Title: The Vixen

Author: Doona/Aeria

Summary: Early one morning, a strange woman tries to 'commandeer' Jack Sparrow's beloved ship. Despite being as intelligent, tough, mad and selfish as Jack there's something about her that sparks his curiosity and of course adventure, treasure and fun ensue, plus the unexpected spark of romance.

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Action/Adventure/ Romance/ Humour

Disclaimer: Not Mine: Don't Sue: Me Broke: Waste of Time.

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A/N: This is actually a repost, originally it was posted under the name "Turquoise Lass" but, I think because I didn't update it for a year, there seemed to be very little interest in it. So I'm reposting it with some adjustments and hopefully some more interest. That said, I truly love reviews, be they constructive or just plain nice, even harsh words can, at times, be appreciated. So R and R please.

Chapter One

"What do you mean yer takin me ship?" Jack yelped around the pistol that was looking him square in the face, the idea so foreign and wrong it pained him to think of it.

The rouge looking woman holding the weapon simply smiled and answered back, "I'm not." Jack relaxed a bit thinking he must have misunderstood her when she had told him and his crew to 'Stand still, I'm taking over your ship.' However the intensity of his mood heightened again when she continued, "I'm commandeering your ship," stressing the word 'commandeering' as though she was talking to someone who was overly drunk and incapable of understanding. This was partially true: Jack was still acting quite drunk and had had a large quantity of rum to drink, but he was quite able to understand the red head.

Behind him, he knew that his crew was standing stark still, ready and able to follow their captain in whatever queer action he decided upon taking. Knowing this, Jack focused on the woman in front of him. "What be yer name lass?"

She raised an eyebrow to reveal bright, intelligent blue eyes. "It ain't lass, that's all the information you'll be getting outta me."

"What should I call ye then?" Jack countered, eager for some time as he let his arms move to his sides discreetly.

"Nothing. Now kindly remove urselves from my ship." For the first time in minutes she broke eye contact with the captain and Jack took his chance to pull out his sword. The crew behind him went to follow his lead but he whirled around and shook his head furiously, slurring his words slightly more than was really necessary, "Put em away, iz my fight."

Turning back he found what he had expected, the woman now had the sword at his throat and one wrong move would result in a quick death. "Wadda you think yer doin lass? I'm Captain Jack Sparrow. Ya can't beat me."

She raised an eyebrow, remaining silent and poised to strike. "Are ya gonna give me a fair fight or are ya gonna kill me and take me ship?"

She reluctantly stepped back but kept her sword up, giving Jack the only chance she could afford to raise his own sword and wave it around precariously. "Ready?" she asked, the faint trace of French seeping into her voice as she became more confident at having only to fight a drunk for a ship which she had heard was the fastest in the Caribbean.

"Ready when you are love," Jack answered, purposely letting his sword drop a little and giving himself the chance he needed as she took a hard slice at him. He grinned, eyes lighting up as she missed and he jumped back. While slightly put off at the strike that would have killed him had he been a split second slower he ignored the fear and continued to grin madly.

She took another slice and still missed as Jack backed up further, another and another failed similarly and Jack was yet to make a move. As she went to take a fifth strike Jack, moving like lightening, in a way he rarely demonstrated and brought his own sword around to clash against hers. The shock and strength behind the captain's sword was enough to loosen her grip and a second hit saw the blade flashing in the morning sunlight as it went flying across the wooden deck.

She was surprised to say the least but it didn't matter, she was quickly racing after the only thing between her and death and as she dived she thought she was back with a chance until she saw the brown boot in front of her. Jack's brown boot, which was keeping her sword glued to the deck as tight as a ton of bricks. She stood up slowly and felt the cold shill of the blade against her neck. Swallowing she waited for the pain or the mocking.

"I'll make yer a deal." Jack said, instead, slurring gone and mocking replacing it. "You tell me yer name and I'll give ye back yer sword and we go from there. Deal?"

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