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A Life Well Fought

"The art of war is the art of living, Captain; a life well fought with the finesse of no regrets." That's what he told me right before he demonstrated his tactical genius for the first time, and if anyone knew anything about art I would later discover, it was him.

I am old now. I have seen generations and their wars come and go and leave nothing behind but regrets. Wars against the Separatists, against the Rebellion, against ourselves and finally against the Vong. Peace is hard-won and precious, yet I have earned some measure of it in my time.

I was content once to let my life slip by, without finesse or an artful touch. Captain of a ship, watching the pieces of Empire crumble under their own weight, having no desire other than a safe harbor and a full crew. Thrawn changed all that. He took me under his wing and taught me about courage and boldness. How even the hardest rock can shatter and how the strong can also be beautiful. I served his dream, and then found my own. The end of war. My dream is far off, but I have found others who share it. A dispossessed princess formally an enemy. A hardened smuggler whose core is soft. Younger officers in the field, going about their duties as I once did. I have stood before the seats of power in the galaxy and declared peace to warring Moffs.

Thrawn's life was "artistically done." Let mine be a life well fought, and no regrets.

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