On the endings of faerietales


Warnings/notes: Heero/Relena, slightly weird, failed drabble, ooc?

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing.

(!)Spoilers for the entire serie, excluding 'Endless Waltz'.

written at 27th december 2004, by Misura, for Riah-chan, as a small Christmas-present.


In theory, it should have worked out like a faerie-tale, with happy endings all around.

Because the princess -who had been promoted to 'queen' along the way- would follow her brave prince to the end of the world, had, in fact, followed him to there and beyond.

And the prince, in return, seemed to appear rather often in the nearness of the princess. One might claim this to be mere coincidence, a simple twist of fate, but considering the frequency with which it happened, one might sooner speak of destiny itself feeling inclined to unite the two.

Somehow though, the princess never quite met up with her prince. He was elusive, hard to catch even if he was in the same land, the same city, the same room. Even when they spoke, the princess sensed that a part of him was elsewhere, that his heart was too set on the goal he'd given himself to have any place left for her.

The prince, witnessing how the princess brought warmth and peace wherever she went, making the people love her with the mere light of her smile, decided that a lady who could enthrall entire nations thusly had little need of a knight to fight for her, a prince in smudged armor.

Her heart was too pure for him to risk to try and capture it, he thought. She'd accept his service willingly enough, forgiving him any sins he had committed in the name of good, but in the end, he would end up causing her grief.

A happy ending to their faerietale could only be accomplished by his leaving her, disappearing to a place where even she would not be able to find him, beyond the stars themselves. Or so he believed.

And so he left her.

And they lived, not ever after and not happy, though they both did their best, since neither of them had ever been able to do anything less than that.