"I'm bored," said Naruto.

"For the hundredth millionth time," started Sakura.

"We know!" everyone said.

"Well I am!"

"Your whining isn't helping so just shut-up," snapped Sasuke.

"You got somethin' to say to me jerk face?!" Naruto said while getting up in Sasuke's face.

"I just said it," Sasuke said while smirking.

"Grr, I'll rip your head off and feed it to the fish if you don't shut your #$ mouth!"

"Naruto! Cut it out!" shouted Sakura.

"What's going on guys?"

Everyone turned their heads to Kakashi.

"Nothing sensei. Absolutely nothing," said Sakura.

"Have you guys been sitting here all day?"

"No. I tried to drown Naruto in the river but that going boring after a while," said Sasuke.

"Well it wasn't boring for me! You almost killed me!!"

"That was the point."


"Hey guys! I know what we can do!" said Sakura suddenly.

"What?" Naruto said.

"Let's play truth-or-dare."

"Better than nothing."

"Hey Naruto!"


Naruto turned his head to see Hinata running and waving toward him. Following her was Neji, Gaara, Ten Ten, Lee, and some of the others. (I forgot their names.)

"Oh great. The shy freak is coming," Naruto said to himself.

"What are you guys doing?" she asked.

"We were about to play truth-or-dare. You guys wanna play?" asked Sakura.

Either than said sure or just nodded and sat in a circle in a patch of grass that was under a tree.

"Me first. Sasuke, truth-or-dare?" said Naruto.

'Please pick dare!'

Okay! Now I need you guys to send in some questions cause I can't think of everything.