By: Elizabeth Dunn
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Rating: PG-13
Pairing: 1x2/2x1 (eventually), 3x4
Author's Notes: *sighs* I so rarely have time to write any more, but I've been struck with the urge to write a fic that accurately portrays the Craft-not that any of the others out there aren't good-because they are-but as a practitioner of the Craft, I wanted to see if I could put some of that in a fic format. And, believe it or not, Duo is a perfect Wiccan :) Yes, you need discipline-which he has to have, as a Gundam pilot, but you also need to have a passion that's soul-deep. I will warn you-many of Duo's thoughts and philosophies about Wicca come straight from my own learnings and experiences. And, just to head off those potential flames at the pass-the Craft and Catholicism-or any form of Christianity for that matter-are not contradictory and mutually exclusive. I know this for a fact. I go to a Catholic college, and the Sisters here are very open and understanding about Wicca. They encourage my friend and I to practice our beliefs, and we have had many discussions on the similarities between aspects of our respective beliefs. And I'm going to stop rambling right now, and move on with the fic :-p
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I've always been enchanted with fire. I can stare at a campfire, a fire in a fireplace-hell, even a candle-for hours on end. Sometimes, I even see visions in the dancing flames. I can see the past, the present...the future. It's kind of like the Zero System, but it's so much more...friendly. Comforting. Some people might be terrified by the thought, but I know that I'd be terrified if I ever *lost* my ability to See.

Not that fire is my only's just easiest. Water and mirrors work well for scrying...and of course, there's crystal gazing...but all of those take large amounts of time, concentration, and some trancework...all things that I often lack. Not to mention privacy.

And somehow I think Heero wouldn't be happy if I were to start casting a circle in our room. I finger the cross I wear around my neck. He thinks I'm Catholic, and that belief is enough of a waste of time. But I'm sure that he'd have an easier time with that than with my claiming I can See the future sometimes, or with my casting of spells. I don't, I *know* that he'd see magic as a waste of time.

My hand clenches at the cross again. Yes, I do wear a cross, and yes I do read the Bible. There is wisdom in the Bible that crosses *all* religion boundaries, and the cross is not an exclusively Christian symbol. I do not mean to offend, but it was not invented just for the crucification of Christ-it's a very ancient and powerful symbol, almost like the pentacle. And yes, I have one of those, too. Several, actually. I just don't display them openly. I'm not sure how everyone would react to that little bit of knowledge about me...and I value their friendships too much to risk losing them.

A flicker of movement that I catch out of the corner of my eye draws my attention back to the fireplace. With normal vision, all I can see are the dancing orange and yellow flames...but I'm aware of something deeper. Mustering up mental strength, I call upon the Sight...and I am overwhelmed by the visions that cascade through me....

"Duo? Duo...are you all right?" I blink-how long had I been lost in trance? I look over my shoulder to see Quatre looking at me with concern, and for a moment my mind superimposes one of the images I had just Seen...Quatre, covered in blood.... I blink again, shaking my head. Abruptly, I see just a concerned blonde. He kneels next to me. "Duo?" he asks again.

"I'm fine, Quatre. I was just daydreaming, I guess." I chuckle, trying to cover up my unease.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, Q, I'm sure. I must be more tired than I had thought."

He smiles. "Why don't you take a nap, then?"

"A nap...good idea. Thanks, Quatre."

"No problem!" He leaves the room, probably heading back to Trowa's embrace. I envy them, sometimes.... My wistfulness disappears as vague recollections come back to me.

Sighing, I get to my feet, intent on my bed. Not to sleep, but to try and meditate, to gain clearer images and interpretations of what had just occurred. I don't notice how I got to my room, I just open the door.

My eyes briefly scan over Heero's form as I take a seat on my bed. Typing away at his laptop...big surprise there. I stifle my laugh, instead taking two stones out of my nightstand. Placing one in each palm, I lean back against the wall and close my eyes, attempting to ground myself in preparation for meditation. Normally I wouldn't do this with someone in the room, even someone as oblivious as Heero, but this seems too urgent to take the time to find a more isolated site and cleanse it. I honestly think that I'm better off in my own space right now. At least Heero should appreciate the lack of chatter.

I feel the breathing pattern take me over-I don't even have to think about it any more. Inhale four beats, hold four beats, exhale four beats [1]. My mind clears, and right about now, Heero could be studying me with an electron microscope and I wouldn't notice.

As soon as I fall into a light trance state, images begin to flash through my mind. A battle...but not in the Gundams. The five of us, hand-to-hand combat, severely outnumbered. I force myself to back away and look at the big picture, force myself to not watch my friends dying-no, being slaughtered.

First-where are we? As I scan the landscape, I recognize the house-our current safehouse-moments before it blows up. I swallow. Whatever's going on-it's going to happen *soon*. We rarely stay in one place more than a week-two, tops-at a time. I look up to the sky and swallow. The moon is full and riding high in the sky, a few degrees past zenith. Orion is setting, Leo is following the moon. Around two in the morning [2].

I turn again-just in time to see Quatre. The vision from earlier comes back in full force as I watch him fall to the ground covered with blood, eyes lifeless and cold. I can't even tell which one of his many injuries killed him...maybe they all did. Turning from that sight, I move just in time to see Heero-who is shooting valiantly-be felled by a bullet from the bastard that managed to sneak up on him from behind. I can't help it-I open my mouth and scream-

And find myself shaken awake, Heero's hands gripping my shoulders. My eyes meet his, and for a second I have trouble distinguishing the real world from the one inside my head-it's always like that when I'm jerked from a trance without preparation. 'You're dead,' I think, but then he speaks, and I remember where-and who-I am again.


I blink. "Hai, Heero?"

"Are you awake now?"

He thinks I was sleeping.... "Yeah. Ummm...can you let go of my shoulders now?"

Heero releases me, but doesn't back away like I expected. I can't tear my eyes away from his.... "You were screaming," he says quietly.

'No shit.' I can't say that, though. "I'm sorry, Heero. I was seeing something rather...disturbing." Hooray for Duo Maxwell and the understatement of the century.

He's not looking mental strength is low, thanks to my little experience, and I'm having a hard time hiding my feelings. This is *not* how I want Heero Yuy to discover I love him. "Do you want to talk about it?"

I blink--*that* was unexpected. "Ummm...not right now, all right? Soon." He nods and returns to his laptop. Sighing, I rise from my bed and, trying to balance on shaky legs, I leave the room with only one last glance at the one I love.

Somehow, I make it to the kitchen, where I immediately head for the calendar. Scanning the boxes, I find what I'm searching for-the date of the full moon. I have to fight to restrain my gasp as I manage to collapse into a kitchen chair instead of on the floor.

Four days. I have four days to tell everyone what's going on, convince them that I'm *not* insane and that I am speaking truth, and to avert disaster.

I don't have such a good feeling about this....


end part 1

[1] A standard breathing pattern for meditation purpose. It can also be done to three and five beats as well :)

[2] No, I'm not making this up :) In case anyone is curious, this is the night sky that would be seen on March 9th at 2AM, assuming you live in the Northern Hemisphere, between 40 and 50 degrees latitude (which covers the US from the Canadian border to about halfway down-imagine drawing a line across the country starting at Philadelphia; Houston and San Francisco would fall on this line too-much of Japan, and central Europe, including Paris and Madrid). March 9th, btw, is really the full moon. And thus ends this impromptu astronomy lesson :)

And this little project is spiraling out of control :-p Looks like I can't write anything but series for *any* fandom :) Well, if this is liked, I'll continue working when I have the time, if not, well, more time to do the things I *should* be doing-like my lab report :-p