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Yami stirred and groaned. He wearily opened his eyes, but all he saw was darkness. He heard someone whispering off to his right, and he turned his head to hear better.

"That damn Seth…" That was Jounouchi's voice.

"Yeah, taking over while the Pharaoh is weak…I'm sure he is the one who did this to the Pharaoh, too…" That sounded like Honda.

"Wonder why he didn't throw Anzu in here?"

"Maybe she's working for him. He is her boss…"

"Honda! She wouldn't-"

"No." Both Jounouchi and Honda turned to this new voice.
"Pharaoh! Your all right!"

"Anzu had nothing to do with this. This is all Seth's doing."

"Then why isn't she down here?"

"Anzu has nothing to do with it, Honda." Jounouchi said defiantly, making a face. "It was all that baka priest's doing."

"Yes. I just hope Anzu's alright…" Yami sighed.

"Pharaoh…Are you, I mean, it seems as, well, I shall be bold to say this, but do you have a little crush on Anzu?" Jounouchi whispered.

Yami blushed crimson nearly as deep as his eyes. He was thankful for the moment that it was so dark. "Ah…well, I…uhh."

Jounouchi snickered. "Not exactly appropriate for the great, almighty Pharaoh to have a crush on a priestess. Of course, I wont tell though."

"Yeah…thanks, Jou."

"Seth! What have you done!" Anzu was horrified.

"What? I took over as Pharaoh."

"How could you betray your Pharaoh?"

"Anzu…" Seth grabbed her and pinned her on the wall. "I will ask you one more time. I can offer you so much. Would you be my wife?"

She spit in his face, and he stepped back. "Not on your life!" she snapped, and stalked away to her chambers.

He stared after her, then cursed and sat down. "Damn that girl…"

Later that night, Anzu snuck out of her room with two small bundles under her arm. She crept into the dungeons, where she knew that all of her friends were.

"Shh…do you hear that?"

Jounouchi listened intently, and heard footsteps coming down into the dungeon.

"Someone's coming! Yami!" he turned to Yami, who had sat up. "Get down! It might be Seth!" Yami layed down hastily and closed his eyes, hoping he looked the same as when he woke up. He heard the footsteps stop outside, and the door opened.

"Jou, Honda, Yami. Are you guys alright?"


Jounouchi and Honda bolted up and ran said brunette.

"What took you so long? Were starving!"

Jounouchi hit Honda for the comment. "Thanks for rescuing us, girl."

She stuck her tongue out childishly at them. "How's Yami?" She turned to him, and realized he was sitting up. "Yami! You're awake! Oh I was so scared…" She ran and hugged him, then backed away suddenly, blushing.

"I apologize, my Pharaoh." She said, bowing her head. "I brought his highness some thing to eat, and I advise you all get out of here before Seth realizes."

"You come too, Anzu." Yami said. Before she could protest, he placed a finger on her lips, hushing her. "You will be in danger, should Seth realize you released us. You will come."

She bowed once again, and gave him the bundle with the food. He hastily handed it back.

"We will leave first." She nodded, and they all fled from the kingdom.

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