Glinda didn't like to remember the fights they'd had, the days full of slamming doors and raised voices. She preferred to remember the happy moments, the ones full of smiles and kisses and conversations. Those were the moments she'd loved.

So it was fitting that their last meeting had been one of the fights. Over Nessa's shoes of all things. Glinda couldn't for the life of her understand why the silly things meant so much to Elphaba, they were just shoes after all. But then again, Glinda had never had a sister, so perhaps this was one of those things she never would understand.

Now here she was, standing in this cold and drafty castle, and Elphaba was looking at her with so much desperation and sadness in her eyes that it made Glinda want to cry.

What happened Glin? What happened to us?

Glinda didn't know how to answer, and so she stayed silent. Elphaba turned away from her and stared at nothing in particular as she continued, her voice uncharacteristically quiet.

You know, sometimes I can't remember our days at Shiz. It's like a dream, one that didn't ever really happen. Every time I forget it gets harder to remember. Glinda bit her lip, tears in her eyes threatening to spill out.

Can you remember now? her voice was barely audible.

Elphaba looked at her again and reached out a hand, letting green fingers trail lightly along one of the blonde curls spilling over her shoulders.

she whispered, I remember now. The tears in Glinda's eyes silently spilled down her face, and she flung her arms around the other woman. Elphaba returned the favor, clinging to Glinda as a drowning man might cling to a rock in the sea.

Glinda whispered the name over and over again. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend they were two girls back in their room at Shiz. She pictured the room in her mind... stacks of books and folded cloths intermingling on the floor, the garishly bright pink and yellow curtains that Elphaba had always insisted were an affront to nature, the way the windows overlooked the gardens...

Glinda was startled out of her reverie by Elphaba's voice.

Elphaba whispered again, I couldn't remember what those flowers we planted were. They were lilies. Glinda choked out a laugh through her tears, and held Elphaba tighter.

Yes, they were lilies.We were happy, weren't we. Elphaba's voice was even softer now. Glinda wasn't sure if it was a question or a statement, but she answered all the same.

Yes, we were.

Elphaba pulled back slightly from their embrace and met Glinda's gaze again. Her eyes were uncertain, something Glinda couldn't ever remember her being.
Could we be happy again?

Glinda looked at her for a moment, then reached her hands up to the sides of Elphaba's face, stood on her tiptoes, and kissed her. Their lips fit perfectly together, just as they always had, and Glinda marveled for a moment at the reversal of their roles. In their days at school, Elphaba was always the strong one, the solid one dispensing comfort. And yet here she was, all but trembling in Glinda's small arms.

After several long seconds, Glinda pulled away and smiled slightly, hopefully.

I think maybe we could.