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Chapter Five

"Mr Sparrow," came the familiar voice of Jack's long lost prisoner, "I'm still waiting for you to hand over control of your ship."

Relaxing as he recognized the enemy as someone he could, had, and would beat, Jack carefully took his feet off the table and, moving his hands up into the air, exclaimed, "It's Captain Jack Sparrow, luv, not – "

He was cut off by his own yelp of shock and pain as the sword at his throat lashed out and slashed across his left hand, not only disarming him of the knife he's just pulled from his sleeve, but also slicing his hand open almost exactly across the old wound that had only just started to properly heal.

With the natural instinct to escape danger in mind, Jack was about to leap forwards but was appalled once more to find a second blade, this one a dagger, again at this throat.

"I want you ship," came the voice behind him as one of her hands moved around to grasp his chin for added emphasis. "And I will have no trouble taking it from a dead man."

"A dead man?"

"I will kill you, if the need arise. And you're doing yourself no favors by playing dumb. I'm quite aware of who you are."

"Ah," Jack replied, seeming to loosen up suddenly, "Then you will know and understand that after having the Pearl stolen from beneath me once, I am in no rush to have her taken again. So if you are going to take her you had better get on with the 'killing me' part of your plan." He grinned at his own performance until he felt the stab of pain as the dagger began to slice through his throat, a trickle of blood slipping down to pool in the hollow of his collar bone. "Jesus Christ, lass, hold on." The motion stopped and having tentatively raised a hand to survey the damage, he continued, "I didn't actually think you'd do it."

"Stand up," interrupted Camdyn, "And move into the center of the room." Jack did as he was told.

Slipping her arms around the Captain's waist, Camdyn hastily set to work disarming him of sword and pistol. On her way, she took notice of the tensed muscles beneath her touch. Over her shoulder, Jack grinned at the woman's close proximity in spite of himself.

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