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A week after the events at the opera house, the Époque- a local gossip magazine- ran the following article:

Paris- April 23

An apparent suicide was committed last evening at the Paris Opera house. A young man, identified as Monsieur Martin de Croix, allegedly jumped to his death from the rooftop of the Opera, say sources. The Vicomte deChagny- a close friend and colleague of deCroix- refused to comment on the situation, saying only that he "wished more than anything that things had been different."

The suicide of Monsieur deCroix was only the first of strange happenings at the Opera Populaire. Sources have also reported that a young diva by the name of Mademoiselle Clare Darnier has disappeared following the last performance of Aida. Mademoiselle Darnier was last seen in Act 1 of the performance, however in the second act, her role was filled by another singer. Anyone with any information as to Mlle. Darnier's whereabouts should contact the Parisian police...

The mystery of the disappearance of Clare Darnier was never solved. No one ever saw her again, after the final performance of Aida. No one, that is, except for Christine Daae, who took the secret with her to her grave. She left the labyrinth when all between her and the phantom was said and done, and never returned again to the Paris Opera House. After months of separation, she and Raoul finally reconciled with one another, though their marriage was never the same afterward. Even years after the incident, Christine was still plagued by feelings of regret over the choices she had made...

As for the phantom, you ask? No one can say for sure what became of him and his bride, but stories began circulating amongst the dancers, and sometimes they say, if you visit the theatre in the middle of the night, you can hear them still, singing together the music of the night...


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