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o o o

A few hours later…

Lucas woke in a panic as he battled to breathe, his body was burning and the pain was unbearable. He could feel the sheets clanging to his sweaty body.

"he…help…" the words were barely above a whisper as he tried to call for help.

He tried to move to sit up but was stopped with the restraints. He didn't even remember having them being tied back on.


He knew that showing weakness wasn't allowed, but he couldn't help it. The pain was alive, slowly growing inside of him. He felt his body begin to shake and knew immediately what was happening.

"No, please…not now," Lucas pleaded hopelessly.

Lucas knew that there was a side effect with the different types of DNA, he had seen another X5 fall down, her body shaking sure to the seizure. They were ordered to stand at attention, no one allowed to help her. All they could do was stare…

Lucas looked from the corner of his eye, watching on helplessly as he watched X5-707 screamed in pain as her body continued to convulse. His instincts were to help her, however, he wasn't allowed to, none of them were allowed too.

Lucas's eyes immediately looked forward when he heard the heavy boots against the cold, cement floor. He knew it was Lydecker.

"What do we have here?" Lydecker demanded he entered the room.

"Another default, looks like there's a flaw in this one too," A man answered.

Lucas wanted to see who the man was, but he knew that if he was caught staring it would mean punishment.

"Take her to the lab, see what's wrong. I want answers," Lydecker ordered as he left the room.

Lucas continued to stare in front of him, even when he two guards passed him. He knew that they were taking X5-707 with them.

That was the last time he saw 707 again. All they knew was that 707 went to the labs, never to return again. For weeks where weren't any more 'incidents', but they were all watched every carefully. They kept on with their routines; all thoughts about 707 were forgotten. They were soldiers; they weren't allowed to show emotions.

Lucas's head tossed as the tremors began to worsen. He had the tremors before, but they had never been this bad before….

It was late at night; everyone was a sleep, everyone but Max and Lucas.

They were huddled together in the one corner, far away from the others, not wanted to awake anyone.

"Max, what am I going to do?" Lucas asked as he showed her his shaking hands.

Max looked at him in fear, as she lifted her own trembling hands.

"You too? How long?" Lucas asked in shock.

"It started just after 707," Max offered weakly.

They sat their in silence, trying to stop their tremors; both knowing that if they couldn't contain it, they would be sent to the labs… the one place everyone dreaded.

O o o


Lawrence sat outside Lucas's room, not really knowing why he had remained. He just couldn't leave the hospital. He really did have work to do, but he just didn't seem to be able to leave the hospital.

He slowly got up, wincing as his stiff body protested.

"I'm going to make damn sure that they get more comfortable seats!" Lawrence moaned as he moved his body.

He turned to leave but stopped, he didn't know why, but he just really felt the need to see Lucas one last time before he headed home.

He carefully opened the door, not wanting to wake Lucas up. His body froze as he looked at the bed.

Lucas was writhing and twisting against the restraints, his body was soaked…then suddenly everything stopped.

There was no more movement… the room was deadly silent.

"SOMEBODY HELP!" He screamed, hoping that someone would hear his cry.

Not wasting any more time, he ran to Lucas quickly feeling for a pulse.

"Please, please be alive…you can't die," Lawrence pleaded.

Finding a pulse he signed in relief…once again, was short lived.

Lawrence watched in horror as Lucas's eyes opened, just in order for them to roll back as the seizers began again.

Lawrence was thankful for the restraints as he held Lucas's head, watching the small body convulse.

"I NEED HELP!" Lawrence yelled.

It seemed like a life time before anyone came. He didn't even hear James talk to him or feel the nurse gently pashing him out the room. All he could focus on was all on the little boy who was suffering in front of him.

He just couldn't get the image out of his head. He thought Lucas was going to be alright, so what went wrong?

O o o

Hours later…

Lawrence didn't how he landed back on the uncomfortable hospital seat, but he was. He didn't even know how long he had been sitting there; all he could think about was happened. He couldn't believe what he had seen; he had thought everything was alright. He thought the boy would be alright.


Lawrence lifted his head and opened his tired eyes. He was so tired, but he was too worried to sleep. When his eyes focused, he saw James standing next to him.

"How is he?" Lawrence asked tiredly.

"He's back in ICU, the seizers hampered his recovery," James answered.

"What the hell happened? You said he was healing, you said he would be alright!" Lawrence demanded.

James sat down heavily next to Lawrence before answering.

"There's a flaw in the 'design'. He is still a human, his body is not adjusting to the different DNA strands," James answered.

"What does that mean? Will he die?" Lawrence asked, suddenly afraid.

"If he takes L-Triptophane, it will control the seizures. He will probably suffer from the seizers for the rest of his life. However, if he doesn't take the drug, the next time he has a seizure it would cause serious damage, even death," James explained.

"L-Triptophane? What is that?" Lawrence asked.

"It's a neurotransmitter, which is sometimes used in homeopathy to control seizures. There are other drugs, but this drug is easy to get, and it doesn't lead to questions," James answered.

Lawrence smiled weakly, knowing that James was on his side again.

"Thank you James,"

"You know, I was so caught up in the new research, that I forgot that he is still human, just like us. I'm a doctor, my patients come first. And I nearly broke the rule, 'First do no wrong'," James replied guilty.

Lawrence knew that James was a good man, and that he would come around.

"You're a good doctor, and scientist. The scientist in you wants answers. I do too, but we will just have to wait," Lawrence answered.

James nodded his head.

"Can I visit him?" Lawrence asked, even though he knew he could.

"He's in the same room, he's just on a venerator to help him breathe, but he will recover," James answered.

0 - 0

Lawrence took a deep breath before entering the room.

He sat down next to the bed, as he looked upon the small figure. He looked at the machines next to the bed as he listened to them keep Lucas alive.

He carefully picked Lucas's hand up, placing it into his.

"I don't know why I care for you, but I do. Just get better, you hear me?" Lawrence spoke softly.

O o o

Lucas remained in a drug induced sleep for over a week as his body healed. As he slept he could hear a man's voice telling him to fight, telling him to wake up.

Lucas began to fight the heavy fog…as his eyes began to flutter open. As he opened his eyes he saw that he was in the same room, and there beside his bed was Lawrence.

"Are you alright?" Lawrence asked.

Lucas nodded his head slightly, too weak to attempt to speak.

"You are going to be alright X5, you suffered from a seizer," Lawrence explained.

Lucas closed his eyes again, not really caring what was happening around him.

Lawrence watched Lucas's breathing evened out, before he picked up the old poetry book that was placed on the small table near the bed. Lawrence knew that James had been in the room, spending time with the kid when he was working.

He smiled as he began to read out loud.

Lucas remained conscious as he listened to Lawrence as he read out loud. He just didn't understand why Lawrence was there, reading to him. There was no purpose to what was happening.

He had never met an adult who took time to speak to him. He had never heard an adult telling him not to worry or to be afraid.

He was a solider, a tool, that was made to take orders and follow them. His whole life was about training and following orders. If he showed weakness he would be punished. If he was afraid, he would be punished. If he showed emotion, he would be punished.

He was supposed to be the perfect solider. A tool that didn't feel, that didn't hurt, that could follow orders without questioning them. So why was Lawrence so worried about his condition? Why was he here reading to him? Confusion filled him as he slowly lost consciousness.

To be continued...

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