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Note: If your wondering about the little poemlet at the top and bottom its how this story started off because i started writing a poem called knock on my door and it developed in to this. Hope you like it!

A knock on the door,

A beat on my heart,

Tear it apart.

Raven sat on her bed reading when she heard a rhythmic knock on her door. She Didn't even half to ask who it was, she could tell the sound of the familiar knock.

"Go away," she said with out looking up, "I'm not coming down to dinner."

"Ray......." Beast Boy whined.

"Gar........" she mocked.

"I'm coming in." He said pushing on the door. Raven laughed, it was locked.

"Have fun trying." She jested. He stopped pushing and turned his back to the door and leaned against it.

"Let me in." he said resting his head on the door. He wanted to talk to her so badly.

"And what if I don't?" she said raising an eyebrow and closing her book.

"I'm not getting any where, am I?"

"Nope." Raven replied looking at the closed door. Beast boy slid down the door until he was seated on the ground. Raven opened the door and He fell backwards. He lay on the groung looking up at Raven for a moment.

"So, Can I come in?" He asked hopefully scampering to his knees.

"Considering you're already in...." She said allowing him to pass her and enter the room.

Beast boy stared around the room and Raven climbed back onto her bed and reopened her book. She lay on her stomach with the book in front of her. Beast boy looked around and felt out of place.

"You can sit down if you want...." Raven said as she read her book.

"What?" Beast Boy said. He hadn't been paying attention.

"You" she said slowly pointing to him "can Sit" she continued very slowly smoothing a place on the bed beside her, "Down" she said hitting the place on the bed.

"Oh, sorry." He said taking a seat. He was fidgety.

Raven gave a small grunt and went back to her reading. "Do you have a reason for being her or did you just want to bother me?" she asked looking up a bit.

"Oh.... Yeah. Ummmmmmmm..... Ray?" He said fidgeting more.

"Yes?" She said looking up at him. He was blushing slightly. She would blush too, but she didn't want him to see her lose her cool.

"Well, you see... Next week is kinda.... our anniversary.... Not really ours..... the team's...." He said blushing more "And I was wondering..... If being we've known each other for 4 years now..... If maybe....." he paused.

"Yes?" she asked looking into his eyes. Her stare was intense with anticipation for what he would say next.

"Maybe..... you would want.... to ......" he choked "throw a party." He said and looked embarrassed.

"Oh," she said looking away, "Parties aren't for me...." She began to read again.

Beast Boy just sat there next to her for a while watching her and thinking of what to say. He wished that he could just say what he thought of her. He wished he could just blurt out 'I love you' and kiss her hard on the lips.

Raven looked at the words but didn't read. She couldn't help but wish he had said something else. She was just using the book as a shield now, so she wouldn't have to look at Beast Boy. "Is that all?"

"I guess," He said not able to make any excuse to stay. As he got up Raven took a sharp breath. She wanted nothing more than for him to stay there with her, even if for just one more second. Why did she have to go and say something?

He walked through the thresh hold. "I'll see you later." he said. Raven just sat there looking at her book. The door closed.

".... wait." Raven whispered even though he was to far to hear her. "Don't leave me alone...."

After Beast boy left he went into his room. "How could I be so stupid?" he said plopping face down onto his bed. "She would never want to go out with me." he said rolling over "Even if there was a slight chance she would go on a date with you, now you'll never know." He sighed.

"He doesn't like me.... He just wanted know about some stupid party..." Raven said to herself. She closed her book and just laid there. There was no way she could read now.

A knock on the door,

A beat on my heart,

Tear it apart.