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Author's Note: These are just short vignettes displaying interactions between Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks during OotP, written because I had an idea. Well, several, actually.My tribute to the genius of salt-rose, whose tiny glimpses into said characters' lives were absolutely amazing. And to LRES readers, I will have another chapter up soon, I promise.

He's just eased into the bathtub when she enters, smacking the door open hard enough to make it wobble on its hinges. Noticing him lounging in the water, she mutters, "Sorry, Remus," and proceeds to the sink, wiping furiously at the mascara trails beneath her eyes. No "Oh, Merlin, didn't know you were in here!" or gasps or blushes, just "Sorry, Remus." He stares at her for a moment, observing the washcloth war she's waging on her face, and says finally, "Bad night, I take it."

"Bloody marvelous, actually," she grunts. Scrub, scrub goes the washrag, and she frowns deeply at her reflection, letting out a noise of irritation. "Didn't mean to barge in on you like that." Scrub scrub. "I think the other loo's got a ghoul. Cheeky one, at that. Grabbed my bum the other day."

Remus, head resting against the tub, doesn't know how to respond and merely murmurs, "Oh."

Seemingly satisfied, Tonks wrings out the rag and drapes it over the faucet. She laughs wryly. "Serves me right. Never let anyone named Tony with two earrings and whiskey breath take you clubbing."

"Wisdom of a sage, that," Remus replies, beginning to wonder exactly how long she's planning on staying. "Erm, Tonks, these bubbles aren't going to last forever, you know." He gestures toward the foam evaporating in front of him and her mouth breaks out into a grin, cheeks still red from her earlier assault.

"Right. Sorry." A wink. Cheeriness regained. "Leave you to your bath, then." One knock into the doorframe later, she's gone, and he leans back, closing his eyes. "Jesus."