Title: Assorted Wild Card Drabbles

Ratings: Mostly G -- drabbles with other ratings will be marked.

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(Really Long) Note from Kameka: I just got a new job... one that has quite a bit of time of doing nothing, if I've done the cleaning, everything is stocked, and no one's coming in. My boss, nice man that he is, will let me do what I want during those times... I picked writing. Is anyone who knows me surprised?

Writing long stories would be okay but I decided -- at least for now -- to concentrate on writing drabbles at work because not only are they short, but they're fast. If I get interrupted in the middle of them, I won't completely lose what I wanted to do, where I want it to go, and any plotting that I hadn't written down yet. I may start working on some short fic/ficlets in a few weeks in addition to the drabbles.

As with the drabbles that I have in the Zenon fandom... I'm going to collect them as I go and make batch files, adding until I had a decent (to my mind) number and then post the file. The number of drabbles per chapter may change... who knows? This means that new drabbles may not be posted on a regular basis/schedule. Given how schizophrenic work can be, I have no idea how many I will write each shift. Some shifts I don't write any, other shifts I write 10.

These drabbles are completely random: different characters (some unexpected/unknown/barely on screen), set in/between any episode, pre- or post-season, in the future or the past. I haven't told any specifics for the drabbles that don't include names, as I think figuring out who's who and when it happens is half the fun. They have been spell-checked and word-counted, but the majority of them have not been read through by another person. Any mistakes are mine and I apologize for them. Hopefully, there aren't many, if any at all.

And now... On to the reading!

Drabble # 1

Melanie St. John looked over at Zoe Busiek with a mixture of relief, pity, and guilt. The sandy-haired blonde was helpful, as Melanie had expected. It was the reason she had stayed in contact with the other woman through the years. How anyone could have kept that bubbly exterior and any measure of innocence in the world -- let alone the world as lived in Vegas -- she had no idea.

She would use it to her advantage, though a small part of her wished that she wasn't going to shatter Zoe's illusions.

It was survival of the fittest.

Drabble # 2

Time receded.

Warm, firm lips pressed against her own as the faint scent of aftershave tingled her nose. Hard hands held her arms, holding her body close to a larger, hotter one, the imprints burning themselves onto her skin through layers of clothing, branding her very soul. Teeth nipped gently at her lips and a tongue probed, sliding and tasting, a soft moan filling the air. Whose, she wasn't sure.

Release, semi-freedom. Fresh air gulped into starved lungs and the intoxicating masculineness filling her senses.

Reality returned.

She pulled back, not truly wanting to but having to.


Drabble # 3

Sensitive fingertips glided over skin, reveling in the soft smoothness and even features were explored.

The delicate arch of an eyebrow ... high cheekbones ... a straight, slightly upturned nose ... full lips.

He paused at the fullness and traced again, unmindful of the slight feel of gloss.

The tip of a tongue darted out to lightly touch the tip of a fingertip and the lips smiled. He could imagine green eyes twinkling with mischief.

He continued, exploring the subtle strength of her neck and tracing an elegant collarbone.

He ran his fingers through silky hair, root to tip.

"You're beautiful, Zoe."

Drabble # 4

"You can change your mind... We don't have to go, you know."

Taylor looked up at the softly spoken reminder and shook her head. "No. We have to. I have to." Swallowing, she again shook her head, this time less violently, and surreptitiously wiped a tear from her eye. Nodding slightly, she stuffed the framed picture back into her bag and took a deep breath. Turning slightly in her seat, she smiled at her companion.

"I love you."

"I love you, too, Tay."

A warm hand enclosed hers and she looked down.

This was it. This was her future.

Drabble # 5

Disbelief and fear gripped him, tightening his chest and weighing down his limbs.

They couldn't be right. Nothing had happened. It was a mistake.

A pair of scared faces looked to him and he shook his head to clear it. He couldn't panic. They were depending on him.

He reached out, offering the comfort of touch to two scared children. They clung to him, Hannah shaking like a leaf while Cliff tried to be strong and pulled away after a few brief moments.

"Mr. Morales?"


"It'll be okay," he found himself promising ... praying he was right.

Drabble # 6

She woke slowly, not wanting to leave the warmth of her bed. Well-rested eyes opened and looked around the familiar bedroom before closing again, a small hand reaching to pull the cover over her head. She could stay here for just a little bit longer.

Soon she was up, racing across the floor with bare feet, down the short hallway and into the bathroom and then back.

Back in her room, she changed and looked out the window at the yard below.

It was wonderful. An undisturbed blanket of white glittering in the winter sunlight.

"Hey, guys! It snowed!"

Drabble # 7

Sophia Mason's body was almost shaking as she carefully packed away the posessions that had made her office her own. All of her belongings went into the box that Catherine had procured for her.

The nerve of them! Anybody with half a brain could see that they were going about it all wrong.

Why wasn't she under consideration? Not that she wanted the job...

A cough caught her attention and she turned to see one of the 'suits' from upstairs. She said nothing, waiting to see what the man wanted.

"Sophia, may we have a word with you?"

Drabble # 8

The world was steel gray, a cloud-ridged sky above and stained concrete pavement below. Shadow-people walking and driving, going about their daily lives without ever truly connecting.

It was a world of conformity, of drabness, no one person stepping out of line to shout something important, no one raising the bar of expectation. No one truly striving to be more than what they were.

Cardboard cutout office buildings lined the streets, inhabited daily by plastic people until one day...

It happened.

There was light, brightness, sound.

Someone dared to step out of line.

Someone dared to live.

Drabble # 9

Dan smiled at the waitress and grabbed the two proffered mugs of apple cider before making his way through the resort's hotel lobby in search of his partner. She was easily found, sitting on the floor by one of the many fires. He stopped in the doorway and enjoyed the view.

Zoe looked beautiful in firelight, just as he'd expected. She'd look beautiful in any light.

He shook himself out of his daze and stepped forward, a smile softening his features. As he approached, Zoe looked up and a smile of her own lit up her face.

Drabble # 10

Hannah walked slowly down the halls of her school towards her classroom, feeling as if every eye was upon her. It was her first day back at the familiar building since her mother had died and everything and nothing had changed. The same artwork graced the walls, the same tile lay underfoot ... but everything seemed bigger, colder, and she was uncomfortable in her own skin.

"Look at the orphan!" she felt a sign proclaimed to all who saw her.

Orphan? Yes. Her mother was dead and her father might as well be.

But she didn't want anyone's pity.

Drabble # 11

Cliff looked up from the bench where he was sitting. "Thanks, Coach!" he called before finishing getting ready for the game. He kept half an eye on his aunt and coach-cum-history-teacher as he greeted his teammates.

How had Aunt Zoe managed to persuade Mr. Morales to let Cliff play? Coach had mentioned a doctor's appointment, but there hadn't been one. Had his aunt lied? To be honest, aside from a few flying visits and phone calls and postcards ... he and his sisters didn't really know their aunt.

Life was definitely going to be interesting.

Drabble # 12

Dan smiled briefly at the bartender as he accepted his drink -- only his second of the evening although he'd dearly wanted to drink more -- and turned slightly so that he could once again see his partner and her date for the evening.

Though it was for a case and Dan knew that Zoe was trying to get information ... it burned to be purposely sitting through this torture. He'd known it would. Any man who had to sit and watch as the woman he wanted to date with someone else ... was out of his mind and glutton for punishment.

Drabble # 13

She melted into the shadows, happily invisible once again. She normally was, to most people. She didn't mind. Once upon a time, she had. She'd wanted to be noticed. She'd wanted to be the center of attention. Not anymore. Now she was content to watch.

It was amazing, what went on if you took the time to look. Secret glances of untold love... Guilty feelings and hidden fears... Vulnerability and insecurity... All was laid bare when no one was thought to be paying attention.

Who needed the limelight when you had the best seat in the house?

Drabble # 14

Pavement slid under plastic wheels, minute tremors rocking the body aboard the piece of hardened wood. A gentle breeze heightened by movement, long brown hair ruffling as a body expertly wove around imagined obstacles.

This was heaven.

All he needed was his skateboard to feel on top of the world, disconnected from his worries and the shadows of guilt he'd felt since his parents had separated.

Not here... The world was reduced to movement, wind, and light. Flashes of peoples' faces as he rolled by. Minor obstacles to overcome.

This was it.

His own world...

His sanctuary...

His sanity.

Drabble # 15

A heavy beat reverberated through the large room and teenaged bodies writhed as they danced to the music.

Some of the fluorescent lights were off and various strobes played havoc with visual sight, giving the familiar gym an air of excitement.

A grouping of long tables were covered with food and soda and not far off was another grouping, this one dotted with chairs for partygoers to sit on. The bleachers were partially out, offering more seating.

Everywhere teenagers were laughing and smiling, moving to the music slightly as they talked with their friends.

It was definitely a great night.

Drabble # 16

"I'm leaving."

"For the weekend? I know -- you already said good-bye to the kids. Good luck, Honey."

"No... For good. I'm not coming back."

"What? David..."

"I can't do this anymore."

"You can't just leave and never come back! What about the kids??"

"I have to... I'll try to call sometime."

And he was gone.

Why hadn't she seen it?

Her marriage was dead.

She wished her heart would stop bleeding.

"Mommy, Daddy didn't say when he'd be back. Do you know?"

She had to be strong. She had to live.

Drabble # 17

Carla stormed away from her best friend's house, shaking with anger and betrayal. She couldn't believe it. Not only had Julian stood her up ... but for her best friend! How could Julian have done that? How could Taylor!?

She knew that Taylor had liked Julian since the moment he'd moved next door ... but they hadn't clicked and Taylor had given her the go-ahead when Julian asked her out! Had she been biding her time?

No! Taylor wouldn't do that.

There was only one thing to do ... clear the field like Taylor had for her.

Drabble # 18

Barb Miller strode through the Special Investigation Unit with purpose, pale eyes scanning the office for potential problems. Everyone she saw looked extremely industrious, some ridiculously so.

The Intimidator. That was her nickname, what everyone who'd been in the office a single day knew her by. It was a name she lived up to easily, being a stickler for company rules and policy and enforcing them without a second thought.

No one knew she know and, knowing that a sense of camaraderie was important, she would never tell.

Even though she couldn't provide it, she could foster it.



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