Saving Yourself From Yourself

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Charmed. Sob. I don't own Drew Fuller. Sniff. No, they had to make my precious boy fade away...!! FADE AWAY!!! (Ok, so in my story he's alive but I had to think of something depressing for the 'gulp' part.) So like I said, my beloved Chris is no more thanks to Brad Kern and the rest of them... Gulp.

SUMMARY: Gideon turned Wyatt evil right? Well Gideon is dead now and Chris is still alive. His family doesn't know who he is yet but that isn't the main plot so don't get too excited about that… But the point is Wyatt's safe now and everything's fine right? Well…

Hey guys! This is my first fanfic and after reading as many as I can on this site (and loving 'em!!), I think I've learnt from the best, sooooo I'm writing my own! Hope you all like it (mutters under breath, please like it, PLEASE like it...!!!) So what else is their left to say? Um... uh... oh right! Nothing! So enjoy! )

Chris sat on the couch in Piper's office at P3. He had been thinking about all that had happened that day. They had discovered Gideon was the one who had turned Wyatt and, well, when Piper and Leo found out they had gone a bit, what's the word? Crazy? Yeah, that could work. So that was the end of Gideon, and when the Elders had found out, surprisingly, they had understood. Ok, that wasn't entirely true, at first they hadn't believed them and had said an Elder would never do such a thing – the usual - but once they had found out about the two way mirror in Gideon's office they were outraged at how blind they had been to what was going on and had apologised so everything was now cool. But he couldn't stop thinking about how stupid Gideon had been. Not that he was complaining or anything – the whole point for his journey to the past had been to save Wyatt, but still - hadn't he learnt to lock the door when plotting on how to kill the son of a Charmed One? Aka the Twice Blessed? Aka instead of killing him you just turned him into the greatest evil the world has ever known! No, wait, that was a bit mean… Wyatt was his brother after all but hey, that wasn't gonna happen anymore right? "Right." Chris said allowed to himself.


It was Phoebe. 'Demon?' he thought to himself. 'Probably. Damn.' He sighed before orbing out to see what the middle Charmed sister wanted.

"Can a guy get, like, 5 minutes of peace around here?!" Chris said as he reappeared in the attic to see Phoebe holding Wyatt.

"Chris." Said Phoebe with a smile as she saw him.

"Yeah?" said Chris impatiently. "So where's the demon?"

"De - ? Oh! No, no, no, we were just wondering if you'd like to have dinner with us?" asked Phoebe hopefully.

"Dinner?" asked Chris amazed.

"Yeah, you know, an evening meal usually eaten together with friends and family," Chris almost choked when Phoebe mentioned the word family but she didn't notice. "Around a table? To say thank you for helping us save Wyatt – we wouldn't have done it without you. So, you in?"

Chris shrugged. "K, sure." He said with a small smile. Phoebe smiled back at him.

Wyatt started giggling and stretched out his arms for Chris to take him. "Looks like he wants his favourite play mate." Phoebe grinned looking down at her nephew.

"Yeah," Chris's smile grew a little. "Hey Wy!" he said coming closer to Phoebe and the baby.

As Phoebe handed Wyatt to Chris she was pulled into a premonition. Chris knew exactly what was happening as he saw Phoebe get that oh-so-familiar look in her eye and quickly took Wyatt from her to avoid him falling in between both of them onto the floor. Meanwhile Phoebe saw two little boys in the manor, one with blond curls and blue eyes and the other with messy brown hair and green eyes. She then saw another image of a muscular man with dirty blond curls, who she assumed was the little boy in the previous premonition, in the attic taking her nephew.

"Phoebe what did you see?" Chris asked as Phoebe came to.

"Um, Chris, two things…" said Phoebe skeptically.

"Yeah, go for it" Chris said in response.

"But no 'future consequences' crap k?"

"Phoebe…" said Chris in a warning tone.

"Chris…" answered Phoebe in the exact same manner.

"Ok fine, what is it?" Chris said defeatedly.

"Well, one… are you…" she took a deep breath and continued. "Are you… Wyatt's lil brother?"

"Wha - ? How? Phoebe what did –" Chris barely got out.

"Ok, I'll take that as a yes…" said Phoebe cutting him off.

"Ok what was the other thing?" asked Chris recovering from Phoebe blowing his secret with an exasperated sigh.

"Uh, Chris…" said Phoebe hesitantly.

"Yeah…" said Chris slowly.

"Well, if that was Wyatt I just saw in my vision and he's as evil as you say he is you better start running like hell!"

What?! Phoebe what did you see?!" asked Chris in horror.

"Tall, muscular guy with longish dirty blond curls?"

"Yeah that's Wyatt alright."

"Well, I saw him taking his younger self…" said Phoebe worriedly.

"What?!" exclaimed Chris again. "What would Wyatt want with Wyatt?"

"Whoa, that really sounds weird…"

"Phoebe, so not the time!" said Chris rolling his eyes.

"Sorry…" said Phoebe apologetically.

"Still, what would Wyatt want with Wyatt?"

"Hey, I just get the premonitions!" said Phoebe with her hands raised in front of her in defence.

Chris rolled his eyes again.

"We gotta get Wyatt outta here. Now!" said Chris taking on the I-came-from-the-future-to-save-Wyatt demeanour.

"You're right," Phoebe agreed. "And we gotta get you outta here too, just to be safe. But where?"

"Well we can't go anywhere in the city – it'd be pointless." Said Chris trying to think of some possible place to hide his older brother from his older brother.

"Why would it be pointless?" Phoebe asked.

"Well you know that whole 'connection' thing you've got with your sisters?"

Phoebe nodded.

"Well as the sons of a Charmed One Wyatt and I've kinda got a whole 'brother thing' going on so we can kinda sense eachother wherever we are." Chris explained looking at the baby version of his brother in his arms.

"But we can make a blocking potion?"

"Won't work – our connection is too powerful and besides, his magic is too strong – he'd be able to crack it."

"Ok… rule that one out…"


Chris sighed before going silent for a moment and Phoebe could tell he was deep in thought.

"Chris? Chris its ok, we'll figure it out in time." She tried to comfort Chris by putting her hand on his arm but Wyatt decided it was the ideal time to switch from his brother to his aunt and stretched out his arms for Phoebe to take him. She took Wyatt and noticed that Chris didn't even seem to realise that he had gone from holding a toddler the one minute and was holding air the next. In fact his arms were still in the same position. "Chris? Hello?" she waved her hand in front of his blank expressionless face. "Hello?!" she said in a more abrupt way but still – nothing. "Chris?! You in there? Wake up!" she eventually snapped her fingers in front of his face and the witch-whitelighter seemed to regain consciousness.

"Wha-? Oh." He responded, still with a semi-dazed look.

"What were you thinking bout?" asked Phoebe. Her second nephew appeared to have connected with reality again as he got his usual, typical lil neurotic sarcastic smart-ass whitelighter 'Chris-look' in place. And then it faded again as the I'm-not-really-here-look returned.

"The only person who knows what Wyatt is thinking is Wyatt… right? Said Chris very slowly, so slowly that Phoebe was looking at him strangely, wondering if he was gonna fall asleep right in front of her.

"Right…" said Phoebe almost as slowly. "But, um, Chris, this may just be my own lil theory over here but I don't think Wyatt is gonna tell us his plan while we're running for our lives trying to keep him away from little Wyatt. That definitely still sounds weird…"

Chris rolled his eyes at his aunt for a third time.

"I'm just saying!" said Phoebe trying to defend herself.

Fourth time… although this time around there was a hint of a glare.

"Phoebe! Focus!" this time Chris snapping his fingers in front of her.

"Hey!" Phoebe said shooing his hand away.

Anyway, like I was saying, Wyatt's the only one who knows what Wyatt's thinking right?" said Chris in a more serious way than last time.

"And like I was saying, I don't think he's gonna tell us his little plan while we're kinda trying to stop him from kidnapping Wyatt!"

"No but a good Wyatt would…"

"Huh?!" the return of the blank expressions, this time Phoebe had the honour. "Um, this might be obvious but – I don't follow."

"Well ya see, there a few timelines and alternate universes in the time space continuum. The one where I came from where Wyatt turned evil, which is my past and the me that's gonna be born in this timeline whose future should be different coz I came back to stop Gideon. So because we stopped Gideon who turned Wyatt last time, that future doesn't exist anymore in this timeline. Therefore in this Wyatt's future he's good…"

"Right…" Phoebe answered slowly trying to process the information that was starting to give her a headache.

"So if we go to this Wyatt's future where he's good he'd be able to help us."

"How would he be able to do that?"

"Well because he's not my Wyatt but he's still Wyatt so to speak he'd be able to channel my Wyatt's memories and thoughts so we can figure out what he's planning before its too late for this Wyatt."

"Did I ever tell you how much I hate time travel?!" said Phoebe who was now rubbing her temple on one side of her head because she was still holding Wyatt in her other arm. "Wait, wait, Chris, why can't this Wyatt" she gestured to the baby who was smiling happily and playing with her hair in her left arm. "Channel is thoughts?"

"Well, um, Phoebe, I hate to break this to you, but this Wyatt can't talk!"

"Oh yeah, you got a point there…"

"So we need to write a spell to take us to good Wyatt's future. A potion too maybe." Said Chris starting to get paper and potion ingredients.

"Wait, Chris, shouldn't we tell the others?" Phoebe asked turning around and seeing her newest-found nephew rummaging through cabinets.

Chris stopped dead at her question. Sure, they could use all the help they could get but that would mean he'd have to tell them the truth… he would have to tell Piper and Leo that he was their son… he didn't know if he could… he hadn't even been conceived yet for crying out loud! No, he couldn't… but he had to… aargh! "I do not have time to think about this right now! I've gotta save Wyatt – again." Chris muttered under his breath.

"Chris?" Phoebe said gently.

"What?!" Chris asked fiercely upon turning around and seeing his aunt… his aunt… he had been so pre-occupied for the last few minutes thinking about Wyatt that he had forgotten she knew…

"Sorry…" she said softly.

"No, no, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped like that. It's just…" he clutched his head in his hands.

"It's ok, really, I understand." She said giving him a small reassuring smile.

Chris looked at his aunt for a moment before shutting his feelings off from the world and maintaining his standard hard exterior.

"So have you thought of any spells?" he said almost harshly though he didn't realise it.

Phoebe tried to get a reading off him and sighed when she felt him block her out. "Chris, I wish you wouldn't try to hide so much… we're here to help you, you know."

"Phoebe now isn't the time. We gotta save Wyatt now so if you don't mind working on that spell…"

"Answer my question first, what about the others? They'd be able to help us – you know they would." Chris sighed because he knew she was right.

"Fine. They can help, but," at this Phoebe's face fell. "You can't tell them about me, ok?"

"C'mon Chris, you know how bad I am at keeping secrets," a smile starting to spread across her lips. "And besides, they'd find out anyway, we are going to your and Wyatt's future… past… oh I hate time travel, but the point is you're gonna be there!"

She had a point. But still… "What they find out, they find out but you cannot tell them – understand?" said Chris seriously.

"Oh fine!" said Phoebe with clear disappointment in her voice.

"So you go get them and I'll start working on the spell ok?"

"Ok." And with that Phoebe made her way out of the attic and down the stairs to the kitchen.

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