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Raven could feel cold arms holding her. She shifted a bit. "Vic..."

"The others are coming up to check on you two soon. I figured when they came up you might not want to be asleep in the same bed as him." Cyborg said and placed Raven in her own hospital bed and covered her.

"I don't feel well..." Raven said sleepily her eyes closed "my head hurts..."

Cy looked at her and could see that she was paler than normal "Its probably because you've only gotten 5 hours of sleep since you've been home. Did you and BB decide what you're going to tell the others, about what happened?"

"Not really, he doesn't remember... maybe if I pretend to be asleep I won't have to talk to anyone..." Raven said her eyes still closed "God my head hurts..."

"I'll get you some asprin after the other check on you. I'll tell them not to wake you." Cyborg said as he made sure checked on Beast Boy. "You better make with the Zs sleeping beauty." He warned as the others rounded the corner and entered the infirmary.

"How are they?" Robin asked sounding very official.

"Are they injured? Shall our friends be alright?" Star fire asked and looked worried.

"Beast Boy has a broken leg. Raven is just tired, I think she has a cold or something." Cyborg said leaving out the fact that Both of them had been up and walking before. "Try not to wake them, They need their rest."

"So why were they out so late anyway? What happened?" Bumble Bee asked and stood over Raven.

"I don't know." Cyborg lied. "Its lucky that they were together or BB might have died of blood loss."

"¡Cuervo quizá Señorita está en el amor con Chico de Bestia de Señor y ellos estaban en una fecha!" Mas y Menos said in synchronous. Then Mas Said "El Chico de la bestia y Cuervo que sientan en un árbol." and Menos followed with "¡K yo S de S yo N G!"

A glass bottle broke in the cabinet but no one could hear it. Raven tried hard not to move or make noise.

Beast Boy moved a bit, he was waking up.

"Hello friend Beast Boy! Did you slumber well?" Starfire asked and ran to his side. "What has happened?"

Beast boy opened his eyes to see every one around him. "I don't remember."

"The twins seem to think that you and Ray were on a little date." Bumble Bee said smiling.

"¡Amor pájaros!" The boys said loudly.

"Me? A date with Raven! Ha." He said bitterly "Raven would never love any one! Especially not me. And, I would never love some one like her, so cold."

Cy's jaw dropped a little. He couldn't believe the words that Beast Boy was saying. He knew both Raven and Beast Boy better than anyone. It actually hurt him to hear those things. He and every one else looked at Beast Boy, shocked.

More glasses broke but no one noticed.

"I mean she's heartless." Beast Boy scoffed.

"¿Corazón menos?" Mas said and turned to look at Raven who was still pretending to sleep.

"¿Frío?" Menos added and also turned around.

Raven could feel the twins eyes on her. She tried her best to look asleep.

Aqualad looked at Raven, he didn't want to hear Beast Boy talk about Raven that way. He saw the way she looked at BB sometimes, he saw the way she talked to the children who adored her, the soft way she spoke to people who had just been through something horrible. He knew that under the dark, cool attitude that she tried to pull off, she was just a little girl. Just a girl who wanted to be strong.

"Lay off man." Speedy said breaking the silence. He may not know Raven as well as every one else but he knew that was no way to talk about something.

"Yeah, Don't be an ass hole." Hot Spot added "She's really nice!"

Bumble Bee put a hand on Hot Spot's shoulder trying to keep his temper in check. "I think maybe we should leave, It's a long ride back to Steel City." She hinted to her team.

"I really wanted to make sure Raven was Ok though..." Aqualad said in a hardly audible voice.

"El doctor Cyborg la cuidará de." Mas reassured him. "Ella será bien." Menos added.

"Hey, Hot stuff, you can crash at our place if you want." Bumble Bee said to Hot Spot.

"Alright." He said calming down.

And with that the teen titans east were gone.

"I'm going to patrol the city." Robin said looking for an excuse to leave.

"I think that I shall assist you, Friend Robin." Star said and began to follow him out of the room. "I think that Friend Beast Boy needs to take as you say the calming capsule."

"I think you mean chill pill, and I agree." Robin said as they left the room.

As soon as Rob and Star were out of ear shot Raven sat up in bed.

"I'll get you something for your head." Cyborg said and went to the cabinet and got her some medicine, he didn't say anything about the broken bottles.

Raven too k the medication and then more of the bottles in the cabinet broke. This time in the silence of the room the tree remaining titans heard them loud and clear.

"What's wrong? Did I hurt your feelings Raven? Do you even have feelings?" Beast Boy mocked bitterly "What about my feelings? How do you think I feel right now? Huh, Ray?"

"Lay off , B. Leave her alone." Cyborg said angrily. Raven was silent and another bottle broke.

"Or what? Is she gonna cry? I would like to see that. It might make my broken leg worth while if she had a broken heart." Beast Boy said now looking at Cy.

"Shut up! Shut up, or I'm going to kill you. Raven should have left you to die the other night." Cyborg yelled as his arm turned into a cannon. Things in drawers began to shake and the rest of the bottles broke.

"Bring it on Tin Man! I could beat you and little miss Darkness over there, even with a broken leg!"

"I'd like to see you try!" Cyborg began to charge his cannon and Beast boy started to get out of bed.

Suddenly all of the drawers and closets opened. Tools flew around the room many of them nearly cutting the boys. The sheets of Gar's bed began to twist and move. The curtains reached for them. Doors opened and shut on their own. All of the glass in the room cracked.

"Stop..." Raven said quietly "just... stop..." Every thing stopped moving.

"Raven..." Beast Boy looked across the room at her. She was crying. He remembered the only other time he had seen her cry, in his room a few nights before. "I... I..."

Before he could finish she sunk through the bed and then the floor.

"I'm sorry..." He said but it was too late.

"Nice job, BB." Cyborg said and started to clean up. Beast boy joined him silently.

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