Title: Secretes Within

Disclaimer: Don't own the Seaquest or Dark Angel.

Notes: You don't have to know anything about Dark Angel to read this story. Everything shall be explained.

In this crossover, I had to change both shows to make it work. But there aren't that many changes.

Author notes: I'm still working on this setting and universe, so there will be more stories based on this crossover in the future. Hope you like them.

Setting: AU/ crossover with Dark Angel

o o o

18 December 2008

A full moon rose over a white blanketed meadow. In the distance, a dark wall of pine rises into the crisp, blue-black night. The landscape is serene, tranquil.

Suddenly a young girl, eight years old appears, running for all she's worth. Her hair is close-cropped, a military buzz. She is wearing only a nightgown, no shoes. Her bare feet blast through the snow as she powers across the open meadow.

A chopper appears as it's spotlight moves across the ground like a death ray, searching left and right among the trees. Finding nothing, it moves on, still searching.

The little girl, Max, watches as it disappeared, before she began to run again.

As she reaches the tree-line just as the spotlight sweeps over again. It slashes bright light through the branches, then moves away. She looks up, taking deep, controlled breaths, then runs.

A few meters away, a pack of snowmobiles came slashing through the trees, their engines whining, ridden by black-clad soldiers wearing night-vision goggles and carrying rifles, searching for the missing children.

Max runs through a thicket of trees into a clearing, careful of not being seen by anyone, as she made her way to the others, who were concealed behind logs and tree trunks..

Max joins them wordlessly, exchanging hand signals with the oldest boy, Zack. There are eight of them, all about the Max's age, except for two older boys. They have the same severe haircuts. Like Max, they are not dressed for the cold, but they don't seem affected by it.

Max walked closer up to them, as she did, she noticed the black mark on each of their necks. Unconsciously, she raised her hand to the back of her neck, touching the mark that they all wore. It wasn't just a mark, it was a bar-code.

They all tensed when they heard someone coming, Max quickly hid behind the logs, hiding from view.

No one spoke as they listened to the running footsteps coming closer and closer.

Zack the oldest, looked through a gap, and noticed that it was one of them. Giving everyone the signal, they all stood up, revealing themselves to the unknown person.

Max looked at the boy, aged six, and smiled in relief when she saw it was Lucas. As Lucas walks closer, he clasp hands with Max, in a sign of a friendship.

The children look across the meadow, hoping to see more coming, but Lucas is the last.

In the distance they could hear the familiar sounds of gunfire as the sounds of snowmobiles grows steadily louder.

Zack drew their attention back to him as he pointed at his wrist, an imaginary watch, before making a slashing sigh with his hand. Telling everyone that they had just ran out of time.

With powerful hand signals he separated the children into escape-and-evade teams, two to a team. The kids nod quickly to Zack and head off, running through the trees in their teams of two.

Max and her new partner, Lucas, remained behind with Zack, as Max indicated that she didn't want to leave Zack alone, but he reiterates the order with sharp hand signals.

Lucas remained still, watching his older brother and sister argue with their hands and knew that no one was going to win, they were both equally stubborn, and with each passing second, he knew that the chances of being caught increased.

Finally, Lucas pulled Max by the arm, telling her to leave. Lucas saw Zack smile as Max reluctantly agreed. Lucas and Max, sadly turned around, leaving Zack alone.

o o o

Meanwhile, in a building only a few meters away...

Black-clad guards drag a struggling child, who's been recaptured, toward an imposing building, some sort of research facility. They notice a figure standing by the near the door, and nodded their heads, before entering the building.

The figure nodded before turning his attention back to the forest as he noticed the lights of an approaching jeep. The man, aged in his early thirties, raised a walkie-talkie with one hand, keeping the other buried in his pocket. He scanned the dark forest as he spoke into the walkie-talkie.

"This is Lydecker, I want you to capture if you can, but if any of them make it to the perimeter, you are to terminate. Is that understood?" Security chief, Donald Lydecker ordered.

Lydecker heard the familiar sound of the radio's crackling noise just before a voice could be heard.

"Confirming, Sir, you're giving an order?" the voice asked, more questioning than confirmation.

Lydecker looked around at the dark forest before bring the radio up, holding the button down as he answered.

"I'll take responsibility. If they reach the outer fence....shoot to kill," Lydecker ordered, before climbing into the car as it parked next to him.

Lydecker nodded his head, giving the driver permission as they roared off into the woods.

o o o

Somewhere in the woods.

Max and Lucas sprint through the trees. No one saying anything as they focus on their surroundings.

They begin to slow down as they reached a fence, topped with barber wire. They quickly scanned the area, hoping to find an easy way over the fence.

Lucas pointed to the tree, Max nodded her head in agreement.

Lucas smiled before he began to climb a nearby tree. Because of his small body, it made it easier to run out along one of the tree's limb, before he jumped out into space... planting his hands on the top row of the wire before doing a gymnast's vault over it, into a perfect dismount in the snow.

Max looked at her young brother, who now stood on the other side of the fence, with a smirk on his face. Max just shook her head in amazement.

Lucas watched as Max quickly climbed the tree, following his moves exactly. He watched as she landed on the ground with ease.

"Show off," Lucas said as he pouted.

"You wish," Max said as she smiled.

o o o

Not far from Lucas and Max...

A trooper, dressed in black-clad, lay silently as he looked through his night-vision scope. Because of the thermal signatures it made the two children at the fence look like luminous ghosts in a green landscape.

Seeing his chance, his finger moved to the trigger of his rifle, as his eye never left the two children.

Before he could fire, he was tackled from the side by a blurring shape. He hit the ground and struggled to raise his weapon.

Seeing what the trooper was trying to do, Zack quickly knocked the weapon out of the trooper's hands with a kick.

Before the weapon could even touch the ground, Zack swung a hunk of broken branch onto the trooper, sending the trooper onto the ground, unconscious.

o o o

At the fence..

Max scanned the area, her eyes stopping when she looked through the fence where she saw black figures surrounding Zack.

o o o

The other side of the fence...

Zack ducked as one of the troopers fired a tazer dart at him. The tazer dart flew passed him, embedding itself in a soldier behind him. Zack watched as the soldier shook as he was jumpstarted by the 150, 000 volts of electricity.

Wasting no time, Zack quickly hit the tazer-firing soldier with a log, before leaping towards another. As he tackled the one soldier, he failed to see the five troopers appear, each one holding tazer guns.

Zack saw the troopers, as they fired the tazers simultaneously... nothing having much option, he ducked and twisted, trying to doge them, but... one of the darts hit him.

Zack looked down at the dart, that had embed itself in his chest, before looking at the men in front of them. He fell to the ground, convulsing as electricity ran through his body.

Two of the troopers walked up closer, raised their guns, firing at close range.

Zack fell down, making spasmodic snow angels on the snowy ground as his body continued to convulse.

o o o

Max and Lucas watched in horror as Zack was surrounded by the soldiers.

Lucas just couldn't believe it, Zack was captured.

Lucas looked at Max with fear-filled eyes, before he grabbed her arm, yanking her away from the heartbreaking site. Knowing that there was nothing that they could do to save Zack and they knew that they had to go or else land up like Zack.

Max kept her gaze on her fallen brother as she was being pulled away, she didn't want to leave, but knew that she had to.

With a heavy heart, Max turned around, knowing this is what Zack wanted, as they began to run.

They sprint across a clearing and over a frozen pond toward the sheltering woods beyond. They could hear the light buzz in the distance and knew that the chopper was near. They could see the light in the distance and knew that they were they were using the searchlights to find them.

Max, trailing Lucas by a few feet, till the ice beneath her give way as she fell into the freezing water.

"Max!" Lucas cried as he heard the ice break, followed by the splashing water.

Lucas carefully walked closer to his sister, lying on the ice so that he could get closer. He slowly crawled closer, stretching his hand out for her to grab.

Max's head went under the water, her eyes large as she tried to surface. She gasped as she surfaced, coughing out the water that had entered her lungs while trying to breathe in the air she desperately need.

"Grab on!" Lucas ordered.

Max grabbed Lucas's hand, slowly pulling herself up out of the hole...but the edge broke away, causing her to fall back into the icy water.

Lucas looked up at the sound of snowmobiles and saw the spotlight raking through the woods toward them. Max noticed it too, and knew it was to late for her, but not for her younger brother.

"Go on... GO!" Max shouted, encouraging her brother to leave.

"No, we need to stick together," Lucas pleaded.

"Go, Lucas. I'll find you," Max promised.

Lucas looked back at his older sister, not really wanting to leave her alone.

Knowing that he would not leave, Max took a deep gulp of air, and disappeared beneath the waters surface.

"MAX!" Lucas cried, but she was gone.

He looked up to see soldiers running towards the fence. Some of them were kneeling as they raised their rifles.

Knowing that if he didn't move, it would mean recapture, or even worse, death. Lucas looked back at the icy water, but couldn't see anything.

With one last glance, Lucas sprinted to the woods. As he did, he felt the warmth of the light just as the spotlights found him.

He could hear the rifles going off from the distance, just before the snow exploded around him as the bullets missed him, hitting the snow instead.

Lucas kept on running, his breathing, deep and regular. He ran like a machine, no stumbling, no wasted motion.

He just passed the tree-line as the bark from a nearby tree was blasted off as a bullet hit.

He headed further into the woods, knowing that he needed to run, to get away. He didn't know where he was running to, but he knew what he was running from.

Lucas ran faster as he heard the engine sounds of the snowmobile begin to face. He still had a few seconds lead, but it wasn't good enough.

He was paying to much attention to the noises behind him, that he failed to pay attention before him. He saw the lights just as he ran onto the road, and knew it was to late.

His mistake was to try and stop instead of running.

He didn't even have time to move before the car hit him head on, causing him to fly onto the windscreen, before rolling back onto the snowy ground...

o o o

Moments before...

Lawrence Wolenczak was irritated. His wife had once again been crying over not being able to have children. Who wanted children at this day and age was a wonder to him. To him, children were a waste of time, a waste of money.

He looked at the clock to see that he was running late.

"Great, just great!" Lawrence moaned as he increased the speed.

He looked down at the clock again and moaned, increasing the speed once again. As he looked up, he looked on in horror as he saw a six year old child run onto the road.

His foot slammed down on the brake, but knew it wouldn't do any good. He saw the fear in the child's blue eyes, just before he heard the felt the sickening jerk as he crashed into the tiny body.

He heard the child's body crash into the windscreen, as he came to a stop. Sending the child on the cold ground.

Lawrence's knuckles were white from holding the wheel so tightly. He couldn't move as he tried to control his breathing as his heart pounded against his chest.

"The child!" Lawrence exclaimed in realization.

His hand shock so badly that it took him a while to open the door. As he stood up, his body still trembled as he made his way to the still form.

As he looked in front of the car, he saw a child lying motionless on the cold icy road. His skin was turning a greyish blue. Lawrence looked at the child, and noticed that the child didn't have any shoes, the only clothing was a hospital gown.

He looked around the woods but saw nothing. He had know these woods for years, and knew there wasn't any hospital in the area.

He looked down at the helpless child and made his decision before anyone could see what he had done. Lawrence kneeled down slowly picking up the motionless body.

The boy's skin was icy to the touch and Lawrence wondered who would ever let a child run around only in a hospital gown.

Not wasting anytime, he slowly got up, careful not to do anymore damage as he placed the child on the backseat of his car.

He looked around, making sure that no one had witnessed the accident, before he got into the car, before driving off.

As he was driving, he looked at the boy and he just couldn't help but smile. He had found the answer to his problem.

o o o

The end...