She looked into her mirror because she felt that something had changed.
Something had happened that would greatly affect the future of the elves. But not in Lothlorien, nor in Imladris, or the Grey Havens. Mirkwood. Something had happened in Mirkwood.

'Strange...' she thought. For the last twenty years, all she had felt in
Mirkwood was the advancing darkness, the delayed defeat.

Yet that wasn't what she felt today. Today, things had changed; the balance had shifted.

She searched her mirror.
All it showed her was Thranduil, sitting in his children's room, his cheeks still damp from tears. The same image she had seen for twenty years, whenever she had searched Mirkwood.
A fading elvenking.

Galadriel sighed. She deeply felt for Thranduil. He had loved his children so much, and to lose them, all in a single day, was unimaginable.

However, seeing Thranduil watch his children's empty beds was not her goal.
She was trying to figure out what was had happened Mirkwood.
"What has changed?" she asked the mirror. "What has happened?"
The mirror refused to show anything other than Thranduil.
"Show me Mirkwood's future," she asked.
"What has happened?"
Thranduil again.
"Show me what I need to know!"

"Show me anything other than Thranduil!"

The image shifted slightly to the bed of Thranduil's child. A golden head lay on top of the pillow, next to another, and another, and another.

Galadriels jaw dropped. "They have returned?" she asked, not believing it was possible.
The image didn't change.
"They have returned," she whispered, realizing what it meant.

The image in the mirror started changing. Image was followed by image in a wirlwind of pictures.

A bow.
Elvish laughter.
Children singing.
A ranger and an elf watching the sky.
A fat dwarf, dripping of water, fast asleep.
A hobbit wandering through the elvenking's halls.
A dragon soaring through the sky.
A battle of what looked like five different armies.
A young elf riding through the gates of Imladris.
A fellowship of nine beings.
A winged Nazgul crashing down.
Four blond elves spinning around, dancing like mad.
A ship sailing away.
Thranduil and Celeborn meeting in a forest.
A dwarf and an elf riding a horse together.
Green leaves on the forest trees.

A future.

Strong arms wrapped around Galadriel's waist and pulled her close.
"You are smiling," Celeborn said to his wife. "It is not often I find you smiling, after you've looked into that thing.
What did you see?"

"A happy ending," Galadriel replied.
"A happy ending to a Long Way Home. "

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