, locking it from the inside, and to sweep it clean. Using her power, (something her father had forced her to learn) She walked right through the walls. The walk beyond solid objects. Useful, but she didn't use it often. Why? Her father had taught it to her. That was reason enough.

Killing people didn't really bother her anymore. She had killed so many that she had learned that emotions were useless in this line of work. She banished them, anger, hatred, guilt, happiness, frustration. Everything. Banished. All she had left was Rage, whom she kept on a tight leash.

When she got back to the alleyway, she glanced around, making sure no one was there, and teleported back to her father's 'business'.


10:30 pm.

It was on the news. Surprise, surprise. Wow. News travels fast when someone rich is found dead.

Raven was sitting in the lounge, drinking a warm cup of Peach Cinnamon tea, staring at the news half-heartedly as she opened her book.

".....and we're here live, in Pearl Drive, where our very own Simon Jenson, corporate founder of Jenson Oil Industries was found dead in his house earlier this evening. Authorities say they currently have no leads to any possible suspects of---"

The door to the lounge opened. A leggy blond waltzed in, her curly hair swishing behind her. "Oooh!" she clapped as she stared at the news. "Little Kairra has had yet another kill" she squealed, as if her precious one year-old had just learned how to say "mama"

Juliana "The Dove" Grey rushed over to Kairra and threw her arms around the mildly amused, mildly annoyed younger girl. "Oooh! This is wonderful!" she dashed over to the side of the room, pulled out a box of star stickers, took a particularly shiny one and made quite a show of placing it on Raven's chart. Every operative had a chart. A list of how many successful assignments they'd had. One for every person they had killed.

She now had 88 stars.

She looked away from Dove. She felt disgusted with herself that she felt the stirrings of pride at the older girl's praise.

The Door burst open yet again. To reveal a handsome black haired man. His pale ice blue eyes, tinged with gray-violet at the edges danced.

Jin "The Falcon" Takaharuka grinned widely at Raven. "Way to go Rave Master" he jerked his thumb to the news and broke into a wide grin that grudgingly had Raven smiling back.

Her father liked coming up with Bird Nicknames for all of his Operatives. All of them. He also took sadistic pleasure in posting up "accomplishment charts" up in the lounge room so that his operatives would feel compelled to compete for top spot as assassin.

Oddly enough. Trigon also liked Naming the targets his operatives were to annihilate as well. Only the really ,really difficult ones were named of course. Others were just a waste of time.

Raven was in Second place as far as how many stars she had. Right next to Dove, who had murdered over 130 people. As far as quantity goes, everyone knew that Dove would win. But for Quality, Raven took the cake.

Dove was sloppy, sometimes letting witnesses who could still talk about what they saw, go free to tell about what they saw. They had lost count about how many times they had to be cleaning up after Julie for her carelessness.

"So Kairra." Jin smiled, that big gorgeous smile. "Trigon's been gloating about you, you know."

"I don't care" The dark half-demon muttered.

"Something akin to the tune of. 'My daughter is the bringer of pain, death and agony, it feeds my soul, I feel power....blah, blah, blah, and some other stuff, and then he started yelling at Sparrow." he said. "So" He continued. "Kairra 'The Raven' Ferale, what does it feel like to have completed--"

"Really? Yelling at Sparrow? What was he saying?" Dove interrupted with almost painful eagerness, always wanting a bit of Gossip to dangle over her best friend, and Rival, Chelsea, "The Parrot" Summers.

"Oh that" Falcon waved it off dismissively. "He was yelling about the fact that he failed his assignment. Taking out that new CEO of Wayne Industries, what's his face, Richter Grenson....or something like that." He shrugged.

"Richard Wayne Greyson!" Dove rolled her eyes "Honestly, you should read the magazines more"

"Sorry, Cosmo Girl and Teen People aren't exactly good reading sources" Falcon remarked dryly.

"He's the most eligible bachelor, you know" Julie said, nodding sagely, arms crossed.

"He's like what? Seven?" Jin snapped. Raven held back a smile.

"He's twenty!" Dove snapped back. "Very young."

"Right. Like I said. Seven"

"Oooh! Why you little--!"

"Settle down, children" Kairra, ironically the youngest of the three (Tender age of 19) smiled idly.

"Anyway," Falcon continued. "Trigon's upset because Sparrow failed in killing Mr. Eligible Bachelor, according to Sparrow, They guy knew some pretty good kung-fu moves. Personally, I think it was the head of the Security. I think It's Victor Stone? He has a Nickname. Android or something. Something mechanical."

"Cyborg! It's Cyborg!!" Shrieked Dove. Lunging for Falcon with the nearest object in hand, namely a chair. She took a leap, Chair poised over her head like a bat and......stopped in mid air. Surrounded by dark matter.

"Would you two stop your childish Bickering?" Raven snapped somewhat irritably, as irritably as an emotionless person could get.

Younger as she may have been, she was easily the strongest out of the three of them. Julie was only able to blend with her surroundings, like a chameleon, for a certain amount of time.

Jin, had the ability to wield fire. But only with the help of the firestone around his neck.

Kairra was a demon. Half, but she still was born with demon blood. Meaning all the powers and abilities she had were born with her. Her abilities would only grow stronger, more versatile, and more diverse with time.

Humans refused to acknowledge the existence of something that is a threat to their nature, and with that, stay in their little bubble of ignorance. So many of the Gifted, people with abilities like her, weren't well known about. So under the guise of being a normal girl, she didn't use her powers unless it was for work.

Or in this case, breaking up childish fights between Assassins that were distantly related to each other.

"Let me at 'em Rae! I'll, I'll--!"

"You'll what? play hide and seek and go all chameleon on me?" Falcon taunted.

"Why I outta--"

"Kairra. I need to speak with you. Now" Trigon's voice boomed in their minds.

Raven Grumbled and dropped Dove to the floor with a painful thud. "Sorry" She muttered as she walked out of the lounge.


11:15 pm.

Raven sat in a lavish office that belonged to her father and stared him. Every fiber of her being was screaming to let Rage out and rip out her father's heart, (assuming that he had one) and burn it. Slamming down the emotion, she watched him, her gaze occasionally flickering to the man standing in the shadows.

"I don't like disappointments, Trigon." The man in the shadows remarked, almost mildly.

"Hmph" Her father said, not at all threatened.

"I asked you to kill Richard Greyson, and you failed."

"You're the one who wanted Sparrow to do it." Her father said, shrugging nonchalantly. "I would have told you before that that boy isn't skilled enough to get under Greyson's skin"


Raven resisted the urge to yawn, she had played this game well enough to know that they were coating threats and warnings under their seemingly congenial chat. If they weren't going to tell her what she was here for, she could always leave, she had better things to do with her time then watch two people smile at each other and plot the other's death behind friendly conversation.

"Tell me why I'm here." She interrupted, her voice bored.

They both glared at her. She arched an eyebrow. She could play this game better then anyone.

"Watch your manners Girl" The man in the shadows warned.

"I would, but they're boring" Raven replied in the same, "fuck all" tone in her voice.

Trigon Cut in. "This is Raven," he said, motioning to her.

"Raven, this is--"

"A waste of my time. Cut the introductions, if you aren't going to tell me why I'm here, then I might as well finish my book" Kairra said mildly.

Her father's eyes blazed in anger. "Watch your mouth, girl, or I'll have to punish you into watching it."

"Ah." Raven said, un-impressed. "Does that mean you won't be needing my services any longer?" She made a motion to get up. Trigon waved her back down.

"We want you to kill Richard Wayne Greyson. Bruce Wayne's adopted son and only heir" The man in shadow said.

"So I gathered." Raven replied dryly.

"So I'm going to kill Greyson. Okay fine" She Got up and made her way to the door.

"Raven." Her father stopped her. "Say thank you."

Raven's lip curled in distaste. Without Turning around she said "Thank you, Mister....?"

The man stepped out of the darkness. "Slade"

"So we are partners in shooting down Mr Richard Greyson" Slade chuckled.

Trigon Chuckled as well. Whispering in the darkness to the man they wanted to kill, knowing full well he wouldn't hear it.

"Yes." Trigon said. He smiled, sharp teeth curved in a threatening smile.

"Fly away little Robin. Fly away, before we Break your wings"


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