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So tear me open, pour me out
There's things inside that scream and shout
And the pain still hates me
So hold me until it sleeps
-Metallica, Until It Sleeps

For a moment, Seras couldn't answer. Her mind went blank, her jaw slacked very slightly, and she could not look away from his intense and pained gaze. His words started to sink in, and then she looked at him, really looked at him, as if for the first time. Instead of teasing and cruelty, violence and bloodlust, his eyes just held a sorrow that cut her to the core, a wound that had never been healed properly. She wanted to suddenly embrace him, hold him, make that look go away.

This wasn't the Master she knew.

Alucard only looked away when Seras'crimson eyes started to soften, a gently smile gracing her lips. She walked over and sat down on her knees, trying to catch his eyes again. "...So even Master has his days," She whispered, and recieved no reply. She didn't expect one, and just kept smiling. Instead, she rested her head againist his knee, sighing softly. The sudden contact would have normally infuriated Alucard. He didn't like being touched at all very much, and his fledgling was becoming very bold.

But he didn't feel anger; Again, he didn't know what he felt about it. It was But, of course, he immediently rejected these thoughts. Stifling a sigh, he just turned his head away. "...Master, will you look at me?" Seras asked gently, and again recieved no reply. "I can't help you if you won't look at me..."

A very low growl escaped his lips, but the police girl let it pass. "...You're not weak, master...Just because you dream...Everyone does," She assured softly. "They're not all bad...And some people don't think that they are useless at all. They can actually be very nice."

"I don't dream," Alucard growled softly, glaring at her half-heartedly. "Do not make it sound like this is an everyday affair because I can assure you, it is not."

Seras nodded. "I know it's not, Master..." She agreed. "...It can't be since you're taking this so hard." Alucard couldn't mask his suprise at the statement, and just stared at her. She chuckled slightly. "Sorry. But...I guess for someone like me...As weak as me...Dreams are no big deal. I'mused to them. But they're not all bad, Master."

Alucard just grunted, growling again. She watched him, noticing he was avoiding her gaze again and stood up. She walked over to her bed and sat down. She patted the spot beside her and smiled invitingly. The expression on her Master's face was a cross between confusion and bewilderment before it actually sunk in. He hesitated before standing up, walking over, and taking a seat beside her.

"Now then," She said in a tone that seemed just a little too chipper for the vampire at the moment,"Tell me about it."

"..About what?"

"About your nightmare." He blinked and gave her a suspicious look. She only smiled patiently. "Sometimes it's better if you talk about. You know, get it out of your system. That way, it doesn't seem as scary." To Alucard, this seemed like an asanine suggestion. He didn't even want to think about it, so how was talking about it going to make the situation better? Besides, it wasn't any of her business...

So why did you come to her? A voice whispered, and the vampire chose to again ignore it. He didn't feel like answering to those nagging voices inside his head that never went away. He sighed and shook his head.

"Why?" He asked, staring at the floor. Seras blinked and also looked at the floor. "How is talking about it going to help?"

"...It...It's..." The blonde faltered, groping for the right words to describe it. After a few seconds, and just smiled. "...Trust me on this, Master...I won't tell anyone about them. On my honor." She saluted, still smiling.

"Why don't you tell me one of yours instead?" He muttered, eyeing her. "You tell me your nightmares, and I'll tell you mine." She blinked and nodded, stretching suddenly.

"Alright then," She agreed, pulling her knees to her chest. "...You want to know mine...Well...I used to have nightmares about my parents when I was a younger girl...About my mother and how she died. And in my dreams, my father died with her...And I was all alone..And when you're young...That's a terrifying prospect...You don't want to grow old or grow up with no one to lean on, no one to comfort you, no home to go to. Now...I always have nightmares about..." She hesitated, sighing heavily. Alucard watched her, interested in spite of himself.

"...Go on..." He urged softly, wiping some blood away from his cheek. She gave him a little smile and looked at the cieling.

"..Now...I sometimes...I'll see you, Master." Alucard made a small sound of suprise and stared at her. She didn't meet his gaze, her bangs covering her eyes. "...And I rememeber of all those times you've fought and gotten hurt so badly...I know that you always came back...but you never do in my dreams...You're always gone. Dead. Whether it be by that priest or Incognito...You always die, Master...and I can never save you. Ever. I just...stand there and watch you die." She sniffled slightly and rubbed her eyes. "I'm sorry, Master..It's just...You..I...I don't want to lose you."

Alucard didn't say anything, just continued to stare steadly at her. His eyes held no mockery or anger. The look they held was almost soft. Seras hiccuped softly, rubbing her eyes again. "Huh?" She gasped softly when she felt something soft on her shoulder. She looked down and saw her Master laying his head on it, closing his eyes. "...Master?"

"...I'm scared of that, too, Police Girl," He said very softly, so soft that she had to strain to hear it. "...I'm scared of...of...of dieing...And staying dead. Of being betrayed by those I care for. Of losing those I love. Of being defeated by those unworthy." He sighed, nuzzling her bare shoulder slightly and breathing in her scent. It was sweet and deep, reminding him vaguely of roses. She stiffened slightly and relaxed, smiling at him.

"...Master..." She whispered, and layed her head on top of his. He was shaking very slightly, but he was still shaking. "...You know that won't happen, Master...Nobody is going to betray you...No one you care for and love are going anywhere." Her Master nodded a little, his hair tickling her skin. She giggled a little, and sighed contently. They sat in silence, Alucard slowly calming down and feeling more at peace than he had in a long time.

Seras stifled a yawn finally and stretched her legs. "...Feel better, Master?" She asked, smiling again. He nodded a little, though he seemed hesitant when he did. She frowned slightly. She didn't want him to have another nightmare, but they both needed sleep. Badly. She thought about it and smiled suddenly. "..Hey, Master?"


"Do you want to sleep with me?" He stared at her with wide eyes, not sure if he heard her correctly. She caught the look and blinked. "I used to crawl in my parent's bed whenever I had a bad dream...And when I was with them, they'd go away. Guess it works because you aren't alone." Alucard thought about it for a moment and nodded.

"..Alright..." She smiled at him and rooted underneath the coffin, pulling out an extra pillow. She handed it to him and scooted over to one side. He rubbed his cheeks more and layed down beside her, putting his back to hers as she closed the coffin lid.

"Good night, Master." The vampire only grunted in reply, but the fledgling was not hurt. She only smiled and closed her eyes, sleeping deeply in a few minutes. Alucard waited until he was sure she was asleep before turning over and watched her. He sighed softly before moving closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, laying his head on her shoulder again.

"Good night, Police Girl," He whispered, and closed his eyes. And this time, his dreams were anything but terrifying.

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